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Posted on 04-08-18 02:48 PM Link | #93990
This thread is discussing on what game sequel you would like and how it should be. Only rules are common sense and maybe one game at a time unless you could write it shortly enough.

Anyway, I would like to see a follow-up for LEGO City Undercover. The original game on the Wii U is great, as it is a game that is basically LEGO Grand Theft Auto. You had to arrest criminals, learn some moves, and all other cool things. Here is my idea for a continuation:

I would like to detect more disguises. In the initial game, you had the Civilian, Police Officer, Criminal, Construction Worker, etc. disguises. If I had a complaint about the first game, the disguises weren't really disguises. Sure, the plot tells you that the characters think you're somebody else, but I would like the disguises to work like the LEGO Star Wars and Indiana Jones games. Criminals won't attack you in your criminal outfit but might in others. I'd also like Multiplayer. Rex Fury as a player 2? Weird choice, but possibly have him be an ally for some reason? Like prehaps the villain is so strong and Rex could defeat the other guys or something.

I would also like other disguises like a Doctor Disguise. I don't have any concepts for it, it could be nippy. :P Maybe crossdressing clothes too, because humor.

So that is my belief, discuss your other game sequel ideas on the comments!

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Posted on 04-08-18 07:29 PM Link | #93995
Spore, including the Galactic Adventures bit.

I don't care if Maxis is dead, someone has got to make a sequel of those games, with better gameplay (especially in Galactic Adventures) and a graphical update as well as significantly less bugs. Also, more parts to toy with and a much more diverse set of voice effects you can assign to your creature (as opposed to the stupid amount of male voices).

Heck, I think Spore 2 can just ditch the evolution part of the game and focus on just the world-building of Galactic Adventures, but that's my unpopular opinion.

Posted on 04-09-18 11:57 AM Link | #94000
Shun Nakamura's Rhythm Thief. But I honestly think he's forgotten about that game already...

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Posted on 06-07-18 12:35 AM Link | #94565
Bump, but can we please get Left 4 Dead 3, at least before I get too old to play video games?

Posted on 06-07-18 04:55 PM Link | #94575
Oh my god yes please. Left 4 Dead 2 is an amazing game and all but I really want new scenarios where my friends can throw molotovs at me while I yell at them.

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Posted on 06-09-18 01:32 AM Link | #94596
Mods can only go so far. I like a graphic update with Left 4 Dead 3 as well as gameplay changes such as fixing the Jockey's everything.

Posted on 06-09-18 10:18 AM Link | #94600
the only way to fix the jockey is to remove it entirely

but yeah, graphics that really put my pc to the test and more weapon options would be really rad. but i still want the mods to be as accessible because persona 5 babyyyyyyyy

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Posted on 06-11-18 01:28 AM Link | #94622
Oh yeah. I also think there should be a proper third person shoulder, animation modding, and maybe survivors with male/female counterparts (seriously why not, that would be a boon for modding so we can have all girl teams, all guy teams, or mixes rather than have awkward mods where anime girls sound like coach). Also, the melee thirdperson animations need to be better and should be able to be modded.

Anything else?

Oh yeah, online improvements too. Do matchmaking and actually penalize the toxic players.

Posted on 06-11-18 07:29 AM Link | #94625
Minish Cap

Posted on 07-31-18 06:09 AM Link | #95269
F-Zero NX will make me buy a Switch if they release it.

Posted on 08-09-18 09:09 PM Link | #95382
Kirby Air Ride should get a sequel. Kirby can take a break from the platformers and get a new and better version of City Trial.

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Posted on 12-31-18 06:56 PM Link | #96968
Super Mario Sunshine 2. Exploring the islands around Isle Delfino. Being able to control the plane you use to travel from one island to another, and being able to protect it using F.L.U.D.D. with rockets in special segments. Optional co-op with Luigi. A greater variety of side missions to complete within hub worlds. New nozzles to find, and gadgets that can be purchased from Professor E. Gadd via special items (like Blue Coins).

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Posted on 01-21-19 02:56 PM Link | #97081
I just want to see a Sonic Adventure 3. There's an insane amount of potential, all 3 gameplay styles in Adventure 2 are a blast to play, but also have plenty of room for improvement. If a truly passionate team made a sequel, even if it was similar to Mania in that it mostly recycled old levels, the end result could be absolutely beautiful.

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Posted on 01-22-19 04:42 PM (rev. 3 of 01-22-19 04:47 PM) Link | #97084
Posted by NoThisIsStupider
I just want to see a Sonic Adventure 3. There's an insane amount of potential, all 3 gameplay styles in Adventure 2 are a blast to play, but also have plenty of room for improvement. If a truly passionate team made a sequel, even if it was similar to Mania in that it mostly recycled old levels, the end result could be absolutely beautiful.

I think you need to watch this video

I think we need another Spyro game that doesn't suck so bad I want to rip my eyeballs out of their sockets.

Posted on 01-22-19 07:43 PM Link | #97086
Persona5 2
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Posted on 01-29-19 11:07 PM Link | #97127
Super Smash Bros Ultimate 2
Splatoon 2 wait
Maybe Super Mario Odyssey 2

Posted on 01-30-19 12:18 AM Link | #97128
octo expansion 2

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Posted on 01-30-19 12:53 AM Link | #97129
I want a sequal to Halo. a good one with good gameplay. Halo 4 and 5 sucked because of the new weapons and the camera graphics. I would like Halo to go back to the classic gameplay feel like in Halo 3


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Posted on 02-09-19 07:52 PM Link | #97170
Freaking Diddy Kong Racing. That game is eternally cursed. It has a ton of planned games that just went canceled, such as Diddy Kong Pilot, Donkey Kong Racing, and that one prototype with Diddy racing animals. We then get a crappy remake. I daresay it's more cursed than F-Zero.

Posted on 02-10-19 10:59 PM Link | #97188
A new Zelda but using BOTW mechanics would be nice, maybe they could do more story.
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