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08-21-17 05:46 PM

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Posted on 07-17-17 01:16 PM Link | #84793
The rpg would be quite the challenge to make, because some of the chapters just don't seem playable. Like the one about Luigi being grass on stage. How exactly would you make that part of the game other than, I don't know, a cutscene?

Posted on 08-03-17 05:02 PM Link | #85629
Luigi's stories are rather colorful, so maybe the grass thing is a distortion of what actually happened.


Posted on 08-12-17 08:29 PM (rev. 2 of 08-12-17 08:29 PM) Link | #86142
Hottest Mario woman, anybody?

Posted on 08-12-17 08:33 PM Link | #86143
rosalina is the best princess, she is precious and i love her

(but fuck her playstyle in smash)

Posted on 08-12-17 09:01 PM Link | #86144
I dislike that Rosalina is slowly being added to every mario game. She should just stuck to her own 2 games Galaxy 1 and Galaxy 2.
I just touched a Switch yesterday.

Posted on 08-13-17 09:49 AM Link | #86161

I have to agree with Isaac.

Even tho I already disliked her in the Galaxy games, I was fine with that.
By now she's a character that has no point to exist anymore tho :P

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Posted on 08-13-17 01:12 PM Link | #86185
Rosalina was a good character in the Galaxy games but they need to stop shoehorning her into everything, they already have enough princesses that are recolors of each other.

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Posted on 08-13-17 02:21 PM Link | #86193
cough Pink Gold Peach cough
I just touched a Switch yesterday.

Posted on 08-13-17 04:26 PM (rev. 2 of 08-13-17 04:26 PM) Link | #86209
Posted by Swingball
Hottest Mario woman, anybody?

Mario in a dress.

idgaf about the rest

Posted on 08-13-17 06:48 PM Link | #86220
Rabbid Luigi is my bae.


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Posted on 08-13-17 07:00 PM Link | #86223
NOBODY can beat Waluigi. He is the hottest Mario character.


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Posted on 08-15-17 01:53 PM (rev. 3 of 08-15-17 02:00 PM) Link | #86481
And then there's my profile pic.

Yes.. It's the best princess. Except its not a princess BUT IT SHOULD BE

Posted on 08-20-17 01:48 AM Link | #86764
Posted by SuperML
NOBODY can beat Waluigi. He is the hottest Mario character.

Mario is still hotter. He's got that fire thing going on.


But if you don't find him hot, you don't have to post in a Mario thread that's about the greatest video game character of video games.

Posted on 08-20-17 01:50 AM Link | #86766
too bad luigi is gonna vacuum that fire and spit it back at mario

since luigi is better

Posted on 08-20-17 01:54 AM Link | #86768
Luigi just made Mario even hotter.

Luigi's awesome too yo. Love that green machine.

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