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08-03-20 05:12 PM

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Posted on 04-01-16 06:45 PM Link | #69351
A long time ago I joined this forum. I had heard of the dictatorship and needed to make sure that such fine members wouldn't be subjected to such abuse. The day I registered my goal to overthrow the dictatorship of StapleButter (formerly MegaMario).

My first act to remove him from power was to bring 2.5 to kuribo64. With all my minions I would have enough influence to take kuribo for myself. My trusty sidekick MrRean said he would help make kuribo great again with me. With 2.5 successfully on kuribo I was granted admin privileges and my quest to control kuribo was one step closer.

With control over 2.5 I thought overthrowing the SB dictatorship would be easy. Unfortunately my plan didn't go as foreseen. Whether it be poor luck or shady practices by SB my team wasn't as loyal to me as I had thought. Glem3 prevented me from getting all the influence I needed to gain total control of kuribo. Although there is not enough evidence to support this claim I believe that Glem3 and StapleButter were acting as a unit the whole time. SB noticed my intents and made sure to use Glem3 for his god-like influence to turn the 2.5 members away from me.

With my original plan for dominance destroyed by the acts of Glem3, I needed a new plan. I needed to take control of Galaxy 2 hacking in general. Alas SB caught on to my new ploy and removed galaxy 2 hacking from kuribo. He did this all while leaving me an admin on this forum as me losing my power could threaten the peace he made in the members.

Now that I had nothing left to grab onto on kuribo I slipped into the shadows. I monitored the forum, looking for the chance to grab the power I've so desperately wanted. Earlier this week I noticed a flaw in SB's dictatorship and saw my time to strike. I used my admin powers to take over the forum, but this is when everything came crashing down.

As part of the original plan, MrRean was supposed to be my right-hand man in toppling SB's dictatorship. He managed to also achieve administrator status on kuribo which I thought would make our plan foolproof. So when I attempted to take control of kuribo I thought MrRean would be with me.

Alas I was wrong. The second I take over, MrRean tells my new members to go to RHCafe, a forum of his own where I have no power. I did the heavy lifting here but then Mrrean betrays me and tries to take the power for himself.

So don't listen to MrRean stay with me, together we all can take kuribo back from SB and destroy the traitor MrRean.

Long live the new Kuribo64

Posted on 04-01-16 06:48 PM Link | #69352
surprise, fool

Glem3 was on my side the whole time, and our plan to kill SMG2.5 to ruin your plan worked perfectly

stop hacking the board, though, that's not cool :(

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Main - Glass trash - Rean and SB both cannot be trusted New reply

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