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10-23-20 01:26 AM

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Posted on 06-15-16 10:38 AM Link | #72093
Working employees.

Atari 2600: "Dude. This code sheet is hard, mind if you help decipher this for me?"

Super NES: "Hmmm that's easy, all you have to do is mash the buttons and press Start at the end."

Atari 2600: "Uh, not even sure this will work at all."

Playstation: That's terrible! How would this planned out as a cheat code?

Super NES: "I know, I just looked that up on Street Fighter!"

Posted on 06-15-16 10:58 PM Link | #72108
Video games as just ordinary humans

Persona 3: "Hey I got a story to tell you all"
*story is told*
Persona 3: "So what do you guys th- why is everyone crying?"

still i remember that rainy september
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Posted on 06-16-16 08:03 PM Link | #72152
*insert demeaning joke about the Wii U*

Posted on 06-17-16 09:34 AM Link | #72172
Posted by saltypepper
Video games as just ordinary humans

Splatoon: YOU'RE A KID YOU'RE A SQUID (x9001)
Every other video game: JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP

[i dont understand
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Baby Luigi
Posted on 06-17-16 06:29 PM Link | #72198
Nintendo DS: Touching is good, mhmmm

Posted on 06-30-16 12:09 PM Link | #72569
Friends at recess.

NES: So who's on for a game?

Wii: Wii would like to play!

Wii U: Wii would like to play with U too!

NX: NX would like to-

Wii: Get out, impostor.

Posted on 06-30-16 01:38 PM (rev. 2 of 06-30-16 01:38 PM) Link | #72577
If consoles were heroes.

NES: I'm playing with power! I have so much power, that the old power got tired and had to get a new one!

3DS: Take a look inside, bro! Pure power right there.

NES: Nonsense! I have more power!

3DS: ur a loser, bucko

SNES: Neither of you are powerful! I'm playing with more power! Super Power!

Both 3DS and NES: get out

Posted on 07-17-16 07:39 PM Link | #73826
Video game heros as my friends.

Sonic: I will bring you to the fastfood place ove-

Mario: oh quiet. I can bring Cypher to the Waro Zone! Where he can go to anywhere he wants to go.

Ristar: I have long hands. Touchy touchy, kids kids. 😏😏😏

Me: (゜゜;)

Kirby: Up, up, up, and deep. (Lenny face)

Me: (・。・;) okay, I am done here....

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Potatoes called. They want your computer back.

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Posted on 07-18-16 05:07 PM Link | #73901
Makoto Arisato as my friend.


still i remember that rainy september
discord: salty#1212
photobucke­t ;)

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