Welcome to Kuribo64

Kuribo64 is a site about hacking of Super Mario 64 DS as well as Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2.

Kuribo64 provides several things to make SM64DS and SMG hacking easier for everyone:

SM64DS Editor: a SM64DS level editor and model importer
Whitehole: a SMG1/2 level editor with an interactive 3D interface
• the Object Database: contains information about many level objects in SMG games
• the forums, which hold documentation and discussion about SMG games
• an IRC channel (irc.nolimitzone.com:6667, #kuribo64)
• a wiki for organizing all ROM hacking information nicely

SM64DS Editor

SM64DS Editor (SM64DSe) is a SM64DS level editor originally made by StapleButter, with many extra features added by Fiachra, like model importing and exporting.

SM64DSe lets you edit levels by dragging objects within a 3D render of the level. You can add and remove any kind of objects: coins, powerups, enemies, paths, warps...

It is also possible to replace models of levels or objects, with completely new models, or to just edit their textures.

To read more about SM64DSe and download it, enter this thread.

(Hack featured in screenshot: Super Mario Sunshine 64 DS by Fiachra)


Whitehole is a SMG1/2 level editor made by StapleButter, with help from Dirbaio, Ninjifox and others.

Whitehole currently supports editing whole galaxies or individual zones, and editing current objects as well as adding or removing objects. It also has a built-in BCSV editor that will let experienced users do whatever they want.

It also has an important feature, which makes it much easier to use than Anarchy in the Galaxy: it can render galaxies and zones like they look ingame, and even let you interact with the rendering and move objects without caring about their coordinates.

However Whitehole currently doesn't support as many object types as Anarchy in the Galaxy, but this will be improved in the next releases.

SMG editing may seem complicated at first glance, however we hope that Whitehole will be intuitive enough for you. If you have trouble with it, don't hesitate, ask us for help on the forums or the IRC.

To read more about Whitehole and download it, enter this thread.
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Happy 2nd birthday, Kuribo64
Posted on 07-07-14, 08:19 pm by StapleButter
Today, our board is two years old.

The same day in 2012, that little ABXD board opened its doors to the SMG2.5 members. There were great hopes for an amazing SMG hacking scene.

Obviously, things didn't go as intended, but after two years, the board is still going, which is a good sign.

SM64DS hacking has been successfully rebirthing, and as you may already know, Skawo released the first SM64DS hack ever made a while ago.

SMG hacking is apparently still going somewhat. We're looking toward seeing what they'll come up with.

Blargboard development is going somewhat nicely. Blargboard 1.2 should be released very soon.

Have fun!
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Another Super Mario 3D released!
Posted on 06-26-14, 03:25 pm by StapleButter
skawo, from the Newer team, just released Another Super Mario 3D, which is also the first SM64DS hack to ever be completed.

The hack features a total of 72 stars spread over 16 shiny new custom courses (6 main courses and 10 extra courses).

Read the hack's thread to read more about it and download it.

There are also more SM64DS hacks in progress, stay tuned for more news in this regard!

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Blargboard 1.1 released!
Posted on 05-19-14, 08:07 pm by StapleButter
The amazing board software that powers this board has finally been officially released for the first time!

Check out the Blargboard site to download it as well as other fancy stuff.

Features are:
* post layouts
* Acmlmboard feel
* pretty good security (I have yet to see someone successfully hack this board)
* flexibility (layout templates, permission system, etc)
* and more!

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Long time no news!
Posted on 04-19-14, 08:27 pm by StapleButter
Blame me for this lack of news

As you probably have already noticed, I modified Kuribo64's forum structure, to make it more compact, less cluttered, and better emphasize our topics of interest. Forums that don't get much activity have been made subforums of other forums.

This setup is by no means set in stone, so feel free to comment if you feel it could use some improvements.

SM64DS hacking is gaining in popularity. So much that we can count not less than 9 hack projects that have been started. I made a specific forum for SM64DS hack projects to free the other SM64DS forum.

I also added a forum for Blargboard support. Blargboard is gaining in popularity too. Since the day RVLution switched to it, several of the people there who run small boards wanted to use Blargboard for their boards. Mario64 even made a tutorial on how to install Blargboard, if you're interested.

An official, clean release of Blargboard is planned. When said release comes, I'll also update this board.
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An Unexpected Development
Posted on 02-17-14, 02:27 pm by Skelux
I have hacked my privileges, I will now be assuming direct control over this board.

But actually, MegaMario (now 'StapleButter') was kind enough to give me access to the news page, so I'll use this opportunity to show off the progress of Super Mario Star Road DS.

Firstly, for anyone who hasn't been on the SM64DS hacking board lately, I'll explain the purpose of this project. Super Mario Star Road is a Super Mario 64 hack which was released on Christmas 2011. Shortly after, I created a port of one SMSR level for SM64DS using MegaMario's SM64DSe and received a fair amount of positive feedback. Later in 2013, SM64DSe begun receiving new updates (mostly or entirely thanks to Fiachra) to address issues such as the faulty collision importation. By that point, I decided to take the SMSRDS project seriously and work towards completing it. At the time of writing this post, 15 complete levels have been made playable on the handheld. I personally recommend the AceKard 2i because of its fast loading times, but I am mainly testing SMSRDS on the DSTwo due to its unreliable performance and tendency to freeze on loading screens (this means I can continue to ensure it will work on unreliable devices).

Rather than explaining everything again, I'll iterate part of the video description.
This video displays one of the reworked level designs present in Super Mario Star Road DS. The quality of all levels in SMSRDS will be vastly superior to their N64 counterparts, with several new levels also available. In addition, areas will be packed full of hidden easter eggs and references to other games or media, even taking you to familiar worlds if you search hard enough.

For those with concerns regarding the awkward controls in the original SM64DS, I've already altered them so that the player runs by default and may hold 'Y' to walk. Any other qualms people have about the controls will be noted. Through this project, I aim to create what will be regarded as the best platformer available for the DS, playable on real hardware.

Bye bye for now, *manly smooch*.
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