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07-07-20 08:54 AM

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Posted on 07-15-14 10:51 AM, in Custom super mario galaxy level (rev. 2 of 07-15-14 10:51 AM) Link | #44238
Hello everybody
I am new to this forum,when I saw a bunch of you creating cool custom super mario galaxy levels i decided to jump on the train too :D. Now I am very new to all this but I have started creating a 3d model of a level. Keep in mind that I still have not textured the level yet.
Here is an image of it in blender:


Now I wanted to ask, where I could get mario textures from or do I have to make them myself ? :P

Posted on 07-15-14 10:56 AM, in Custom super mario galaxy level Link | #44241
Thank you very much.
I understand what you mean by being original lool :P Right now it all looks like a mess, but when the textures are good, it will all look a lot better hopefully :P

Posted on 07-15-14 05:02 PM, in Custom super mario galaxy level Link | #44260
Hello everybody
I have some updates for you :)

I made a little remake of the map just to make it look less messy. The first thing you will notice is the less sharp edge on the level, trying to snap the mario 3d world/land look :) I have also started texturing a bit as you will see in a moment. I have modelled two different trees trying to grab the cartoony mario feel. They are still in "beta mode", so some changes will be made.
Here are some pictures:

from a distance:

as you can see I have tried to create a "floating little planet"

one more from the start point, I have also modelled these things that seperate you from falling :P

I still don't really understand.. the mario textures do I rip them from the galaxy dvd's ?

Posted on 07-16-14 11:17 AM, in Custom super mario galaxy level Link | #44290
I have finished the level. Now I would like to put stuff into it using white hole :)

One thing I don't understand is when should I use the collision creator ? and how do you use it :)?

Posted on 07-16-14 01:39 PM, in Custom super mario galaxy level Link | #44306
Thank you everybody!
Here I have textured the level (Almost). I think it looks good :)

and here is also a picture from a distance:

Now because I am new to all this, could someone kindly help me exporting it to white hole ? My python always seems to crash constantly :)

Thank you again!

Posted on 07-17-14 04:46 AM, in Bit Block Galaxy Link | #44333
FANTASTIC! WORK my friend! !!!!! Really good looking level!

Posted on 07-17-14 09:25 AM, in Bit Block Galaxy Link | #44340
How did you import the model into whitehole ? When you convert obj to bdl it is not visible ?

Posted on 07-17-14 10:08 AM, in Bit Block Galaxy Link | #44342
OKK Thanks! I did what you told me and edited bcsv now I have entered the name of my galaxy/planet :)

I know have a bdl file, a pa file and a kcl file. Now where do i place them ?

I created a folder in stagedata and called it the name of my planet. But whitehole doesn't show it ?

Thank you very much :))

Posted on 07-17-14 01:27 PM, in [Cancelled] Neo Mario Galaxy Link | #44373
I watched some tutorials on youtube on how to model in blender :D And now i almost model perfectly :P soo youtube is the way if you need anythhing

Posted on 07-18-14 05:02 AM, in Cant see model in whitehole Link | #44418
Hello everybody
I have followed the tutorial here on the website, but I cannot seem to see my object or planet in whitehole. It just appears as a blue box.
Now one thing I didn't understand was the thing with triangulations, xy thing and how do you export textures in blender and sketchup? what format must they be in ?

Posted on 07-18-14 05:24 AM, in Cant see model in whitehole Link | #44420
ok i was using obj2bdl4 where can i download obj2bdl3 :P?

Posted on 07-18-14 08:53 AM, in Cant see model in whitehole Link | #44424
got it fixed! Thank you I just used another obj2bdl and fixed texture to power of 2!

Posted on 07-19-14 07:12 AM, in Mario sliding error (rev. 2 of 07-19-14 07:12 AM) Link | #44477
Hello everybody
I finally managed to import my models into whitehole and into the game
But when mario walks on them he slides (there are no animation it is like he is flying) :/ ? I cannot control him properply. The platforms are solid so mario doesn't go through them. Where does the problem lay?

Posted on 07-19-14 07:40 AM, in Mario sliding error Link | #44480
yes it is ok Ii will make sure from now on

Posted on 07-19-14 06:33 PM, in Mario sliding error Link | #44525
yes the problem was solved thank you very much!!

Posted on 07-20-14 06:47 AM, in Custom super mario galaxy level Link | #44541
Hello everybody!
I finally got it all working! Now I can play my custom levels and view them in whitehole to!

I am here designing a little "castle" part!

Link to image: http://s1289.crapobucket.com/user/mustafa197/media/castle_zps8418fef2.jpg.html

But i think the textures look a little weird or is it just me? And how do I remove the big monotony ? lol :P

Posted on 07-20-14 03:44 PM, in SM3DW Galaxy Development Thread [Long time] [little progress] [faster now] Link | #44572
Really beautiful model! Nice work!

But have you managed to import a blender model into white whole? How do you export the textures with the model ? :P (noob question)

And for this level to really be good I think you have to edit the camera and make it (super mario 3d land) like. Is it even possible ? :PP

Again keep up the good work :D

Posted on 07-21-14 12:12 PM, in Play with camera Link | #44623
Hello everybody
How can I play with the camera in whitehole ? Is it even possible, I have seen custom smg videos on youtube where there is a 2d level :) How was the camera edited :)?

Srry for nooby question :

Posted on 07-21-14 07:15 PM, in Blender and whitehole Link | #44643
Hello everybody
How do I export a model with blender? Export obj and what settings need to be ticked on ?

When ever i export an obj model from blender collisioncreater doesn't work with it :/?

Posted on 07-23-14 06:02 AM, in Blender and whitehole Link | #44687
I keep getting the error in obj2bdl:

Valueerror: min>> arg is an empty sequence
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Main - Posts by mustafa

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