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01-24-20 12:24 PM

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Posted on 01-25-19 11:02 PM (rev. 6 of 02-19-19 10:55 PM) Link | #97098
hi guys i'm here again to introduce
you my new mario kart ds hack


Video Trailer

and in this hack will have
will have:

*Custom Tracks
(Some of Mk8 Some of MK7 and wii and new ones)

*Custom character
like sonic, crash,diddy kong, and more

*custom music

*custom cars


[image] [image]

Status (92% done)

Download Link Beta : http://kuribo64.net/get.php?id=XA9eqlXZtwHBx6EP

(and I did not forget to super mario the new beginning I'm still going to finish that hack and I'm working on those two at the moment)

Posted on 01-26-19 06:36 AM Link | #97100
Very nice, especially MK8 ports!

I think I am gonna to have to buy a new DS so I can try out the new MKDS hacks :)

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Posted on 01-26-19 04:25 PM Link | #97101

Looking great, keep up the good work!

Just a fucktard

Posted on 01-27-19 08:18 PM Link | #97113
Looking great! The UV mapping on that first course seemed a little iffy though. I'd re-UV map that stage tbh.

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Posted on 01-28-19 07:08 AM Link | #97115
That looks crazy good! I'm looking forward to playing this a lot!


Posted on 01-30-19 01:28 PM Link | #97132
Hey, if you want technical support with the ROM hack, and good advice.
We've been developing way better tools.
We have a way that you can make models with vertex colors without Maya, or 3DSMax,
make proper custom karts as well.

All the MKDS tutorials out in the wild are all out data, and pretty crap,
we can show you much better ways of doing things.

MKDS Hacking & Modding Discord:

Posted on 02-03-19 05:00 AM Link | #97136
Just wondering, but would these new track work on multiplayer?

Posted on 02-03-19 07:16 PM (rev. 2 of 02-03-19 07:17 PM) Link | #97144
yes it will work

I'm working on missions and battle mode track

Posted on 02-05-19 12:37 PM (rev. 2 of 02-05-19 12:37 PM) Link | #97149
It won't work if it's single card download play multiplayer, though.
I can guarantee it. Even if you use some custom firmware.

You see, in Single Card download play, if you use any objects that were not originally in the Mushroom, or Shell Cup the guest player's game will crash when they try to interact with the object,
and most of the time it just won't work at all from my research on it, and the objects I've tested.

Traffic from Shroom Ridge/GCN Mushroom Bridge, and Pokies from Desert Hill will just cause the game not to work at all in that mode.

What I've said only applies to Singe Card Download Play, things work fine in other modes like Multi-Card Local Multiplayer, and Online Play.

There is currently no known work around for other objects causing issues in Singe Card Download Play, the best guess we have is that not all data necessary for most other objects to function is sent to the guest, which seems logical.

MKDS Hacking & Modding Discord:

Posted on 02-05-19 08:33 PM Link | #97150
You shouldn't bother trying to make it work with single cart download play though. You'd just be limiting yourself and it's not like single cart download play is very good anyway.

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Posted on 05-02-19 01:54 PM Link | #97669
All Characters:

Posted on 06-06-19 08:12 AM Link | #97815
I just say that i cant play because always the Xdelta says: XD3_INVALID_INPUT

Posted on 09-06-19 07:21 PM Link | #98107
For some reason I downloaded it onto my 482 nds multi cart, and I couldn't change it to a nds file type, please help, somebody... please...

Posted on 09-20-19 08:01 AM Link | #98166
This looks awesome! The tracks looked well-made.

Posted on 10-24-19 06:19 PM Link | #98252
Do you have a recommended file for this mod? The one I'm using won't work and gives me this error: xdelta3: target window checksum mismatch: XD3_INVALID_INPUT

Posted on 01-22-20 04:50 PM Link | #98455

Hi guys, I came here today to say that I deleted my old channel because I was angry with some people saying that my hack was not good enough and etc, and I have to admit that I was an asshole with them too and came here to ask sorry for my actions and start again.

Main - Misc. ROM hacking - Mario Kart Ds Deluxe New reply

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