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08-04-20 10:57 AM

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Posted on 07-04-17 02:16 AM, in Super Mario The New Beginning (rev. 5 of 07-04-17 04:36 AM) Link | #84279
The pre patched version keeps freezing when I try to load a new game:(
Can someone help please?
I'm using r4i 3ds.

Posted on 07-11-17 08:35 PM, in Excerpt from Super Mario 256 (rev. 2 of 07-11-17 08:41 PM) Link | #84539
Does anybody know if there is a 32 bit version of xdelta3 v3.0.11, because my computer can't run the xdelta in the link(Page 1 comments)

Posted on 07-25-17 07:03 PM, in Super Mario The New Beginning Link | #85172
The F-Zero world/secret star looks really cool!
Keep up the good work!

Posted on 09-11-17 07:20 PM, in Super Mario The New Beginning Link | #88302
0.2 percent left!
I can't wait for the new demo:)

Posted on 09-14-17 01:59 AM, in Super Mario The New Beginning (rev. 3 of 09-14-17 02:00 AM) Link | #88383
I can't seem to get xdelta3 working on my computer, and I was wondering if somebody could patch it for me and pm me the download please?

Posted on 10-22-17 06:09 PM, in Super Mario The New Beginning Link | #90769
I think fighting the Eyerocks in a boxing arena is pretty genius.
Keep up the good work:)
P.S. I really liked the demo, despite the fact that the first level freezes(so I had to use open all doors cheats)I especially liked the ice world, I got all the stars there except for star 6.

Posted on 08-30-18 07:18 PM, in Yoshi's Fiery Adventure Link | #95767
This looks really cool!

Posted on 02-03-19 05:00 AM, in Mario Kart Ds Deluxe Link | #97136
Just wondering, but would these new track work on multiplayer?

Main - Posts by SuperHer0brine

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