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12-04-20 06:50 PM

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Main - Relaxland - ask shit to StapleButter, get answer 3 months later New reply

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Posted on 11-20-17 09:18 AM Link | #91216
Posted by salty
can you ban people harder?

maximum level of ban is 17

Posted by poudink
What do you think of the switch?

it's a convenient way to turn the lights on and off. I mean, shorting wires works too, but it's a bit dangerous.

Posted by MarioBurger71
Are you a SmithJrBlaquaLuigi re-reg?
Am I retarded?
Have you ever hit yourself with a ban hammer?
If so, how did you unban yourself?
Have you ever stolen something?
If so, what was it?
Am I an illegal Kuribo64 immigrant?
Have you ever broken a ban hammer?
If so, how did you fix it?
Have I asked too many questions?
If so, how do I stop asking questions?
Can you answer my questions?
EDIT: Can I has admin?

depends what you call retarded.
the banhammer can't hit its owner, it just refuses to.
I stole thumb tacks at school but shush.
Kuribo64 has no borders.
the banhammer doesn't break.

Posted by Slackot
Do you like spoons?

no, they're bad and they suck.

Posted by Ndymario
what's your favorite color?

blue, green, etc...

Posted by JakoNintenCraft
If you would ever have to leave the board for good, who would you pass the board on to?

Are you happy with your life?

Any hobbies you have?

You like ASCII art? Here's some:

1. probably one of the admins. someone I know I can trust.

2. yes, aside from certain facts.

3. setting dumpsters on fire. also coding.

4. it looks like a weird printer thing.

Posted by :W:
do you prefer omegas or alphas?

betas are the best.

Posted by Hüseyin der Mächtige
1. Do you like Super Mario Odyssey ?

2. Android or iOS or Windows Phone ?

3. didn't play it, but... it looks cool?

4. haven't tried WP, but... all of them suck, and smartphones are consumer toys. Android, tho. it seems to be the 'least bad'.

Posted by Toms
can i go in your purple pipe?

sure. if you find it.

Posted by TheSunCat
Are you going to fix the Banhammer Deluxe?

no. it never worked. it's a Ukrainian scam.

Posted by RealHeroicGamer
Is it possible to have desktop notifications on Chrome for Kuribo?

Ex: on YouTube if you use Chrome and you have notifications on for a user, a small prompt in the corner will tell you (no matter what website you're on) something like this: "_____ just uploaded a video: ____ __ ____"

Would something like this be possible for Kuribo?

XD can't you feel it's power draining your stats?

dunno. seems... pointless?

and no, my stats are doing fine

Posted by SuperML
What's the weirdest thing that's ever happened to you?

What got you into video games?

probably most of the things that happened after I moved out. it's... interesting.

also, I'm not really into videogames. got them as a kid.

Posted by salty
when can i punch people on this board

somewhere around 2077, when they get that protocol going

Posted by Swingball
1. Which country would you choose in an apocalypse?

2. How long do you expect me to last on this board?

3. Do you like tart?

6. apocalypse is a global thing, so it probably doesn't matter

7. it's a bit silly. I have the power to make it end at any time, but in the end it's mostly up to you.

8. I guess, yeah.

Posted by MarioBurger71
Will you ever answer these questions?
Am I good at hacking?

dunno, haven't looked.

Posted by Skek
Will you ever make a PM with everybody on the board in it?
If no, can I make a PM with everybody in it?
If no, will there ever be a PM with everybody in it?

not possible. it's limited to 5 users (6 counting the OP).

Posted by iyenal
Why when I see all the PM I sent to Kuribo64 members, I see that now 75% of them are banned ? There are wormholes in the K64 galaxy ? Is Einstein a member of K64 ?

Why there are a general theory of relativity ? What's the quantum theory without copy paste ?

things happen. there are several space-time breaches around this place.

Posted by poudink
How do you feel about the 2 previous posts not being questions?

they're deleted, so uh... dunno.

Posted by Platinatic
Are you a four dimensional being?

would that imply that one is able to travel through time as they wish? that'd be cool.

sadly, nope, I'm not like that.

Posted by LeftyGreenMario
Do you like Asterix?

yup :D

Posted by JakoNintenCraft
How many times have you had to answer the question, "Is mayonnaise an instrument?"

not a whole lot so far

Posted by salty
are you dead


fear me

Posted by poudink
Do you realise that the more you wait to answer these, the more questions you'll have to answer?

you seem to be good at physics

Posted by GalacticPirate
Do you have somewhere where I can talk to you that is not IRC? :P

the board. email.

Posted by Luigi442wii
Do you like kawaii anime characters?
What policies would you put in place if you were the leader of a political party?
Is Electron better than capitalism or vice versa?

More seriously:
What are your greatest achievements in life (besides Kuribo64)?

2. not really into anime, so dunno
3. no petroleum. no Brussels sprouts.
4. .. what??
5. melonDS, I guess.

Posted by salty
did you kill mega mario?

no, it definitely wasn't me

don't ask me why there's that giant sword in the admin room. I don't know either.

Posted by Luigi442wii
Is Mini-Mario a close relation of your older self?

nah, Mini-Mario reported shit at NSMBHD, but he's dead now.

Posted by supermariofan123
how do you asm hack sm64ds?

using an asm knife

Posted by Thierry
Do you like Obelix?

yup :D

Posted by MarioBurger71
What is my life?
Can I have a ban?

nobody knows what life is.

and yeah, sure.

Posted by Luigi442wii
Is this thread deemed dead?
Do you like my avatar?
Mind renaming my account to IceFairyAmy? (Probably gonna stick with that name for quite a while)
Is Blarg World superior to Blarg City?

7. yeah, it's dead. like me.
8. it's cool, I guess.
9. not the best place to request a name change.
10. blue is better

Posted by RealHeroicGamer
Can Burgee have ban?


Posted by poudink
do you want to build a snowman?

sure, but there's no snow here yet

Posted by salty
How long do you think the name will last?

about one month, apparently

Posted by Toms
Are you ever going to answer these?

what do you think I'm doing here, you derpo

Posted by salty

shit. definitely.

Posted by JakoNintenCraft
I get that you're lazy, but this is on a whole other level. How can you go 50+ questions into this thread without even replying to one measly post?

it happens.

Posted by MarioBurger71
Is this thread proof that you gave up on everything?

I'm unplugging the board server tomorrow.

Posted by JakoNintenCraft
Isn't the previous poster's footer ironic?

You think Sonic Forces will be a good game?

Who is the G-Man?

3. dunno, I blocked the layout.

4. probably. dunno.

5. the F-man's brother

Posted by Luigi442wii
What would you do if phpBB copied the post layout feature from AcmlmBoard?

What would you do if someone leaked AB2.064's source code, but no derpboards were made but instead good boards were made that were decently managed?

What do you think of DigitalOcean? I've had a really good experience with them and iirc you're using them for this site.

Is my title too long?

What's your favourite IE-specific CSS property?

0. phpBB will never be as cool or even good. it'd look derpy.

1. I'd find it cool. but it's not happening anytime soon.

2. they're good so far. no problem.

3. as long as it fits within the field, it's good, I guess

4. fuck those. filter was cool tho.

Posted by Thierry

stop being lazy? plz

ed: oh yeah and you're legally obliged to reply to everything


NSMBHD - Kafuka - Jul
melonDS the most fruity DS emulator there is


Posted on 11-20-17 09:44 AM Link | #91218
how long did that post take

also, what prompted you to be more lenient with formerly banned users?

Posted on 11-20-17 06:01 PM (rev. 2 of 11-22-17 03:11 PM) Link | #91233
1. Would you make a good sharpshooter?

2. If no, then which admin would?

3. How good is your memory?

Netplay is a language we all speak.

Here’s my Discord. Kinda constructed now where we talk about whatever and lounge around on weekends.


Posted on 11-20-17 08:29 PM Link | #91238
Hey staple from 3 months in the future, what has happened since I made this post?

Nothing to say, so jadnjkfmnjamnfjkldnajfnjkanfjdksan jsdnvj m.

[insert quote here]

Posted on 11-21-17 04:53 PM Link | #91281
Hey Staple, what happens when ?

And is gay(?)?

Also why does Acmlmboard copyright still say 2005-2008 if you're working on a new version right now in 2017 (almost 2018)?

hat's off to you, kuribo64. we all had one hell of a--wait, we can stay?

Posted on 11-22-17 09:42 AM (rev. 2 of 11-22-17 09:42 AM) Link | #91294

Why is this your answer?

Just a fucktard

Posted on 11-22-17 12:10 PM Link | #91298
what's your favorite alcohol?

still i remember that rainy september
discord: salty#1212
photobucke­t ;)

Posted on 11-23-17 12:23 AM Link | #91333
What is you're opinion on grammar errors?

Whats your second least favorite color?

My shit Youtube: Link
My discord: Link

Posted on 11-26-17 08:26 PM Link | #91458
What is the worst holiday in your opinion and why?

Posted on 11-30-17 04:39 AM Link | #91538
At what time of the day do you ban most?

Posted on 11-30-17 12:35 PM Link | #91542
Are you one of the "mysterious" members of Daft Punk?

I play SMW hacks and other games: Youtube | List of hacks
Recent videos: Another Generic SMW Hack | Super Mario's Island Hopping Adventure | The Big Boo's Legion
SMM2 levels: It's a skytree! 5VC-VLW-K9G | Mt. Fubi QB3-DQY-1NG | Coin maze M4F-811-DHG | Pipe maze 9HT-46G-9LG

Posted on 11-30-17 04:24 PM Link | #91545
Are you hyped for the Breath of the wild dlc?

Posted on 12-02-17 02:34 AM Link | #91590
Thinking of doing a 2018 April Fool's? Maybe coins spill everywhere as the capitalists try to take over K64?

Posted on 12-02-17 05:44 AM Link | #91597
I asked you What's the quantum theory without copy paste ? I want a reply.
Proof that you are Einsteinbo.

"I failed in some subjects in exam, but my friend passed in all. Now he is an engineer in Microsoft and I am the owner of Microsoft." -Bill Gates

Posted on 12-02-17 08:06 PM Link | #91614
oh my god you were actually serious about that title weren't you

Posted on 12-05-17 10:02 PM Link | #91735
I'm back...back again.

Do you like the sound of the English language?

Can you burn a Luigi board?

Posted on 12-06-17 01:44 AM Link | #91740
Is skyluigi going back and forth?

Posted on 12-06-17 05:09 PM Link | #91752
If you could have JUST ONE superpower what would it be?

Irony is the spice of life.

You're inside a simulation, of a simulation, inside a simulation, of a simulation, inside the Matrix, inside a taco, inside a taco, within a Taco Bell, that's inside a KFC, within a mall, that's INSIDE YOUR BRAIN!; inside another giant simulation!

Posted on 12-10-17 01:46 PM Link | #91884
Are you still upset about the Metro Kingdom from Super Mario Oydessy?

Ugh, forget post layouts.

Posted on 12-10-17 05:08 PM Link | #91895
Would you trust me with a 1-use ban hammer?

Here's my MvL Hacking thread
Also, if you hack NSMB DS, consider joining my Discord Server!

Hope to see you there!

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