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08-06-20 08:48 PM

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Posted on 02-22-15 07:25 PM, in Running GC edits on a Wii! (rev. 2 of 02-22-15 07:47 PM) Link | #56682
It didn't work, when I do 38, the game won't load on DIOS MIOS, and when I do 40, the Wii Remote turns off.

The WAD still didn't install, am I using the right one?

(post deleted) #56685

Posted on 02-23-15 03:05 PM, in XML File for Mario Party 8 Link | #56771
I've been modding a lot of Mario Party 9 and 8, also 5-7, but has anyone made an XML file for Mario Party 8, and maybe 5-7 that will work with Riivolution?

(post deleted) #56773

Posted on 02-24-15 02:45 PM, in Running GC edits on a Wii! Link | #56851
MrRean, do you happen to have a Mario Party 8 XML for Riivolution I can download; I tried making one, but it wouldn't load; I even watched your tutorial.

Posted on 02-24-15 04:23 PM, in Running GC edits on a Wii! Link | #56858
Thank you, Mr.Rean; this is what I did:

Posted on 02-24-15 04:51 PM, in Changing layers Link | #56866
Sorry about posting a non-topic comment MrRean, but the config will not show an option on Riivolution; I need some help with this, no matter what I do, Riivolution will only show "OcarinaOcarina" Handler and "OcarinaCodes", and not the "Mario Party 8testing" I included.

Posted on 04-22-15 03:15 PM, in Paper Mario TTYD Modding (rev. 3 of 04-22-15 03:19 PM) Link | #59157
So I just got into this, and so far, it's been great, the only concern I have is that I can only open the files that end with this "-", for example:
Can't open "c_mario"
Can open "c_mario-"
I don't know what it is keeping me from accessing the first one; I just want to create a mod with Luigi and his partners, instead of Mario and his partners. I did manage to do this though.

Posted on 05-13-15 08:59 AM, in Im taking requsts for BRSTM Files (rev. 2 of 05-13-15 09:03 AM) Link | #59774
Could you make BRSTMs of some of my remixes?


Posted on 05-13-15 09:04 AM, in XML File for Mario Party 8 Link | #59775
Nah, I already created one, this is what I did with it:

Posted on 05-19-15 09:03 AM, in Im taking requsts for BRSTM Files Link | #59933
Posted by ToadKidGaming
Here you go Nintega-Dario


Do you want me to upload these files in the main post?

Thanks bro. and yes, you can upload the files to the main post. ;)

Posted on 06-17-15 09:35 PM, in Kirby Epic Yarn Hacking Link | #61117
Posted by Jesse
So how did you made the xml and such? I have troubles when it when I want to hack DKCR. I got everything in folders etc but when I test it, riivolution doesn't seem to find anything, not even the xml

XMLs are actually easy to make so you can use them on your wii; I made one for Mario Party 8, and I played as Koopa Kid.

Posted on 06-17-15 09:39 PM, in Shadow Mario & Piantissimo Playable in Super Mario Sunshine! Link | #61118
Posted by Ninja
That'd be kind of cool to see, actually. I'll try that. B-)

Did it work, if so, could you showcase the mod? :D

Posted on 07-23-15 09:42 PM, in L is Perfect 2015 (Super Luigi 64) [POSTPONED] Link | #62541
Too bad this mod is postponed.

Posted on 11-13-15 11:04 PM, in Waluigi in Super Mario 64 DS V3 [Released] Link | #65645
When do you think you'll put in the MKWii model of Waluigi into SM64DS?

Posted on 11-16-15 04:28 PM, in Waluigi in Super Mario 64 DS V3 [Released] Link | #65709
Oh... but I mean, it would work great as a V3 and it would look more spot on in the game, as if it was in the game to begin with.

Posted on 11-16-15 06:25 PM, in Super Mario Sunshine: Project Galaxy - CyberTanuki & Masterf0x Link | #65714
So how's the progress on the project, %?

Posted on 11-22-15 07:30 PM, in YOSHI PARTY NOW AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD (rev. 2 of 12-07-15 03:09 PM) Link | #65832
I forgot that I haven't released it to the public, so enjoy:
Video to the download:

Modded Mario Party 9 footage:

Posted on 01-03-16 09:33 PM, in MP9 and MPIT files is... Link | #66817
Dude, I'm on it. ;D

Posted on 02-18-16 09:20 PM, in DK, Hammer Bro., Blooper, Birdo, and Dry Bones Playable in Mario Party 5 Link | #67878
Didn't add Toadette, but I'll tell you that she works just fine. Hopefully someone, or maybe me if I ever learn the ways of these types of files, will make a tool or plugin for opening these files in BrawlBox:
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Main - Posts by Nintega-Dario

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