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07-02-20 08:33 AM

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Posted on 12-19-14 05:28 PM, in Smash: In development since 2012 - Newcomer included Link | #52841
So, I've been working on a project called Smash and it looks great so far, I have a team working on it with me, I also just released a new trailer last month for a new comer, take a look.


If you would like to help develop this game, please feel free to PM me some custom stage models or custom music for this game.

Posted on 12-29-14 04:48 PM, in Mario Party 9 (Bowser Jr. Made Playable) Link | #53423
I can't believe I forgot to post this, I present the first ever model import of MP9:

Posted on 12-30-14 10:11 PM, in Wario in Ocarina of Time Hack (rev. 3 of 12-30-14 10:11 PM) Link | #53518
LOL, plumber Wario wearing his Wario Ware biker gloves. XD

(post deleted) #53519

Posted on 12-31-14 12:24 PM, in Super Mario Sunshine 64 DS Link | #53543
So, how would the graphical problems need to be fixed in order to add F.L.U.D.D.?

Posted on 01-05-15 07:01 PM, in Building up a Smash Team Link | #53965
Posted by Luigi
uh, do you have any screenshots or more of a description?

Why yes; I happen to have a video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z1Q2aUBEShU

Posted on 01-10-15 05:07 PM, in Super Mario Land 64 - The Super Mario 64 Prologue Link | #54141
Looks cool; I can't wait to try this out. :D

Posted on 01-13-15 02:25 PM, in Super Mario Sunshine Custom Level - Hotel Lacrima [all] [new] Link | #54262
I've never seen any beta footage of Holtel Lacrima, thanks for introducing it to me.

"If only Mario Party 4-8's bin. files were easily opened and were ported into Mario Party 9."

Posted on 01-19-15 07:05 PM, in Super Mario 3D World Documentation Link | #54679
Oh, I need the files to make Dario's 3D Adventure, but let me guess, you're not releasing the files to the public.
The project would have some great tunes such as:



Posted on 01-19-15 07:08 PM, in Mario Party 9 (Bowser Jr. Made Playable) Link | #54680
I tried to make DK playable because of MP10 having him return as a playable character, but the game just freezes.

Posted on 02-01-15 11:41 PM, in Mario Party 8 characters in Mario Party 7 Link | #55719
I ported Hammer Bro. and Blooper from Mario Party 8 into Mario Party 7 as playable characters, with the inclusion of Koopa Kid whose files were already in Mario Party 7:

Posted on 02-04-15 04:04 PM, in Mario Party BIN Editing Link | #55874
So I recently hacked MP8 and MP7, I added Koopa Kid as a playable character in 7 and 8, as well as Hammer Bro. and Blooper being ported from 8 to 7, one problem though; I don't know how I might be able to edit the animation files; Hammer Bro. and Blooper have a file size that can't withstand certain parts of Mario Party 7. I need help with doing the next big thing. Sure BIN files have patterns in hex editors, but I need something that will get me, and all other people who dream of majorly hacking Mario Party 4-8. Maybe we can even port the models and/or animations to Mario Party 9 and 10. I want me, and other people, to experience the Hudson feel, which is why I'm calling this Mario Party: Project Hudson.
More tools need to be made in order to even add texture hacks, model imports, custom mini-games, etc.

Posted on 02-16-15 09:54 PM, in 4 NPCs are Playable in Mario Party 9 Link | #56320
In honor of Spike's playable debut in Mario Party 10, I decided to put him in Mario Party 9 with the addition of Bowser Jr.

In honor of Bowser getting his own Party mode and DK returning as a playable character since Mario Party 5; I decided to do a little importing.

Posted on 02-16-15 09:59 PM, in Mega Man, Proto Man and Zero in SM64DS [wip] Link | #56321
Will you import Kirby and Sonic?

Posted on 02-18-15 12:47 AM, in Those Mario Party Hudson Files Link | #56344
Look; I know many of you are showing me hex and stuff, but that is not helping me achieve modding Mario Party 4-8. I need to know if there is a tool that's like Brawlbox that can open Mario Party .BIN files. I also need help locating Bowser's files and other NPC files.
I need some advice and tools so I can port stuff like, Hammer Bro. and Blooper's animations, but in a Mario Party mot.BIN animation file to avoid any crashing.

I'm even setting up a project based around Mario Party Hudson installments: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0na61umtxhkvhv4/MP9PH%20NDVH.png?dl=0

Posted on 02-18-15 10:23 PM, in Shadow Mario & Piantissimo Playable in Super Mario Sunshine! Link | #56384
You should try swapping both Shadow Mario and Piantissimo, so then you can squirt Piantissimo and race Shadow Mario, kind of like racing Cosmic Mario. :D

Posted on 02-18-15 10:36 PM, in Those Mario Party Hudson Files Link | #56387
NWPhoenix123; I get that, but what I don't get is why no one has made a tool to open Gamecube and Wii .BIN files.

Posted on 02-19-15 10:30 PM, in Those Mario Party Hudson Files Link | #56453
NWPhoenix123, say I wanted to convert a Mario Party 5-8 character's mot.BIN file to a brres file, in order to run on Brawlbox, where and how would I code it in hex?

Posted on 02-22-15 07:19 PM, in Running GC edits on a Wii! Link | #56678
I couldn't find WAD 39, where can I get a file that supports it?

Posted on 02-22-15 07:21 PM, in Running GC edits on a Wii! (rev. 2 of 02-22-15 07:24 PM) Link | #56680
In the IOS tool on Homebrew, it goes up to 38 and right to 40, no 39
and I meant to say IOS39
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Main - Posts by Nintega-Dario

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