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07-02-22 02:08 AM

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Posted on 01-26-20 01:18 PM (rev. 9 of 04-13-20 11:43 AM) Link | #98468

Super Mario Cosmos is a one world hack for Super Mario Galaxy 2!
Featuring new galaxies to explore!
We have no screenshots currently because we are in very early stages of development but this hack could be really close to finished by the end of 2020 with maybe a trailer or two to follow.
We have also created a Preview video for one of our Galaxies which you can find linked on this thread.

Info &/Or Credits:
Artists: SPG64, SloggettiMan
Level Design: islender, Young Master Luma, SPG64
ASM Patches: Aurum and Marionumber1
Models/Texture Imports: Young Master Luma and Luma48
File Management & Riivo: islender and Young Master Luma
Music: Young Master Luma and SPG64
Programming and/or ASM: Unknown

Update #1 ~ 18th of February 2020
We now have a preview of one of our Galaxies for you to see!
This Galaxy was created by me and all I can say is that it is a work in progress.

Update #2 ~ 19th of February 2020
We have a new logo design now and it was created by SloggettiMan!
(Crafty Masters on YouTube)
The logo will be shown at the top of the thread.

Update #3 ~ 13th of April 2020
Here is a 2nd Preview of the 3D Land Galaxy! This version won't be in the final product since we have decided to now use a custom model for the level instead. This however will be released as a seperate custom level. You will also notice that there is indeed another chunk of the level finished in this version, this galaxy is almost complete! ;)

I hope you all can be hyped for our project because the more support we receive the more confidence we have to finish the project.

That's all for now,
~ The Super Mario Cosmos Team

Nice spaceship, yeah? More like a faceship! Har har!

Young Master Luma
Posted on 01-26-20 02:20 PM Link | #98469
The logo's definitely a work in progress, but it's looking better with each edit! I'm happy we re-named the hack since "Super Mario Galaxy Earth" was quite a mouthful. Either way, I hope this thread continues to grow/gain attention :)

"AY-O! Is-- Is that... young master Luma? It is...isn't it?! Wow..." - head honcho Lubba

Posted on 01-26-20 05:50 PM Link | #98471
Super Mario Galaxy Earth Star Cluster. Rolls off the tongue.

Netplay is a language we all speak.

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Posted on 02-18-20 11:48 PM Link | #98523
We have updated the thread and there is now a Galaxy Preview you can check out! :D

Nice spaceship, yeah? More like a faceship! Har har!

Posted on 02-20-20 06:45 PM Link | #98534
It seems so nice. Good job! :D

I only hope that the game is in iso or wbsf
I have no Super Mario Galaxy's disk xd

Young Master Luma
Posted on 02-26-20 10:49 PM Link | #98599
Lolazoteehee, we will not make this hack officially Dolphin supported or into .iso/.wbfs format. We're only making it as a Riivolution patch. You will need a legal retail copy of the Super Mario Galaxy 2 disk to play. But thanks for the compliment!

"AY-O! Is-- Is that... young master Luma? It is...isn't it?! Wow..." - head honcho Lubba

Posted on 02-28-20 06:33 AM Link | #98624
can we drop this outdated view on dolphin usage already?

ips, xdelta and bps patches are all viable and legal patch options for a legitimate WBFS/ISO file

the only thing stopping you from building a copy of the game with your riivolution patch installed is laziness.

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Posted on 02-29-20 02:29 AM (rev. 2 of 02-29-20 02:29 AM) Link | #98638
This hack looks really good and I like how you made the logo detailed, good job! ;)

Posted on 02-29-20 04:13 AM Link | #98641
I'll just say, don't worry about the logo too much, just focus on developing what's important, the content of the mod.

Posted on 02-29-20 05:50 AM Link | #98658
I second that. I've seen projects leaders focus on trivial details instead to actually pouring energy into working on the contents, and said projects ended up mocked to death because everybody knew the creator wasn't going to get anything done with that attitude.

For a project that requires time and motivation, content goes first. You won't regret the hard work you poured even if you change the hack's overall directive. Any content that you make can not only serve as a great demo but also stands as proof of your dedication, sparking interest in people to wait for the full release.

Posted on 02-29-20 09:00 PM Link | #98682
That applies to anything, really. Always get a structure first, even when you're drawing. Even if you have to use crude assets, provided you replace them later, that's actually good, and game developers do this all the time.

Young Master Luma
Posted on 03-06-20 02:17 AM Link | #98821
Oh, don't worry. We've moved on from the logo since we finished it awhile back. We're now focusing on level development (mostly modeling) right now. I'd say we now have about 3-4 levels being worked on at the moment.

"AY-O! Is-- Is that... young master Luma? It is...isn't it?! Wow..." - head honcho Lubba

Posted on 04-15-20 04:48 PM Link | #98996
The current situation has definitely given me the time to brain-storm level ideas. I've been working on several custom levels to get the hang of how the core objects work, if these levels turn out good they'll be released as a custom level alone, if it's amazing in design it may "possibly" be included in Super Mario Cosmos. We've also got a second preview video which you can find on the top post for this thread. ^_^

Nice spaceship, yeah? More like a faceship! Har har!

Young Master Luma
Posted on 04-29-20 09:41 PM Link | #99031
We do? Wuht?
Oh, that Galaxy, hrmph. Luma48's making a new model for it so we're sure that Galaxy's gonna be completely re-done. But it was a nice idea in the first place.

Also, just a quick update folks, nothing much of the hack will be done until we all have our summer breaks (when we can finally get a break from all of this) and start doing some work.

"AY-O! Is-- Is that... young master Luma? It is...isn't it?! Wow..." - head honcho Lubba

Posted on 02-21-21 07:36 PM Link | #100061
Let me guess... This is cancelled..?

We all make decisions, and some of us... don't.

Posted on 02-21-21 11:00 PM (rev. 2 of 02-21-21 11:01 PM) Link | #100062
looks like it. SPG64 is still active on youtube but hasn't posted anything about it in ten months.

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Snarky Sceptile
Posted on 02-22-21 03:42 AM Link | #100064
I highly doubt SPG is still working on this. He works on a bunch of one-off small-changes hacks now

Heh... how hilarious.

Current project: Spring Mario Galaxy 2 (It's exactly what it sounds like. Production of this mod will have to slow down a bit due to other things Sadge)
Galaxies finished: 11/49

Posted on 02-25-21 09:30 AM Link | #100072
The hack is not officially cancelled but I can confirm progress has slowed down to almost a standstill.

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