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08-15-20 04:29 PM

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Posted on 01-02-15 06:55 PM (rev. 3 of 01-02-15 07:19 PM) Link | #53734
Yes, this is possible. You can make filesystem edits and replace the file in the filesystem on an installed version of your removable disk. But, you have to have the disc to do this. And, some things aren't linked because you need to get them yourself.

Here's what you need:

~SD Card/USB
~WAD Installer
~Homebrew Channel
~Super Mario Sunshine Disc (or any GC disc, really)
~Dios Mios WAD (this is not supplied, you have to google this)
~Sunshine ISO (this is NOT supplied.)

WAD Installer: Download
DIOS MIOS: Download
DIOS MIOS Creator: Download
To get the WADs for it, google search for DIOS MIOS Lite for SD cards, or DIOS MIOS for USBs.

Step 1- Putting the game on your device

First, you have to get the files onto your SD/USB. In the downloads, there is something called DiosMiosISOCreator.zip, unzip that and extract it's contents.
Next, open up DMToolbox.exe. Wait for the countdown to finish, and click "OK". You should have a new screen pop up.
The first textbox is the path to your Sunshine ISO. Click on the folder with an arrow coming out of it, and browse to your ISO. Next, is the "Output Dir" (Output Directory). Click on the folder with the magnifying glass, and go to your SD or USB. Make a folder on the root called 'games', and select that folder. Make sure the format is set to "Extracted" and everything else can be left alone. Now, hit "Install". This will take a while, so now let's move to the next step.

Step 2- Preparing the Wii

Next up, is setting up for the Wii. Now that you've downloaded everything, we can continue.
Place the WAD from Dios Mios that you found via google, and place it anywhere on the SD/USB (Preferably in a folder named WADs for easy finding.)

Now with WADManager17.zip, open it up. You should just have a dol named "boot.dol". Make a folder on your SD/USB called 'apps'. Now make a folder called 'WADManager17' in there, and place the boot.dol in there.

And finally, 'dios-mios-booter.zip'. Make a folder on your SD/USB called 'dios' and place those 3 files inside of there. NOw you're all set.

Now, you have to wait for the install of the game to finish on your SD/USB. Once it's finished, safely eject the SD/USB and insert it into your Wii, and load up Homebrew.

On the Homebrew menu, find the WAD Manager. Open it up, you will get a screen that will want to install an IOS. Choose the one that ends with '39' and proceed. Find the WAD you placed on the SD/USB and allow it to install. Then, go back to the menu. Load up DIOS-MIOS, and use the Left/Right D-PAD Buttons to choose either USB or SD. Then, press A. If your wii goes back to the main menu, you have not installed the correct WAD, or the WAD was corrupted. But if you do get a gamecube logo with 'DIOS-MIOS' at the bottom, you're good!

Now, if you want to make an edit to the game, simply edit it in the editor. After saving it, repack the file and put it on your SD/USB where the original file is in /games/root. Load up DIOS-MIOS again, and your change is applied.

Have any issues? Please post them here.


Posted on 01-02-15 07:12 PM Link | #53735
Dios Mios Lite -> SD
Dios Mios -> USB

You have forgot to add this.

(post deleted) #53736

Posted on 02-22-15 07:19 PM Link | #56678
I couldn't find WAD 39, where can I get a file that supports it?

Posted on 02-22-15 07:20 PM Link | #56679
What do you mean "WAD 39"? (Also we don't supply WADS.)


Posted on 02-22-15 07:21 PM (rev. 2 of 02-22-15 07:24 PM) Link | #56680
In the IOS tool on Homebrew, it goes up to 38 and right to 40, no 39
and I meant to say IOS39

Posted on 02-22-15 07:22 PM Link | #56681
afaik those work, but I can't guarantee it.


Posted on 02-22-15 07:25 PM (rev. 2 of 02-22-15 07:47 PM) Link | #56682
It didn't work, when I do 38, the game won't load on DIOS MIOS, and when I do 40, the Wii Remote turns off.

The WAD still didn't install, am I using the right one?

Posted on 02-22-15 07:30 PM Link | #56684
Try 36. I've heard it works.


(post deleted) #56685

Posted on 02-23-15 08:38 PM Link | #56819
Why do this, when you could use Nintendon't? There is virtually no setup, not even a slight risk to your wii if you don't know what you are doing, and it works great. I can even type out a full tutorial. Or, if your really worked up about piracy, devolution also kinda works.

Switch on latest firm happily playing Smash daily
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Posted on 02-23-15 09:24 PM Link | #56821
I've been told that before, and this is pretty much how I set it up.


Posted on 02-24-15 02:45 PM Link | #56851
MrRean, do you happen to have a Mario Party 8 XML for Riivolution I can download; I tried making one, but it wouldn't load; I even watched your tutorial.

Posted on 02-24-15 03:50 PM Link | #56852
<wiidisc version="1">
<id game="RM8P01"/>
<section name="Mario Party 8">
<option name="testing">
<choice name="Enabled">
<patch id="game"/>
<patch id="game">
<folder disc="/" external="/MarioParty8"/>


Posted on 02-24-15 04:23 PM Link | #56858
Thank you, Mr.Rean; this is what I did:

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