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11-20-18 10:34 PM

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Posted on 04-22-15 03:15 PM (rev. 3 of 04-22-15 03:19 PM) Link | #59157
So I just got into this, and so far, it's been great, the only concern I have is that I can only open the files that end with this "-", for example:
Can't open "c_mario"
Can open "c_mario-"
I don't know what it is keeping me from accessing the first one; I just want to create a mod with Luigi and his partners, instead of Mario and his partners. I did manage to do this though.

Posted on 04-22-15 03:38 PM Link | #59159
I've been looking into ttyd recently for fun and as a learning exercise for working with model formats (something i've wanted to learn), and ive already found out a few things. The c_mario- is textures and the file without the - is the model itself. I've actually managed to inject textures manually via hex during one of my little tests its hard to make out, (mostly because the models use imbedded tga's that might be compressed but I cant exactly be sure yet) but the image I inserted was this one don't ask why, I just happened to have it :P Anyway, im not even close to finishing any type of documentation or anything about the ttyd model format (I just started working on this about 3 days ago, and even then school work has held me up a bit) so it'll take a while before anything major is found out. hope this was at least interesting to read or something. I still suck at ending posts.

Hacking LM and trying to not suck. Weeeeeeee.

Main - Misc. ROM hacking - Paper Mario TTYD Modding New reply

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