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12-11-18 08:13 AM

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Posted on 08-14-16 05:31 PM Link | #76135
in this era, shooting down fans in the name of the holy copyright is the way to go... for your demise

Nintendo won't last long.

NSMBHD - Kafuka - Jul
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Posted on 08-14-16 10:41 PM (rev. 4 of 08-14-16 10:55 PM) Link | #76144
With Federation Force and Color Splash and Star Rush being touted as the next entries after the recent fallout of Ultra Smash, amiibo Festival, and Star Fox Zero, it might not be long.

I hope emulators are out so I can pirate these bastards.

And I can't believe the comments section that defend Nintendo for their bullshit and think they're justified to "protect their IP". Damn. Yet, Nintendo steals Youtubers' IPs via stealing their revenue, and Nintendo is also defended for that. Nintendo treats their fans like pieces of shit, there's no other explanation.

Posted on 08-15-16 12:17 AM Link | #76145
Posted by LeftyGreenMario
I hope emulators are out so I can pirate these bastards.

You already can with loadiineGX2 :v

That's if, you can tolerate the abysmal load speeds from an SD card.
Playing things like xenoblade is impossible because you lose so much time waiting for the game to load from the SD.

[image] [image]

Posted on 08-15-16 12:46 AM Link | #76146
Can I just say there is a difference between fan game and fan remake, this bothers me to a great extent.

I also admire the fact that almost everyone has a personal vendetta against Nintendo right now... good. (I'll get there if Color Splash can be beaten in one sitting.)
But if we're talking about Nintendo logic; If they know that Mother 3 has been translated, why don't they just put it on the virtual console? Unless...

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Posted on 08-15-16 02:26 PM Link | #76159
nintendo doesn't like outsourcing things like that

also, the fan translation is free and the team behind it would likely have to have the download be taken down from the site - suddenly having to buy a fan-made translation of a commercial game wouldn't sit well with some people.

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Posted on 08-15-16 03:20 PM Link | #76160
I actually think Nintendo will be an even bigger arsehole to you if you require people to pay for fan-made stuff.
If it's free, they're losing money.
If it's paid, they're losing money to you.

At least, that's their logic.
In my opinion, fan-made stuff actually help a company.

Posted on 08-21-16 07:26 AM Link | #76363
They don't "lose money" from fan-made things. They don't make money from it, but that's a different thing. It's like if you sell bread and people buy meat, you wouldn't claim that you lose money.

They're only being assholes because they're money whores. Copyright doesn't serve to protect IP, it serves to keep the big industries rich, and ensure independent creators are either made part of the big industries or forced into silence.

NSMBHD - Kafuka - Jul
melonDS the most fruity DS emulator there is


Posted on 08-21-16 05:54 PM Link | #76374
As I said, it's their logic, not mine...

Posted on 08-26-16 12:42 AM Link | #76488

Posted on 09-01-16 08:32 PM Link | #76787 I'm lost all little respect I had left to Nintendo.

Nothing to say, so jadnjkfmnjamnfjkldnajfnjkanfjdksan jsdnvj m.

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Posted on 09-01-16 11:45 PM (rev. 2 of 09-01-16 11:48 PM) Link | #76796
My respect was lost a while ago (AM2R, amiibos, their recent directs, Miiverse, Super Mario Maker, Pokemon Uranium, Federation Force, amiibo Festival, Pokemon Fee to Plays, Youtube policies, and Alison Rapp). I now despise Nintendo as a corporate company. I'm sure the developers aren't responsible for this.

Posted on 09-03-16 09:11 AM (rev. 4 of 09-03-16 09:13 AM) Link | #76840
They seem to be more money-oriented these days. I mean, they've been making Wii->3DS and WiiU-3DS ports:
Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D
Poochy & Yoshi's Woolly World
Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS

since when did Nintendo do what is essentially multiplatform? I get stuff like old games like OOT that desperately needed updating, if only for the poor FPS and menu.

Posted on 09-03-16 03:39 PM (rev. 2 of 09-03-16 03:39 PM) Link | #76845
Posted by Hiccup
since when did Nintendo do what is essentially multiplatform?

Not counting Remakes: 2006.
They released Zelda: Twilight Princess for GCN and Wii at the same time, and now it eventually got released as a Wii U remake.

Posted on 09-03-16 06:21 PM Link | #76851
It's not even like the Twilight Princess remake looks totally different either. What the hell were they thinking?

Posted on 09-03-16 06:57 PM Link | #76855
A "remake" doesn't necessarily need to look different, as it literally means "the same game developed once again".
It may look better or worse, it may have more/less/different features, but it doesn't necessarily need to be.
The Engine they used for the GCN and Wii Version obviously wasn't written for the Wii U, so they had to make a new Game Engine for that one.

Posted on 09-13-16 02:44 PM Link | #77261

And Nintendo's first Mario game is on iOS first.


Posted on 08-09-18 08:55 PM Link | #95378
Nintendo's finest logic is on display recently.

Emuparadise has been taken down because it has Nintendo ROMs. But why go after Nintendo ROMs, why not TAKE DOWN ONE ROM SITE IN AN OCEAN OF ROMS.

I'm going to miss emuparadise


I'm going to keep reminding Nintendo and their fans about any promise about a Virtual Console that has all the Nintendo console roms they took down. They didn't talk about it the last Nintendo Direct. BUT I will keep asking. Until then, I'm just gonna pirate. *shrug*

Posted on 08-10-18 02:14 AM Link | #95392
They took off Nintendo's IPs like a year ago, makes no sense why they struck the whole thing. Sure EP had a terrible layout but it was at least reputable.

Posted on 08-10-18 02:46 PM Link | #95404
Emuparadise was workable, navigation was all right, even if it looked dated. I don't really use emuparadise for my ROM downloads recently, but I've certainly relied on it before and it's sad to see it go. But there are other ROM sites people are recommending too, so I don't think that scene is really ever going to go away. Nintendo is wasting their time and resources.
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