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08-10-20 08:21 PM

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Posted on 02-04-15 04:04 PM Link | #55874
So I recently hacked MP8 and MP7, I added Koopa Kid as a playable character in 7 and 8, as well as Hammer Bro. and Blooper being ported from 8 to 7, one problem though; I don't know how I might be able to edit the animation files; Hammer Bro. and Blooper have a file size that can't withstand certain parts of Mario Party 7. I need help with doing the next big thing. Sure BIN files have patterns in hex editors, but I need something that will get me, and all other people who dream of majorly hacking Mario Party 4-8. Maybe we can even port the models and/or animations to Mario Party 9 and 10. I want me, and other people, to experience the Hudson feel, which is why I'm calling this Mario Party: Project Hudson.
More tools need to be made in order to even add texture hacks, model imports, custom mini-games, etc.

Posted on 02-05-15 01:11 AM Link | #55889
I can tell you it's most definitely compressed somehow. All files seem to start with an index for sections. The first 4 bytes are the number of section offsets that follow.
For example, read the next 6C (108) entries and those are your offsets to all the sections.


I can also document text. After the section data for it, each section starts with another counter for each offset into the strings. All strings seem to start with 00FF00FF which I assume is either some kind of flags or a way to find where a string ends when reading the file.

number of sections
offsets * number of sections (Add 0x4 - origin starts at 0x4)

for each section:
number of offsets

Then each string seems to start with 00FF00FF - flags?
The text is really garbled but it shows you what I'm talking about.

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Main - Misc. ROM hacking - Mario Party BIN Editing New reply

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