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10-19-17 01:37 AM

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Posted on 10-07-17 02:56 PM (rev. 2 of 10-07-17 02:56 PM) Link | #90180
Posted by Dilene
You can make some real weird stuff with svg files, though. HTML itself is harmless if you filter the tags and attributes that do the bad stuff...or crash IE, but that browser crashes if you look at it the wrong way anyway.

I'd rather crash deliberately anyone who uses Edge to browse my site, because Edge is a pile of shit, it's a major step back from IE11 which was actually not a bad browser. Full of ads and shit everywhere, and forced clickbait on the new tab page.

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Posted on 10-08-17 10:45 AM Link | #90201
Edge is just a obvious consumer toy. there's no point hating on it.

Posted by iyenal
Yes, but HTML can open a breach, for example a corrupted GIF or another file...

so what. you can do that anywhere. things have been like this for ages and it worked out just fine.
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Posted on 10-17-17 02:37 AM (rev. 3 of 10-17-17 02:39 AM) Link | #90584
I doubt someone except an absolute nolife is gonna exploit the board using corrupted images. Besides Staple is smart enough to know how to code with security in mind unlike those idiots making crappy forks that change nothing (yes these people still exist in 2017, although it was rampant in 2014-2015)

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Posted on 10-17-17 03:59 AM Link | #90585
Posted by Luigi442wii
those idiots making crappy forks that change nothing

The mabi.pro guys? That's the only fork that comes to mind, if there's even a trace of the original software left.
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Posted on 10-17-17 04:03 AM (rev. 3 of 10-17-17 04:05 AM) Link | #90586
I meant people like Firecharge/theninja1000 and MoonlightCapital that make changes to ABXD/Blargboard and do fuck all with it except tweak a few things that could be contributed to the original repository instead of trying to claim all the credit by switching things around. Repflez, the guy that made that site, iirc, has changed that a lot to suit his needs and therefore I wouldn't consider that a derpfork.

Even I was doing a derpfork for a while without any PHP knowledge, although I killed that realising it was useless and stupid.

Enough off-topic, I didn't mean to do that, I just wanted to bring a point up.

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Posted on 10-17-17 02:09 PM Link | #90596
you don't even need HTML to post a 'corrupted GIF'. all the boards out there have BBCode for posting images.

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Main - Site help, bug reports, suggestions - How to make a post layout! New reply

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