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01-19-21 10:12 AM

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Posted on 07-07-12 09:17 AM, in The Introductions Thread Link | #20
Hello, I'm RiksKing, some people know me from NSMBHD. But I'm really interested in the hacking of SMG. So, that's why I'm here :D

Posted on 08-13-12 03:34 AM, in Ask Nina — because why the heck not? Link | #659
When do you have summer holidays?

Posted on 09-06-12 04:23 PM, in Whitehole releases -- latest: v1.2 Link | #867
Posted by logank93
Well, even just moving one of the wooden crates in the observatory in the original Super Mario Galaxy gave me a freeze, so it might be something to do with the way the program saves the files?

Are you sure the iso's worked before you modified them, because it's odd that the games worked on Dolphin, and if
you play them on Dolphin, do you see the edited stuff?

Posted on 09-06-12 04:29 PM, in Whitehole releases -- latest: v1.2 Link | #869
Posted by PlaqueOne
Posted by Mega-Mario
Are you sure that the directory you picked in the editor, directly contains the ObjectData and StageData directories? And that those directories aren't empty?

it looks like this atm (and of course these folders arent empty ;) )


greetz PlaqueOne

I also have the whole Whitehole pack and the SMG iso in the directory, and it works fine, maybe that helps :D

Posted on 09-14-12 01:43 AM, in Know your destiny Link | #905
I'm good old Mc Muff,
The bringer of the behemoth,
Destinied to sell vikings

Posted on 10-08-12 10:09 AM, in Whitehole opening error [fixed] Link | #964
Revision: Whitehole 1.0
Problem: When I try to open Whitehole.exe, there is a command prompt screen which is closing immediately. Fortunately, I've managed to make a picture of it:
This happens all the time when I try to open it.
I've also tried to restart the computer, but that didn't work.
Then I've tried to install the latest revision of Java, but when I did that, it still didn't work. ;_;
So, does somebody knows why this error occurs, and how to fix it?
Any help is appreciated.

Posted on 10-08-12 10:44 AM, in Whitehole opening error [fixed] (rev. 3 of 10-08-12 10:48 AM) Link | #966
Posted by Dirbaio
It means Java can't find one of the necessary libraries. AFAIK Mega-Mario distributed all the necessary libs with Whitehole...

Have you unzipped the whole zip 7z file? How are you launching Whitehole?

I'm doubleclicking the Whitehole.exe file, and then this prompt opens,
Then I've inserted the whole 7z file (extracted) in my User map, and tried it with a command prompt, again, the message aboves opens.
But I'll try it another time.

EDIT: It seems I made a mistake, I haven't inserted the lib folder, in the same directory. Everything runs fine now.
Thanks Dirbaio

Posted on 11-06-12 08:09 AM, in Super Mario 64 DS Editor New Version? Link | #1167
:LOL: I'm still trying to make a SM64DS hack, after discovering how the text worked.
Unfortunately, I fail miserable at modeling :(

Posted on 12-12-12 02:43 PM, in Kuribo64 Town Square (rev. 2 of 12-12-12 02:44 PM) Link | #1719
There was a lot of snowfall last night, but the chances are big it will stay at that :(. There's only a lot of rain for the next few days. Let's hope that snow will be falling for christmas :).
But no matter how hard it snows, I'll always need to go, because I only live 100 meters from my school :(

I like the cristmas lights, BTW :)

Posted on 12-15-12 04:50 PM, in What's this? SM64DS making a comeback? (rev. 2 of 12-15-12 04:57 PM) Link | #1775
Wow, this is really nice :). This will surely help me with my SM64DS hack :)
But I feel like a lazy badass, now. Probably I should study C# too.

I really appreciate your work on this, Fiachra, Mega-Mario, Skelux and blank :)

Posted on 12-30-12 03:20 PM, in Kuribo64 Town Square Link | #2487
I play football, or as the Americans call it: 'soccer'. Teamsports are everything to me. It can create new friends, and you have fun too :).

Posted on 01-12-13 04:07 AM, in [Foggy Bog Galaxy] Foggy Bog Concept Art Link | #5449
A few pictures of Sly Cooper The Thievious Raccoonus, Vicious Voodoo.
There isn't much fog (yet), but there is a swamp/jungle sort of thing.

Maybe this helps in some sorta way :)

Posted on 01-14-13 03:01 PM, in [Riddle Ruins Galaxy] Riddle Ruins Galaxy Main Level Design Link | #6155
If this is going to be a sandy galaxy, maybe you can take some ideas from The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword: Lanayru's Mining Facility/Sandship. Maybe with the windtunnels idea, that you can be blown away to the back to the start of the maze/certain path.

Posted on 01-14-13 04:35 PM, in [Riddle Ruins Galaxy] Riddle Ruins Galaxy Main Level Design (rev. 2 of 01-14-13 04:35 PM) Link | #6165
Posted by NWPlayer123
Plus we are already basing fearsome factory on lanayru, but I really like it, and I think it fits both galaxies themes, so definitely, at least with the art direction and such

Oops, sorry. I didn't know you had another galaxy based on Lanayru xD. I'm not following this project for too long, and too good (yet)

Posted on 03-11-13 04:38 AM, in Those little things that annoy you Link | #17543
Posted by Mega-Mario
Oh don't get me started on Disney Channel and the garbage they broadcast all day long. And they shit recorded laughters all over it in the hope it'll make you laugh too. But it's not even funny. It just makes me want to throw something at the TV. >_<

I'm so glad my sister quit watching that crap. She would watch that every fucking day.

I had to laugh when I read this because my sister is actually watching this right now -_-.
Seriously though, I have bothered my parents for so long to remove Disney Channel and Nickelodeon from the television. Also, Disney Channel in the Netherlands is so much worse because you always here Belgium voices over the normal ones. And it's done really poor too.

I also hate it that I'm appearently too dumb to finish 3 of my favourite games without a walkthrough.

Posted on 04-15-13 04:22 PM, in Who are you in real life? Link | #20481
Allright, might as well say something about myself here then too:
So, I'm RiksKing, a 13 years young boy from the Netherlands. You can probably get my forname out of my nick, and my surname is Groteboer. (Which means 'Big Farmer' in English, don't laugh please :P)

My favourite subjects, which I'm the best in too, are languages. I'm currently studying 6 languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Latin and Greek. And actually, French is the hardest of them. (man, the pronunciation is hard if you're Dutch xD)
The subjects where I can do good on, but don't really like are math and science. I really don't know why.
And the ones I really hate are PE and Art. (Well, I can do PE, only if it's some kind of ballsport)

I really love ballsports. Espically soccer (or football). Further I also like basketball, volleyball and handball.

In real life I'm most of the time a very social guy, and I'm trying to help people the best I can!

So, that's it :D

Posted on 04-16-13 12:10 PM, in Who are you in real life? Link | #20636
Posted by Degolegodyl
Your a social guy or a socialist guy?

Meh, I'm a social guy :)

Posted by MoreCowbell
I stopped at the Amsterdam airport on the way to England last Summer, and my mom actually pointed out something interesting. If you listen to Dutch people talk without listening to the words, the way they speak sounds very similar to those in Yorkshire. IIRC, she pointed out a group of men who we could barely hear talking, and she said "where do you think they're from?" Since we were at the gate for a plane to England, I said England of course. She must have listened closely because she told me they were speaking Dutch.

Wow, so you have been to the Netherlands, right?
Did you see much xD?

Posted on 09-25-13 10:35 AM, in SM64DS Editor Help Thread - Post your questions here Link | #33001
All right, this is a really dumb question, and I'm sure somebody has asked it before, but I can't seem to find it anywhere, soo...

How do you compile new versions of the editor?

Main - Posts by RiksKing

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