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06-22-18 12:54 PM

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Posted on 09-19-16 03:46 AM Link | #77627
Hi, I'm trying to make a mod for NSMB2, but I don't know how to edit the world map and title screen. Does anybody know how?

Posted on 09-19-16 05:03 AM Link | #77637
Editing the world map will take you some modelling skills.

For the title screen, no idea.

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Posted on 09-19-16 05:27 AM Link | #77638

The logo is stored in Model/Demo/title_logo.bcres

You could basically create a entirely new model, but it would require NW4C.
If you want it easy just open that file with Ohana3ds (the old one!) and import the 3 textures over the existing ones.

Worldmaps are also models but information where the paths and level dots are is hardcoded as allways.

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Posted on 09-19-16 06:27 AM Link | #77643
Ok, thanks for the help I may try the title screen

Main - NSMB2 hacking - NSMB2 Modding Help (Title Screen and World Map) New reply

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