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05-08-21 05:27 PM

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Posted on 10-14-17 08:56 PM (rev. 2 of 10-14-17 11:52 PM) Link | #90468
Hello, this is Gota7 with another tutorial!
Now, the reason why I haven't made a youtube video for this is because I'm currently working NitroStudio, and editor for extracted SDATs and maybe regular SDAT in the future, which will make this process sooooo much easier.

Youtube version:

Anyways, let's get started.

--Needed Tools--

So first thing you are going to need is an extracted SDAT.
You will also need kiwi.ds.
You also do need InfoTool and SymbTool from my NitroTools found here.

It's recommended to have VGMTrans to test.

--Setting Things Up--

First you need to convert the info and symb to text using SymbTool and InfoTool.
The usage is __Tool.exe inputBinFile outputTextFile

I trust that you know how to use a batch or cmd, so go do that.

--Adding Your Music--

So uh, this is where stuff get's complicated. I'm going to assume you are only adding an SSEQ.

First add the .sseq you have into the Sequence folder. Simple enough, just make sure it's on the bottom of the list.

Next, add any filename to the bottom of the :SSEQ section in symb.txt.
Now in info.txt we are going to add a line. Copy the line at the end of the sseq section in info.txt, make a new line and paste it there above :BANK.

Increment the fileID by 1, and do this to all the file IDs below this. If you want to know how fileIDs work, fileId 0 is the first file in the Sequence folder, then it goes through the SequenceArchive, Bank, Wave, then Stream.

So once you increase all the fileIDs by one below the line you added, you can now change the bank ID for your song. Change it to match the ID in the symb.txt :BANK section. The first name on the list is 0, and increases by 1. (NCS_BANK_SE_SYSTEM is 1).

This is assuming you made your song by extracting an mid file from the game to view it's instruments, and made the bank ID match the instruments you got them from.

If you did not use a bank from SM64DS, you are going to need to add your own banks and or wavs in the symb and info text files, so have fun. You also need to add a group in order to play your song in-game.

--Recompiling The Sdat--

You need to use my two tools from earlier in order to recompile.

The usage is __Tool.exe inputTextFile outputBinFile

SymbTool does have a tendency to mess up filenames, but so far works with SM64DS with my testing.

Replace the symb.bin and info.bin in your extracted sdat. You then use kiwi.ds to recompile the sdat.

Please note you must have added the file in the sequence folder you added to the list, otherwise problems.

I recommend at this point you open the SDAT in VGMTrans, and see if the file you added at the end plays correctly.

--Making A Level Play Your Song--

First, change the sseqID to the sseq ID of your sseq file.
You can find this by looking in symb.txt and tracking your filename. The first on the list is 0, which is BGM_PERFECT.

You need to also change the bottom byte to the correct group ID. More info on that here.

If you don't hear silence, congratulations!

Join the SM64DS Hacking Discord: https://discord.gg/PhpA9Wt

Main - General SM64DS hacking - [Tutorial] - Adding More Songs To The SDAT! New reply

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