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09-20-20 09:50 AM

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Posted on 08-16-14 06:49 PM, in The Introductions Thread Link | #46742
Hey hey, this is Mariocrash here. I'm a big fan of SM64 and... so yeah. Time to go!

I'm also a rogue wanderer of gaming forums now living at SMWCentral and Youtube, so feel free to look around my videos to watch let's plays and hacks.

So yeah, that's it about me.

Posted on 08-16-14 08:01 PM, in *unknown title* [SM64 major hack] [work-in-progress] (rev. 7 of 07-05-17 05:58 PM) Link | #46755
Since I couldn't come up with a better name for this, the title is held as secret.

Hey there Kuri' folks! Here's my new thing I'm making.

??? is a major rom hack which will feature:

> Over 120 stars in total
> New areas
> New story
> New graphics
> New music tunes and sounds
> New custom stuff (choco-vanilla style)
> New character
> New gameplay and difficulty
> New boss fights
> Some crashing to do and more!


In the Mushroom Kingdom, where everyone has found peace and quiet, Mario, suddenly finds a rare object after it was being warped through a portal in the sky: the Red Star. Meanwhile, little did he know that Bowser and his trooped has invaded the kingdom by using any of those. If he acheives his master plan, it'll be total chaos!

Follow Mario in his new quest as he gathers all the Red Stars to save the kingdom!


The rom hack is currently in development, and will be updated from time to time. Feel free to give feedback and look around the thread for more stuff incoming!

Here's some screenshots to see the rom hack in action!

Crash Canyon Slide


Sandfrost Pyramid


Goomba Town



Course 1: Bob-omb Seaside Done!

Course 2: Goomba Town Done but in redesign

Course 3: ??? Redesign in progress

Course 4: ???

Course 5: Cheepchum's Cove

Course 6: ???

Course 7: Boonsteria Lane Done!

Course 8: Shiversand Valley Done!

Course 9: Honeyhive Mountain (Bob-omb Battlefield rework) Done!

Course 10: Lavakoopa Temple

Course 11: Lavalava Volcano Done but in redesign

Course 12: Whomp's Chocoworks (Whomp's Fortress rework) Done!

Course 13: ???

Course 14: Tick Tock Terror (Tick Tock Clock rework) Done but in redesign

Course 15: ???

HUB 1: Mushroom Kingdom

HUB 2: Mushroom Castle

HUB 3: Bowser Barrier

Bowser Stage 1: Bowser's Airship Fortress Done!

Bowser Stage 2: Bowser's Castle Keep Done!

Bowser Stage 3: ???

Bonus Stage 1: Crash Canyon Slide Done!

Bonus Stage 2: Sandust Pyramid Done!

Bonus Stage 3: Greenburg Roadway Model done!

Wing Cap Stage: Grand Star Haven Done!

Metal Cap Stage: Iron'ferno Falls Done!

Vanish Cap Stage: Deep Dark Basement Done but in redesign

Posted on 08-19-14 07:32 PM, in *unknown title* [SM64 major hack] [work-in-progress] Link | #46928
Posted by MarioMaster720
Looks very very good.

Then again (no offense), "Crash" doesn't sound like a good name for a Mario Character.. (also just putting a C on Mario's hat doesn't make him feel like a different character at all).

"Crash" is actually me as "Mariocrash". I originally intended to have the same "Mario 64" term but I have no other names to bring in my hack.

Posted by BlackYoshi485
i prefer crash bandicoot(search it), he's my fabourite videogame character :). Really? Super Crash 64? it sounds as a MAD parody, try to make an better name and character.

He's also my favorite character, but if you blame me about the confusion, then I'll tell you: you're playing as myself. It's like you're controlling my own character, although the hack doesn't center in the Crash universe. If only, somehow, I try to include a Crash level, then that'd make a crossover game.

Posted on 08-19-14 07:44 PM, in Muigi Link | #46929
So finally, we CAN actually call the Mario Bros. if Luigi shares the same outfit as Mario's, right?

Great texture swap, by the way. :)

Posted on 08-25-14 04:03 AM, in How to unlock Luigi in SM64 [Real] Link | #47167
I'm aware I've seen this "unlock Luigi" thing from the SM64 fans multiple times, but calling SM64 as crap sounds brutal (I don't take it as an offense).

Posted on 08-25-14 04:13 AM, in *unknown title* [SM64 major hack] [work-in-progress] Link | #47168
Posted by SuperMario2
how much levels have been finished in this hack?

As far as I continue progressing, there are 10 current levels completed (5 bonus stages, and 4 main stages, and 1 Bowser stage) And speaking of them, here's some screenshots that may pique your interest.

Cheepchum's Cove


Bowser's Airship Fortress


Boonster's Tower


Iron'ferno Falls


Posted on 08-25-14 04:24 AM, in Another Super Mario 3D [RELEASED] (rev. 2 of 08-25-14 04:25 AM) Link | #47169
Seeing you guys developing custom SM64DS hacks can make me do another port of my current SM64 hack! Especially, great work, skawo!

I had a hard time patching the ROM but the issue comes from the .xdelta patch file, I followed your patching instructions until I came to the file destination to save it, then it keeps giving me an error, resulting to not have the ROM to work. If you can send the same ROM but with another patch format, that'd be nice.

Posted on 08-25-14 08:57 AM, in *unknown title* [SM64 major hack] [work-in-progress] Link | #47178
Posted by SuperMario2
good job i like Bowsers Airship Fortress.

also will there be missions where you can race Koopa The Quick?

Yep, there's two racing missions. One with Koopa the Quick and one with the slide penguin.

Posted on 08-25-14 07:51 PM, in *unknown title* [SM64 major hack] [work-in-progress] Link | #47213
Posted by SuperMario2
MarioCrash could i request a bonus level. Could you make Wario Stadium from Mario Kart 64?

I'm not so sure I can make and incorporate it into my hack, and there's no ripped model of this race track. Otherwise, there's another bonus level I already had in my mind.

Posted on 08-26-14 08:52 AM, in *unknown title* [SM64 major hack] [work-in-progress] Link | #47230
Posted by SuperMario2
what is that bonus level you have in mind?

Mystery! I can't let myself unveiling anything or else it'll spoil the whole hack.

Posted on 08-26-14 02:42 PM, in *unknown title* [SM64 major hack] [work-in-progress] Link | #47256
No, I won't. But there's a mini hack that's connected to this hack. It's available in my Youtube channel (I can't send you the download link here, sorry).

Posted on 10-25-14 05:28 PM, in *unknown title* [SM64 major hack] [work-in-progress] Link | #50179
Hey, a little quick update news since I was not very active in the quarters.

Bowser's Airship Fortress will be remodeled, considering the length of it being long (fault to the first riding platform), I will shorten the path to a quick ride to the airship.

Also, the hack's slowly progressing after completing another main level, and repolishing the earlier ones, I'm jumping straight to the first HUB model.

Posted on 01-29-15 08:05 AM, in *unknown title* [SM64 major hack] [work-in-progress] (rev. 2 of 01-29-15 08:07 AM) Link | #55487
Whoa's up folks, long time no see! I actually lift my break so I tried to move on in the project, unless social life is helplessly kicking me out for other stuff.

So here's the news since the last update:

- The first Bowser level redesign is almost done, and will soon be imported to the game.

- At least 3 levels were done and, I assume, they are almost redesigned; my current old CPU handles the rom quite well and for some reason, some lag spikes have increased in the emulation.

- Along those improvements, I'm working slowly around a level which is supposed to be for another project of mine and is used for the game.

- AND finally... I added a progress log with some status just to know what's being done or not. Look at it in the main post. I'll try to come back here a few times since it's been showcased on SMWCentral and on SMBXtreme Revived.

AND, AND...of course, I can't wait you so long without those previews, so here they are.

Iron'ferno Falls


Boonster's Tower


Posted on 02-22-15 06:04 AM, in *unknown title* [SM64 major hack] [work-in-progress] (rev. 2 of 02-22-15 06:04 AM) Link | #56608
Hey hey, here I am, back with a new model I just finished earlier! Let me present you the last bonus stage, Greenburg Roadway!


Other snappers:



Posted on 06-14-16 05:05 PM, in [SM64 major hack] Luigi and the Forest Ruins: REBOOT (rev. 9 of 09-14-16 06:03 PM) Link | #72071
Hey, that's-a-Crash! Remember me? No? Missed me? Yes?

Well guess what, I had a pack of new stuff to showcase you here after a long slumber away from here and SMWC!

(old beta title screen)

The mod is just a full recreation of TheGael95's original project. It follows the original plot and will feature a total new level redesign, some new stars (around 40, since it's a short major hack), custom music/objects and a bit of unused stuff added in the mix.

The image shown above the title screen of the game. Apparently it won't show up anymore since the main ROM I use was from Cjes's Super Luigi 64 unless it's fixed back (?)

Sneak peek (via sketchup)

Course 1: Grassland Gardens. The most basic place where Luigi sets off first at collecting Power Stars. He'll meet old friends and foes throughout this peaceful land.

Course 2: Boo Lake Castle. Luigi doesn't need to go hunt inside mansions anymore, he will find an abandoned castle in a lake solely infested of ghosts. Take care!

Starting Map: Nuro Forest Woods. Following the adventures of Luigi's Mansion 64*, Luigi tries to get home and finds on his way the ruins of a palace in the deep forest woods. What mystery could exactly be inside this place?

* A recent major hack of mine using TT64 based on the same game.

Course 4: Mount Bullsy. Luigi scales feet by feet on a mountain surrounded by burning lava, funky fungus, and mostly the bulky bullies.

Course 6: Snowfall Pinks. Upon the pink sky of dawn, shivering snowflakes fall in a village which coexists Toads and Tuxies; playtime's neverending as the Big Snowman protects the entire valley.

Peach's Castle. Nothing special other than being the Mushroom Kingdom's landmark which the actual princess lives in. It's actually the- shhhh, let's not spoil it!

Main overworld: Nuro Ruins Palace. It's where you start after entering the ruins by the woods, all worlds are there so you can warp to them with ease, but rooms require star power.




Tell me what you think about those since I wanna keep this a secret but I had to give up because I worked on these for about... bleh I don't know~

And there's even more to that being done and you will see it until I upload a preview. :-)


As it's own WIP status, you can, in the meantime, play the current version of the hack (TheGael95's version) clicking on this link here. It may be not great, yet it's decent and playable.



Skelux, frauber, Starxxon/VL-Tone - for making Toad's Tool 64 and the SM64 Level Importer

TheGael95 - for providing his level models, and giving me the right to recreate one of his projects

Cjes - for the new Luigi model (and the mod itself) (not included in the final version but textures are)

Kaze - for the MOP files

Pilzinsel64 - for additional helpful tools

SMWCentral's SM64 community - textures, music imports, tools and resources


By the way, Super Crash 64 isn't dead yet. But it will be moved on after this project.

Posted on 06-15-16 10:38 AM, in Imagine video games as.... Link | #72093
Working employees.

Atari 2600: "Dude. This code sheet is hard, mind if you help decipher this for me?"

Super NES: "Hmmm that's easy, all you have to do is mash the buttons and press Start at the end."

Atari 2600: "Uh, not even sure this will work at all."

Playstation: That's terrible! How would this planned out as a cheat code?

Super NES: "I know, I just looked that up on Street Fighter!"

Posted on 06-16-16 05:36 AM, in Normal Day in SM64DS Link | #72111
Trying to ruin a beautiful game? That'll count.

Posted on 06-16-16 12:17 PM, in Spongebob Quotes! Link | #72116
Spongebob: "Excuse me, sir. I hope my horrible ugliness won't be a distraction to you."

Fish: "Not at all, boy!" *sniffs horrible smell* "DEAUUUUAGHHHH!"

Posted on 06-16-16 12:24 PM, in Which Presidential idiot would you choose, if you had the choice? Link | #72117
I really don't know most US presidents other than Bush, Clinton, Obama and from ye olde century. So what's going with the blasting BS about Trump is none of my business nor is it about the rest of them. Politics ain't in my level though.

Posted on 06-16-16 12:32 PM, in Kuribo64 Town Square Link | #72118
^ Prehistoric or even medieval times will be better to live if they were back to the future. I'm not sure how for them discover today's technology or how society scarred much of us during those years.
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