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12-13-17 11:52 AM

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Posted on 03-30-17 02:09 AM (rev. 10 of 06-03-17 06:39 AM) Link | #82205
So, uh I've decided to make my own version of this hack, with a planned release date sometime in the middle of 2017.
It will feature all tracks from MKDD, along with all new tracks based off of the Art style of MKDD, in that nature, it is similar to the concept of N64 Circuit..

Thanks to Ambiance69 for playing a huge part in sound design, the hack will feature complex insturment replacement,
and music hacks, to truly capture the feel of MKDD, and thank to Yoshi Master for providing me with good Midis.

And thanks to Dave, for allowing me to use his restored version of GCN Mario Circuit.

A trailer for the Mushroom Cup, a big thanks to Yami for recording the video.

Mushroom Cup video:

Star Cup video:



Q: Will the Battle tracks be replaced?
A: Yes.

Q: Will there be any texture hacked characters, or tracks?
A: No.

Q: What will you do with the retro course slots?
A: They'll be replaced with brand new tracks based off the art style of MKDD.

Q: Will there be any new, or ported Karts?
A: Yes, both actually.

Q: How about characters?
A: Koopa Troopa will replace Dry Bones, and King Boo will replace R.O.B.

Q: How about ASM hacks?
A: Well, I can't ASM Hack at the moment, I might learn how to, though.

Posted on 03-30-17 04:21 AM Link | #82208
The midi's sound a bit muffled at times, but I'm sure you're aware of that and trying to improve them.

I like this idea. Seems well executed. Looking forward to play this.


Posted on 03-30-17 09:23 AM Link | #82211
Yes, I'm always looking for ways to improve the sound quality of the game.
Thank you for the feed back, it's always useful.

By the way, is there anyone that would be willing to help me with the Logo/Title Screen?
Of course, anyone that helps, will get credit for their work, and I would even be willing
to do something in return, depending on my abilities.

Posted on 04-12-17 05:53 AM Link | #82461
A bit of an update on my current in progress CT, and hack.

You'll be able to find most updates about the hack on my blog, most small things, and tweaks.

Posted on 04-14-17 03:53 AM Link | #82485
This mod looks clean. Color me impressed.

Posted on 04-16-17 02:03 AM (rev. 2 of 04-16-17 09:50 PM) Link | #82532
Haha, thank you very much.

But, in other news, the DK Jumbo has found it's way into GCGP!

New video, as well, thanks to MKGirlism.

Posted on 04-22-17 08:38 AM Link | #82686
Well done, I encourage you for the rest.


Posted on 04-25-17 04:25 PM Link | #82729
do you still need the title screen? i have one already made up

Posted on 05-03-17 06:47 AM Link | #82834
Hmm, show me what you've got.

Posted on 05-30-17 08:18 PM Link | #83394
Updated first post, Karts are shown above.

Posted on 05-31-17 02:34 PM Link | #83406
Damn that's really hot. Nice work.


Posted on 08-06-17 03:45 AM Link | #85777

Posted on 08-27-17 01:39 PM Link | #87287
How is the game going? It looks pretty cool to me so far!

Project: Elemental -- 0%
New Super Mario Bros: Wii Edition -- 3%

For info on the projects: http://tinyurl.com/BeardOrangeProjects

Posted on 08-28-17 03:26 AM Link | #87324
It's going good, development has slowed down a bit, but you can expect something in the near future, but I can't say when that will be.

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