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04-23-21 06:58 AM

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Posted on 05-23-14 10:29 PM, in Corrupt-A-Wish (Game) Link | #41730
Granted, but a hobo beats you up and steals everything you have while you are in your own home.

I wish I knew how to code for SNES games.

Posted on 05-24-14 01:51 PM, in The Introductions Thread Link | #41754
Yo, I'm MP. I don't think I'll get into 3D hacking, but this place seemed cool and I suppose another place to chat with guys would be nice.

I mostly hack SMW, though I've dabbled a little in YI and NSMBW.

Posted on 05-24-14 07:01 PM, in Corrupt-A-Wish (Game) Link | #41772
Granted, but it fries your console.

I wish for a Wii U and Super Mario 3D World.

Posted on 05-25-14 09:46 PM, in Kuribo64 Classicube server Link | #41815
It's coughing up an error. The game breaks when I try to join.

Posted on 05-28-14 07:04 PM, in Corrupt-A-Wish (Game) Link | #41890
Granted, but it's a sequel to Other M.

I wish there were more game hacks that didn't suck.

Posted on 06-02-14 01:14 PM, in ask shit to StapleButter, get answer 3 months later Link | #42119
Why are ask threads banned on RVLution, but not here?

Is a question a question if it's a question about questions but without a question mark

Posted on 06-02-14 03:14 PM, in Corrupt-A-Wish (Game) Link | #42130
Granted, but Youtube just becomes DailyMotion2.

I wish Social Media sites didn't exist.

Posted on 06-04-14 09:24 PM, in Do you want a Super Mario Galaxy 3? Link | #42239
> story in a video game
> new or good


SMG3 wouldn't make much sense since Nintendo has at least some level of originality. I don't think they would want to revisit Sunshine either - and remaking SM64 was already done and when Nintendo remakes a game, say goodbye to any sequels.

Posted on 08-04-14 01:12 PM, in Some impossible shit to do Link | #45408
having Arisotura change his name back to Mega-Mario

Getting me to post here more often than once in a blue moon.

Posted on 08-04-14 01:33 PM, in The Kuribo64 VGM tourney - D E A D (rev. 5 of 08-08-14 11:56 AM) Link | #45412
The way this works is each person votes ONE to THREE songs at the nominations for it to be a contestant. Once I see we have enough, the songs are organized into brackets of two and three and the voting begins.

You can vote music from any generation of video game.

- The music you nominate ABSOLUTELY MUST be from a video game. You can't vote some song you just like. It must be from a video game, or else you will be ignored. Remixes are acceptable as long as they sound like they would fit in a video game.
- Joke nominations will get you ignored too.
- Take discussions to PM. I don't want to walk in and see 3 pages of drama instead of votes.
- If I see someone making another post trying to nominate another, they will be ignored.
- Please make sure you are voting from the current bracket! Additionally, nominating while the tourney is actually going on is a bad idea.
- Please avoid nominating the same thing another person did. Only one is necessary.
- Adding onto that, Please don't:
-- tell someone to vote for something
-- vote something someone else told you to vote for
-- I want your votes to be unique.
- You are not required to nominate before you can vote. I've noticed that only people who have nominated have voted. I probably didn't make this clear.

Lets get the nominations started!

Eversion - World X-2

Posted on 08-04-14 03:35 PM, in The suggestions thread Link | #45434
Why do I have this feeling like the Storage Room shouldn't be a subforum? If the trash is worse, why not make it a subforum of the storage room?

Posted on 08-04-14 05:09 PM, in The Kuribo64 VGM tourney - D E A D Link | #45456
Posted by MarioMaster720
(But gah why ONE song? I hope it will be changed to at least 3-5 songs or something....)

The idea is that by having someone only post one song I won't get all of these tracks from the same game.

Oh, and just vote whatever. Someone voting the same thing is going to get ignored anyway.

Posted on 08-04-14 05:37 PM, in The Kuribo64 VGM tourney - D E A D Link | #45459
Oh, and it would be great if you guys included the names of the songs with the links. Otherwise I'll have to click on every link just to see what the song is from and what it's named.

Posted on 08-04-14 07:36 PM, in The Introductions Thread Link | #45468
Hi Vitor. Hope to see you around more often than once in a blue moon

Posted on 08-05-14 11:43 AM, in Kuribo64 Town Square (rev. 2 of 08-05-14 11:44 AM) Link | #45505
fffff i'm not

So the weather here is finally calming down. Finally, I was getting tired of not being able to sweat.

Posted on 08-05-14 12:32 PM, in The Kuribo64 VGM tourney - D E A D (rev. 3 of 08-05-14 12:39 PM) Link | #45508

The tourney is now under way! This one is rather simplistic and short as there hasn't been much activity for nominations but I think that will change over time. The bracket on top is A, the one below that is B, the one below that is C, and the one below that is D. Once this round is over we will go into brackets E and F, then the finals.

Being the first time I've done this, some setups may not be entirely fair. Sorry if that turns out to be the case - I tried as hard as I could to prevent that from happening.

My votes:
A: Xenoblade Chronicles - Unfinished Battle (it was a tough choice but I just like this one better)
B: Super Mario Galaxy - Buoy Base Galaxy (:^)
C: Eversion - World X-2
D: Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze - Big Top Bop

Posted on 08-05-14 01:08 PM, in Corrupt-A-Wish (Game) Link | #45515
Granted. It has 81.

I wish I could do Lets Plays.

Posted on 08-06-14 01:03 PM, in Corrupt-A-Wish (Game) Link | #45609
Granted but someone does anyway :mwahaha:

I wish I won't be killed.

Posted on 08-07-14 10:53 AM, in The Kuribo64 VGM tourney - D E A D Link | #45773
@Solaris: The nominations are over


E: Buoy Base
F: Red Coin Fish

Posted on 08-07-14 01:03 PM, in Fake Error Messages! Link | #45791
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