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09-20-18 09:54 PM

Main - Profile for RealHeroicGamer

General information
Groups Normal users
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Registered on 08-03-17 08:35 PM (413 days ago)
Last post 09-15-18 02:33 PM (5 days ago)
in amiibo (WiiU game hacking and emulation)
Last view 09-18-18 11:37 PM (1 day ago)
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Contact information
Email address  
Homepage My Twitter (DMs are always open) - https://twitter.com/HEYimHeroic

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Equipped items
Weapons Dictionary 
Armor Breast implants 
Shields Shield of Blarg 
Helmets StapleButter's hair 
Boots Kuribo's Shoe 
Accessories Test item 

Personal information
Real name Hunter S.
Gender females
Location Boo's Boneyard Galaxy
Birthday February 23rd, 2003 (15 years old)
Bio I like playing games. c:

Twitter: @RealHeroicGamer @HEYimHeroic
I might post memes a bit, other than that it's mainly just insecure trash.

NNID (Wii U): ThatHeroicGamer
Add me and play with me. There's a few games I can't get enough of on there.

Wattpad (in the works): @HeroicGamer
I'm reworking my profile, my old one was trashhh

I think I see a pattern between all my usernames


the only IRC quote I will ever have because I use Discord:
08:14 RealHeroicGamer: testing...
08:14 RealHeroicGamer: is it working? :P
08:16 RealHeroicGamer: i've never used an irc before, this is all new to me 0.o
08:22 @KuriBot: New reply by RealHeroicGamer (General Chat: Kuribo64 Town Square (19) (+195)) - http://kuribo64.net/board/?p=90020
08:22 RealHeroicGamer: :o oh my god it knows i just posted that
08:22 RealHeroicGamer: this is awesome

~~Discord quotes below~~

funny mem:

[10:28 PM] Super Hackio: I'd like to leave IRC behind

[11:41 PM] FrostyHeroicGamer: alright
[11:41 PM] FrostyHeroicGamer: i've been thinking about this for the past 30 years
[11:41 PM] FrostyHeroicGamer: what did you do in IRC that you don't like (edited)
[11:41 PM] Super Hackio: [image]
[11:41 PM] Super Hackio: "30 years"
[11:41 PM] Super Hackio: wat?
[11:41 PM] FrostyHeroicGamer: yes
[11:42 PM] FrostyHeroicGamer: 30 years hackio
[11:42 PM] Super Hackio: already? that was fast
[11:42 PM] FrostyHeroicGamer: yea time flies
[11:42 PM] Super Hackio: throws a clock
[11:42 PM] FrostyHeroicGamer: well what happened
[11:42 PM] Super Hackio: Nothing
[11:43 PM] Super Hackio: I replaced it with Discord
[11:43 PM] FrostyHeroicGamer: really? that's it?
[11:43 PM] Super Hackio: yeah
[11:43 PM] Super Hackio: :P
[11:43 PM] FrostyHeroicGamer: worst 30 years of my life


[11:59 PM] FrostyHeroicGamer: okay okay
[11:59 PM] FrostyHeroicGamer: gonna be 100% honest here
[11:59 PM] FrostyHeroicGamer: earth-chan is adorable
[11:59 PM] FrostyHeroicGamer: like in a non-meme way
[11:59 PM] FrostyHeroicGamer: i find her really cyute~
[12:00 AM] Super Hackio: who?
[12:00 AM] FrostyHeroicGamer: earth-chan
[12:00 AM] Super Hackio: Never heard of him
[12:00 AM] FrostyHeroicGamer: h i m ?
[12:00 AM] Super Hackio: H I M
[12:01 AM] FrostyHeroicGamer: H E R
[12:01 AM] Super Hackio: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
[12:01 AM] FrostyHeroicGamer: she is my waifu
[12:02 AM] FrostyHeroicGamer: i love her
[12:02 AM] FrostyHeroicGamer: although sometimes i like to pollute her if ya know what i mean c;
[12:02 AM] Super Hackio: [image]
[12:05 AM] saltypepper: dude i'd fuck the shit out of her
[12:06 AM] FrostyHeroicGamer: right?
[12:06 AM] saltypepper: it makes me want to pollute the earth h a r d

Sample post
Posted on 09-20-18 09:54 PM
This is a sample post. It shows what your posts will look like on the board.

Posted by blarg
Posted by the Goomboss
Welcome to my kingdom, my minions!

Mario's main weakness is... zZzz...

Blarg, blarg and blarg. Have you blarged the blarg?

function blarg($lol)
global $forumname;
$rofl = htmlspecialchars($lol).' posted in '.htmlspecialchars($forumname);
return $rofl;

oshit you just found my secret

My main weakness is... pasta

have fun tearing me apart now

~ Mario ~

[image] did you just say that skek is gonna finish his pokemon kuribo hack? [image] [image]

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Main - Profile for RealHeroicGamer

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