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09-22-18 10:18 PM

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  Some notes regarding the upcoming board software switch
Posted on 03-08-15 10:01 AM (rev. 2 of 03-08-15 10:01 AM) Link | #57343
omg it's getting close

So yeah, a few things I'd like to tell you before we do it. It's not for now though, there are still a few tidbits to polish before we start doing it.

* Post layouts: the new board doesn't allow customizing the whole post box, only the part with your post. Better adapt your layouts to that!

* Email privacy: the new board doesn't use email addresses for anything, so we figured that reimplementing the 'make email private' feature wasn't needed. If your email was set to be private before the switch, it will just be removed.

* PM threads: we will convert all the existing PMs into threads based on their title, date and sender/recipient. This should cover the majority of them, but it's not perfect. If there is anything important in your PMs, you should save it now. We never know.

* Uploader, wiki, ObjectDBs, etc...: we are first working on the board itself. The extra blocks will be ported later. (and no, this won't end up like the RVLution Depot)

If there are other things you want to discuss about, this thread is the place to do so.

NSMBHD - Kafuka - Jul

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  How to post large images
Posted on 03-04-15 08:50 AM Link | #57208
* Putting the images in spoilers: BAD

You open the spoiler and suddenly the page streches to the right like a mofo. And viewing the huge image unresized is unpractical.

* Putting the images in [imgs] tags: GOOD

The [imgs] tag embeds the image in thumbnail size. Clicking the image opens it fullsize in a new tab.

* Linking the images: GOOD

Doing so helps reduce loading times, but the downside is that there is no preview of the image. But this is still preferred over the spoilers.

I hope people stop thinking that slapping hugeass images in spoiler tags is the way to go.

NSMBHD - Kafuka - Jul

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  Forum reorganization
Posted on 02-22-15 01:15 PM Link | #56642
You may have noticed a few changes in our forum structure.

Mostly getting rid of the last subforums we had. Subforums tend to be less visible and less often checked. They're also not implemented in the Acmlmboard we'll be switching to, and I don't feel like reimplementing them because they overcomplicate things tremendously.

The per-galaxy forums in the SMG2.5 archive have been squished into the per-world forums. Tags have been added to the thread titles so we still know which galaxy they are about.

We're down to 38 forums instead of the 87 we had before. Good to feel lighter! :)

Let me know if anything was fucked up.

NSMBHD - Kafuka - Jul

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  Unban wave
Posted on 02-07-15 08:11 AM Link | #55961
I went and removed a few proxies from the IP ban list.

The reasonment behind that is that proxies can also have legitimate uses. For example, if you're at school or at work stuck behind a dumb filter.

In these cases, you can use a proxy to view the board, and you can also log in and post.

Of course, you can't register from a proxy. Either wait to be at home for that, or contact me if that's a problem.

If there are more proxies you'd want unbanned, tell us.

NSMBHD - Kafuka - Jul

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  Welcome SM64!
Posted on 02-03-15 07:30 AM Link | #55791
We have noticed an increase of interest for SM64 hacking over here. Given we already hack SM64DS, which is SM64's little cousin, it makes sense to also hack the original game.

I moved all the SM64-related threads to the all new SM64 hacking forum. I put it in a separate category because we may be adding more forums if this grows.

Let's see how this goes.

If there are threads I forgot to move, be sure to let me know.

I have also been reorganizing the forums a bit to make things organized better.

NSMBHD - Kafuka - Jul

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  Changes in CSS usage rules
Posted on 11-17-14 02:55 PM (rev. 2 of 11-17-14 02:55 PM) Link | #51358
It's all for preserving our board's cosmetics aspect.

Profile backgrounds are now forbidden. Especially if you only change the background. It may look bad with some of our themes.

Post layouts must look somewhat nice. I reserve the right to remove post layouts that cause readability problems or otherwise look bad.

A prime example is fixed backgrounds that don't tile and don't fit everyone's monitors. It looks like shit when it cuts off. If I see any of that, and the user doesn't fix it, I will remove their layout.

And as I already said, refrain from using fixed backgrounds in your post layout unless your super layout effect of death relies on it. Fixed backgrounds can cause laggy scrolling.

NSMBHD - Kafuka - Jul

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  No more IRC applet
Posted on 10-24-14 10:48 PM Link | #50111
The message on said page gives you more information about why the IRC applet is gone. The gist of it is that I had to ban Mibbit from the IRC channels. And since the applet uses Mibbit, well...

Get a real IRC client. You won't regret it. I personally recommend HexChat.

If you really need Mibbit access, let me know and I'll add an exception for you.

NSMBHD - Kafuka - Jul

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  A few tips regarding post layouts
Posted on 06-23-14 08:42 PM (rev. 2 of 06-23-14 08:42 PM) Link | #43007
❶ I figured this would be common sense, but apparently it's not the case. When editing your layout, check your profile to make sure it doesn't look like utter shit and that YOUR POSTS ARE READABLE. Layouts breaking this rule will be modified or removed in whatever way I deem acceptable.

❷ Do not check 'Apply layout to whole post box' unless you have a layout that customizes your post's sidebars (.sidebarX, .topbarX_1, .topbarX_2). The result is UGLY.

❸ Be careful with custom fonts, namely:

• no bullshit font-family rules. Read how to use CSS fonts before trying.
• if using fonts that aren't available on all systems, be sure to provide fallback fonts (font-family: 'BlargFont', 'Arial', sans-serif; for example).
• if using external fonts, it is highly recommended you upload them on our uploader. Some browsers enforce the same-origin policy when retrieving font files, meaning that font files hosted on an external domain will be ignored.

This is an example of result of badly coded custom fonts:

(only given as an example, not to pick on that particular user. Besides the layout has since been fixed.)

In this specific case, a non-standard font is used, and no fallbacks are provided. The browser selects the universal default, Times New Roman. It's ugly. It's tiny.

You don't want to inflict that to people reading your posts.

Neither do I. I'm sick of seeing Times New Roman because people can't be assed to make proper CSS font rules.

❹ Please put some effort into making a pleasant layout. I'm kinda sick of seeing layouts that are just a fixed background applied on the whole post table. It looks cheap, can cause readability problems depending on the background chosen, and fixed backgrounds can cause lag.

❺ As said above, avoid fixed backgrounds unless your cool effect absolutely depends on them. Fixed backgrounds require the browser to redraw the page when you scroll, which can lag less performant machines, and is also prone to display problems especially on mobile devices.

❻ This is not related to layouts, but please refrain from altering your profile's background and just the background. On some themes, it doesn't work well. If you really want to customize your profile, either make a full theme, or don't mess with the page background.

NEVER apply text-align:center; to topbarX_2. It would center the 'Link | Quote | etc' links and look dumb. And be unpractical.

Thank you.

NSMBHD - Kafuka - Jul

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  Server switch finally done
Posted on 06-09-14 11:59 AM (rev. 4 of 06-13-14 04:49 PM) Link | #42355
I finally got off my lazy ass and registered for my own server.

Kuribo64, and my other sites, are now running off Blargcity, our new server.

Enjoy! Something's broken? Tell me asap. (be patient though, it may be DNS caching fucking you over)

PS: IRC reporting is broken. Since I can't use NinaBot anymore, I'll have to set up my own bot.

NSMBHD - Kafuka - Jul

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  Board updated to Blargboard 1.1
Posted on 05-02-14 07:26 PM (rev. 2 of 05-02-14 07:26 PM) Link | #40876
The board has been updated to the latest version of Blargboard 1.1. Said Blargboard will also see its first official release very soon! :)

Changes are:

* 82% of the board uses templates instead of hardcoded HTML, also meaning subtle layout changes
* better post parser, does its best to fix bad HTML
* 'Apply layout to whole post' in layout settings-- when enabled, the board doesn't theme your postboxes, so the themes don't interfere with your layout CSS
* Better interface for entering polls
* Finally a decent search (goodbye the old broken Google search)
* and more!

I'll let you find out :)

Enjoy :)

If anything is broken or missing, let us know :)

NSMBHD - Kafuka - Jul

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  ATTN CSS users
Posted on 04-22-14 03:06 PM (rev. 2 of 04-22-14 03:06 PM) Link | #40506
Please don't use huge opaque CSS blobs from someone else. Especially if that person is joietyfull from RVLution.

Basically, don't use CSS without having some understanding of it.

If your CSS breaks something, and I can't fix it easily, I'll just remove the whole thing.

Thank you.

Edit- from now on I'll just remove any CSS chunk I see that is made by joietyfull, rather than dealing with their consequences.

NSMBHD - Kafuka - Jul

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  SMG Hacking Reform
Posted on 03-08-14 11:59 AM Link | #39307
(the following post you are about to read is by far my longest post, but it also an extremely important post that you should find the time to read all of)

SMG Reform

Introduction/Why it’s a problem.

Well as many of you have noticed there has been a significant lack of progress in the SMG department. Both StapleButter and I don’t like that this is happening so we want to work with members to recreate the scene here on Kuribo. So right now I’m going to outline some of the ideas that SB and I have come up with and ideas of other members from the IRC. I’ll outline a lot of the sections.

What's the Problem?

Well there has been very minimal progress lately in SMG. So little that some members thought the only way to save it was to bring it to their own site. Well it is still possible to save, and we don’t need any rebirth sites to do so. So to make galaxy hacking successful we need to identify the problems that we've had with it.

- Few new members. To deal with this problem we need to get word out about Kuribo and galaxy hacking in general. We can do this by getting a demo out there (which I’ll explain more about later) and making a trailer for it. Once we have that out there, we should be able to attract more members, Now our other problem with new members is that our community hasn’t been very accepting of new members. So most new members can make derpy posts or make mistakes, but this is a behavior that can be improved. Our community needs to be helpful to these new members so that they can learn from their mistakes and not make them again. I DO NOT want to hear any other member calling a new member a derp or moron because they slightly messed up. (I’ll probably talk to SB to change some of the rules about this kind of behavior). The staff will deal with any potential problems with a new member not following the rules. Failure to do this may result in a ban.

- Lack of organization. Right now the SMG section is not organized as well as it could be. The problem mostly stems from the fact that it was created before we knew all of the extents of what we’d be doing with galaxy hacking. We need to work on a system that reduces clutter without having a forum or subforum for every little thing. I’ll outline all of my ideas for the reorganization later.
-Competition. Currently Kuribo64 has both SMG and SM64DS on the same forum page. Some members think that this makes it so that one of the topic outshine the other, while other members thinks this motivates both sides to make progress to be out shining the other. This could be solved in a way similar to what we did for 2.5 by having both sections on separate pages being able to access them from the bar at the top of the site (whatever that’s called).

-Immaturity. I don’t want to bring this up, but at the same time it needs to be brought up. Some members here can act very childish, and have feuds. To be successful we need to put our differences aside and work as a team. A problem with being childish is that you could be someone with a lot of talent and potential for the scene, but don’t get along with the rest of the community and discourage them from what they want to do.

-Staff motivation. Well a lot of you have heard SB say that SMG hacking is dead. Also some of you have probably noticed that I’m absent a lot of the time from the forums and can be unresponsive on the IRC. I think this is a bit problematic to the scene but it can be changed.

Some Solutions (Yay you all can help suggest stuff!)
Well here I’m going to outline some of the solutions that I’ve come up with to the aforementioned problems. Some of these problems have multiple possible solutions so I’ll outline a few for those with multiple solutions. In the thread you can tell me which solutions you like the most and SB and I can try to implement them as soon as possible.
One of our problems is the organization of the SMG section. The general board is really cluttered with a lot of unrelated stuff. When the SMG section was created we had no clue all that we’d be doing so it wasn’t made to handle all the new stuff. Our solution needs to solve our current problem with organization but also be easily expandable for any further developments. We also don’t want a million forums that barely have anything in them, because that’s just another kind of clutter. Also unfortunately I do not know much about the SMG documentation and SMG hacking tools and development forums so I won’t suggest much for those (people who use those more should respond if they need any changes or not). So I’ll just put some of my suggestions for what to do with the General SMG Hacking forum.

Ex. #1 (Not much forum spam and a much simpler solution)
-General SMG Hacking
o ASM Hacking
o Custom Levels
o Questions/Problems

Ex #2 (With more Forums so more future expansion)
-Custom Levels (post your custom levels or level ideas here)
o Demo #1 (advantage of this method is that it allows for demo subforums without needing another forum just for demos)
o Projects/Ideas (not really needed, but it would be a god place for people who have ideas for mini hacks to post away from all the other custom levels, if implemented it would probably be at a later date)
-General SMG Hacking (Problem here is I don’t know what wouldn’t go in the subforums)
o ASM Hacking
o Questions/Problems

In my opinion Ex #2 is more future proof and would reduce clutter in the long run, but in the short run there would be a lot of forums with very little in them. Of course if anyone else has ideas they think would work even better, feel free to post them below.
We could also use some improvements with just the layout of the forums and threads. It would be nice to establish some standards so that new members can know where to start and that we can have some consistency. Having more official threads would also help. For example it would be very good to have an official Questions’s Thread so that members with questions know where to post and not spam useless threads. I think it would also be nice to have an official Custom Level Template that is easy to navigate and to make sure that everyone is on the same page. Another slight modification I would like it to tag the threads describing the phase of the level being created. Let me give some WIP (at 12 PM after swimming half a mile) templates for these.

Level Name: ex. Unnamed Lava Level with Red Star

Creators (for old 2.5 members, by creators I mean everyone involved with the level) use the [user=X]

Current Phase: here are all of my stages of level creation (Basic Idea, Formal Design, Models, Textures (if applicable), Whitehole creation, Testing, Complete) you would fill out the one that you currently are on or what you have just completed. Please don’t make a thread unless you have at least some clue about what you want to do. This section will be refined (as I said 12 AM).

Brief Description: Here you would give a couple sentences describing the gimmick, theme of the level. If your level has no theme or gimmick and its just a test of skill describe it like that. Also include how many stars will be in the level/difficulty(planned difficulty) Example for my Lava Level: A relatively basic lava level with a lot of aspects from Bowser’s Lava Lair. The Level will also use the Red Star for a star chip collecting challenge. 2 Star. Planned Difficulty 6.5 / 10

Formal Design: if you have a whole design written up or a picture based design, write it up here. Make sure to not have a whole block of text but separate it up by area or planet.

Progress Pictures: Here you would post your screenshots of your level. Make sure each section is in a separate spoiler. The sections would include rendered images of your models, Whitehole Screenshots, In game screenshots.

Download Links: Here you would post the links to download the models, or the whitehole file

I sure hope you read that spoiler or else this will not make sense at all. MN1 suggested that we have a little mod to blargboard that would have download buttons for the levels (probably around the top of the post). I haven’t pitched this to StapleButter yet so I have no clue how easy/difficult it would be to do. If people think this is a good idea I’ll ask him if he can make it possible. This also relies on people not abusing the system.

Also as I mentioned the threads should be labeled accordingly to the type of level it is. This will help people looking though the board to easily see what kind of level the level is and how far in development it is.

After the Thread name and any other tags the poster wants to post this category should go first.

Category #1 Type of Level. All levels should fall into one of these categories [base models (only using Nintendo’s models)], [custom textures (base models with custom textures)], [custom models (pretty self-explanatory)], [custom animations (you have made leaps and bounds since this thread has been made).

Category #2 Progress in Level: This is like what I posted in my level template, Have the current state of the level of [idea], [formal design], [artwork], [models], [textures], [Whitehole], [Testing Phase], [Complete].
So yeah, those are my ideas for the more organization for making custom levels and organizing the General SMG Hacking Section. Sorry for the monster post but it needs to be done. Currently you have read around 1,600 (1,700) words. Unless I’ve added some more stuff and forgot to change the number, then I’m even sorrier for you (looks like I added some stuff, sorry). Hopefully these next sections aren’t quite as long.


So as most of you know, Kuribo64 is not just about SMG hacking, but it also has SM64DS. Some members are concerned that when one of these sections is doing well, the other fades out of the scene. Other members could find that this encourages competition between the two groups to make sure their side is in the spotlight. I can see both sides and I think there is a solution that keeps the friendly competition as well as keeping both sections in the spotlight. Back when 2.5 has its own section of the board there was a lot of activity on both the 2.5 section and the forums section. I think we could have the same idea for the SM64DS and SMG sections. As some SMG community members have “suggested” in wanting a separate site I think it would be the most beneficial to have the whole SMG category moved to a separate tab on Kuribo and keep SM64DS with the other forums.

For lack of transition at 1 AM I’ll talk about other somewhat related issues in this section. So a problem with SMG hacking that some people have found is that it doesn’t have a nice pretty site advertising everything great about it. I think this could be improved with some modifications to the front page as well as making a youtube channel. The SMGHacking youtube channel would be managed by the administrators of kuribo and would be open for posting videos that we deem appropriate. Also the additions to the front page of kuribo would have to be made once we have more to show of it (demo). This also goes for the youtube channel. (My structure is decaying fast)


I hope to keep this brief, because I don’t like talking about this aspect much. Our community has a problem with immaturity and I think there can be some changes made to help that. First off I know this is hard because generally the SMG audience is young and a lot of our members are teenagers (psych word). This automatically makes it difficult for us all to get along and act like mature adults. There is some advice I can give, being a teenager myself and dealing with some of these problems in real life. Not everything comes instantly, you have to work for things in order to get them. I’ve had this problem with motivation both on the forum and in real life. When you start a task you have to accept that it can and will take over a week to complete and you have to have the patience to go through with it. (take this post for example, I’ve been working on it for 2 and a half hours after weeks of thought and I’m getting it done). We also have to accept that we all have differences and we need to respect those differences. We aren’t all the same person and not everyone is going to be our perfect reflection. So I want some of the real life rules of conversation and etiquette (took a while to get spell check to get that right) to apply here. Please no talking about controversial topics (such as religion, politics, sexual orientation, etc.) because there is bound to be a person who sees it differently than you and will cause unneeded drama. We also need to show respect to everyone. If you don’t like something a person did, politely confront them about it and they will probably change based on that. This goes for staff here aswell, if you don’t like or understand something that SB grid or I have done... TELL US …(or we’ll ban you :P) we will be willing to give you information behind our decision and make change accordingly. We aren’t banhappy dictators and don’t want to be regarded as so, Please, please don’t complain about them behind their backs because that is not respectful and doesn’t help anyone (pro-tip this also works really well in real life, I used it to get a lot of positive change going at my school and got my friend out of an unjust suspension). Overall just be decent to other people, don’t act more important than another member for any reason (arrogance), and please be aware of the facts behind another member’s decision (don’t be ignorant) and take time to.
Woo its 1:30 now. And I’m 2,400 words in right now you’ll probably be reading more as I return to the start of this post to add another section that I would like to discuss before I get to the demo (Ctrl+s).

Staff Motivation.

We’ll this isn’t much of your problem, more of my problem and a problem for the SMG hacking scene. For the members to be motivated the staff needs to be motivated as well, and right now, us staff aren’t doing that great a job. I’ll let StapleButter talk more about his problems because I don’t want to put words into his mouth, so instead I’ll talk about myself and hopefully answer some questions. Ever since I joined the forums back in February 2011 I’ve never been that high of a poster. Although I still don’t believe in an extremely high post count and believe that every post should have a lot of meaning, my amount of posts has been quite pathetic to say the least. I’m not involved in the community. I don’t play the relaxland games or talk about random occurrences to me in General Chat, nor do I post on the custom levels. I need to change. I want the community to know more about me.
So let me explain why I’m not around as much as I’d like to be. I go to one of the top 20 high schools in the United States and live their 24/7 so I’m rather busy. With classes starting at 9:30 and going to 8PM I’m usually busy doing my 4+ hours homework for my 7 classes (4 AP) or socializing with my friends between homework sessions. I always have the IRC open and the forum open (except 7-9 EST because of school internet blocks) mainly to make sure that something horrible didn’t happen. I would like to get into the routine of taking 15 minutes out of my day to catch up on the day’s posts and respond to what I can. Also I’ve had some various problems with motivation due to personal events that have kept me from doing my school work diligently and thus working on SMG hacking. Fortunately I’ve been getting over though hardships and am doing a lot better mentally, socially, and academically. Hopefully these changes will spread to the board and I’ll be a more active member.
Woo, 1:40. Nearing 3,000 words, on page 6 of this single spaced word document, and time to get to the thing that everyone is waiting to hear about… the demo!

Demo #1 – A State of Galaxy
So what does a hacking community need most? Members! How do we get members? Advertising! What’s a good form of advertising? Get a demo out there! So lets talk about this demo. I want this demo to be a big but reasonable goal. A one world hack should be perfect. The demo will be called a state of galaxy because I want to to show off everything that we can do with galaxy hacking. Each of the 7 levels would show off a different aspect of galaxy hacking and what it can do so all potential members can see what fits them the most.

Here’s what I want to see in this Hack.
1 Level Using just Nintendo models: I think we should use either Cloudy Court or Supermassive
1 Level using Texture Hacks: Using the Standard Nintendo models but with custom textures.
1 Level using the Red Star: My nameless lava level takes advantage of the red star.
1 Level using the Ice Flower: My Coastline Cavern Star 2 uses the Ice Flower and the comet mission could also use it.
1 Level using custom models: It could be anything, we have a couple options, possibly Sky High
1 Additional of Community Choice: Under-Over is looking very nice but we also got PPG working on a SM3DW style level, it might be able to be combined with Retro Remix too.
1 Boss Level/ Bowser Level: Uses everything in a really nice way to make an epic final level. Maybe even a Dry Bowser Fight at the end.

We want to make sure all of these galaxies are nicely polished and work fine so that the player doesn’t experience any game breaking glitches. We’ll also need to put this into a nice trailer, probably advertise it on the old SMG2.5 channel as well as the new SMG hacking channel (bonus footage anyone?). We would also want to advertise on all of the other forums that we originally advertised SMG2.5 on. And we shouldn’t be subtle about wanting people to join our cause and help us expand the boundaries of SMG Hacking. I’ll work with SB to get all of the board modifications in place so we can start working on this demo ASAP.

Brief Conclusion.
2 AM now. 3,200 words in and I know this is a horribly long post, but its extremely important for the future success of SMG hacking. I really hope that you read all of it because I think it is all super important info and will help keep the forum in line for months if not years to come. Hopefully I’ve conveyed to you all that this means a lot to me and I’m willing to work hard on it. I’d love to see the same dedication from all of you and this really can go far. We just need to get this critical turning point right and everything should go well from here on out. Please post your questions or concerns so that this goes off without a hitch.

Let’s bring SMG Hacking back!

Long live the new Kuribo64
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  SM64DS and Blargboard development
Posted on 02-17-14 04:15 PM (rev. 2 of 02-17-14 04:15 PM) Link | #38606
As you already know, SM64DS is looking promising so far, and SMG is dead, so Kuribo64 will refocus itself on SM64DS. Like in the good old times.

We also become the official Blargboard development forum.

Blargboard site

I'm aware that this board runs off an old version, but still, any suggestions, bug reports etc... are welcome. They go in the help/sugg forum for now.

Blargboard is the next revolution in forum software industry. Or not. :P But hey, RVLution is already using it.

As for the changes between this and the Git version, well... compare this board and RVLution, minus a few things (their smiley picker for example, isn't official). For the end user, they're mostly the same, with improvements and subtle changes in functionality and other cosmetic fixes. And the Kuribo64 hacks removed.

NSMBHD - Kafuka - Jul

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  New direction for SMG2.5
Posted on 11-30-13 09:36 AM Link | #35518
As you may already know, we have changed the way SMG2.5 operates.

In the past, everyone was doing their own thing, resulting in several galaxies getting little progress. This partly explains why after three years, the project still doesn't have one finished galaxy.

From now on, the project leaders will determine a galaxy, the focus galaxy. All the work will go to this galaxy and nothing else. Once it's done, they'll choose another galaxy, and so on.

You may look at the info box in the top right corner to find out which galaxy is the current focus galaxy.

cosmological also said this is SMG2.5's last chance. If this fails to give it a satisfying progress rate, we fail to see what else would, so we'll call SMG2.5 a failure and move on.

NSMBHD - Kafuka - Jul

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  Board updated!
Posted on 07-08-13 07:32 AM (rev. 6 of 07-08-13 12:25 PM) Link | #27488
Title says it all. The board update is finally finished!

New features include:

* Flexible permissions system
* All new site layout
* Allows for 200x200 avatars
* Improved post parser, not possible to confuse it with bad HTML anymore
* SWF and SVG tags removed. SVG didn't work, and SWF caused security issues. And Flash sucks.
* No more 'relaxland posts don't count' -- if people abuse Relaxland we can now ban them from it
* Not possible to delete a thread's first post anymore
* Normal users can report bad posts to the staff
* Post ratings
* And more!

About the post ratings: they affect your score. Your score now starts at 1000. If someone likes a post of yours, you earn 10 points. If staff deletes a post of yours, you lose 20 points.

Enjoy! If you find bugs, report to us!

If 'bugs' are just the site looking bad, press Ctrl+F5.

NSMBHD - Kafuka - Jul

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  Relaxland status
Posted on 06-12-13 06:45 PM Link | #25117
So it's been over 4 months since we made Relaxland posts not count in users' postcounts, and now I feel like it had the wrong effect. Now the forum barely gets activity.

I don't believe this is good, we're not meant to be an uber-serious forum. Postcount racing and posting sprees are fun, too, except when people just spam stupid shit to inflate their postcounts.

Making Relaxland posts not count has removed much opportunity for postcount racing. That was done because certain individuals I shall not name here, fail to get Relaxland's purpose. Relaxland is NOT a spam dump for inflating your postcount with mindless crap.

Punishing the whole community because of a few individuals' acts is always unfair. Because of this, after the board gets updated, things will be ran differently.

Relaxland posts will count in users' postcounts again. Happy postcount racing will happen again. BUT...

We'll be able to ban users from specific forums. We won't hesitate to do it with Relaxland if people spam the shit out of it.

More words on the board update: I hope to have it done by the end of July. It will feature several awesome things. Sneek peek.

NSMBHD - Kafuka - Jul

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  A note about duplicate accounts
Posted on 04-12-13 08:02 PM (rev. 2 of 04-12-13 08:02 PM) Link | #19923
It seems that a trend recently appeared, where people make duplicate accounts for whatever testing purposes.

The rules state that duplicate accounts are forbidden. Is that quite clear?

Next user who reregisters to test something, gets both accounts banned.

NSMBHD - Kafuka - Jul

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  Board staff overhaul
Posted on 04-01-13 07:37 AM (rev. 3 of 04-01-13 06:06 PM) Link | #18979
The way I have been running this board is just plain wrong.

I have been a dictator, banning several members who were actually very smart and well-thought people, just because they said or did something I didn't like.

Those people proposed to run the board, and bring in real democracy.

I accepted their proposal, and humbly stepped down. They elected MK7tester as their main admin.

To mark the end of the Kuribo64 dictatorship, all the old staff has been banned. All the normal users have also been given moderator powers, to comply with the democracy system.

I hope the board will turn into something acceptable.

My apologies.

Happy April Fool's Day from Kuribo64

NSMBHD - Kafuka - Jul

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  A note about the IRC
Posted on 02-28-13 07:48 AM Link | #16740
It seems that people who cause drama in #SMG2.5 and get kickbanned from there, use #kuribo64 as a substitute.

You may not do that.

Whoever is caught doing so by the staff, will be permanently banned from #kuribo64.

Is it quite clear?

NSMBHD - Kafuka - Jul

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  Relaxland posts don't count anymore
Posted on 02-04-13 02:39 PM Link | #13421
Yep. If you've seen your postcount drop a lot, no worry, you haven't been hacked or anything in the like.

It's just that from now on, posts made in Relaxland aren't counted in users' postcounts.

Posts in deleted (not just trashed) threads don't count either.

I hope this will help stop the abusive postcount++ going on.

NSMBHD - Kafuka - Jul

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