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10-31-20 08:33 PM

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Posted on 05-24-15 02:58 PM, in Questions that don't require their own thread Link | #60151
Okay I got it working MrRean.

New question: In some zones in galaxies, whenever I add an object in whitehole, the object appears in a different location than where I clicked. This doesn't happen in all zones, but in a few, and I would like to know why and if I can fix it.

Posted on 06-04-15 01:37 PM, in Super Mario Galaxy 2 64 Link | #60624
Certainly. I'm fine with you using this idea, as I know I wouldn't be able to do much alone. My models were crap, since I literally ripped them from SM64DS then gave them SMG textures with no shading in Sketchup. I do enjoy adding objects the most, so I'd be fine with doing just that.

Posted on 03-25-16 12:33 AM, in [Released] Neo Mario Galaxy - A one world hack! Link | #69062
It's great to see that SMG2 hacking isn't 100% dead. I downloaded the demo but it crashes right when I select the star. Why does IslandFleetGalaxy never work for anything I ever do? I've moved coins around and that galaxy crashes...

Posted on 03-25-16 01:27 PM, in [Released] Neo Mario Galaxy - A one world hack! Link | #69065
Okay so I got it to work. Didn't see that revision you posted. It's a fun level! But once I finish it for the first time and select it on the world map, the game crashes.

Posted on 03-25-16 05:24 PM, in [Released] Neo Mario Galaxy - A one world hack! Link | #69069
Well no, the game crashed right when I selected the Sky Station Galaxy on the world map, which had the name of your galaxy. I knew you said the 2nd star wasn't finished, but I wanted to see if I could choose the first star again not from the start of the game.

One question. How did you manage to edit IslandFleetGalaxy, or Sky Station, to have new custom models? I can never seem to change that galaxy at all without a crash. A lot of other galaxies also crash with custom models. The only ones that work for me are those that have only 4 stars. Like RedBlueEx or HoneyBeeVillage.

Posted on 03-27-16 08:00 PM, in [Released] Neo Mario Galaxy - A one world hack! Link | #69151
Okay. I managed to use your template to get a new galaxy working over an existing galaxy on the world map. But it crashes the grand world map, so any idea on how that could be fixed?

Posted on 06-09-16 01:19 AM, in The Super Smash Bros Thread! Link | #71741

I made a recreation of Melee's event 51 in Smash Wii U. Giga Bowser reverts back to Bowser once killed, so... close enough.

Posted on 06-19-16 12:22 AM, in Summer! Link | #72235
I'm actually on vacation right now. I'm on a week long beach trip in Florida, which is pretty much the best my family can get since we all have jobs that give very few off days.

Posted on 08-28-16 06:06 PM, in back to school, or someshit Link | #76603
I started school August 4th, and didn't even go for a full week because August 12th was the start of mother nature's "fuck you" to my state with a huge flood. School returns September 12th, since it's currently being repaired.

Posted on 09-19-16 01:31 AM, in Why do people bring up copyright so much? Link | #77623
First off, I apologize if this doesn't deserve its own thread, but I just want to state something, since there are many intellectual users here. The whole deal with people talking about fan projects being taken down by copyright is just annoying. I know game companies have taken down game mods/hacks before, but why do people have to talk about it so much?

I have been working on a hack of Super Mario Galaxy 2 that recreates levels from Super Mario 64 in it, and uploaded two trailers via Youtube to show it off so far. And pretty much 60% of the comments are like "cool, but nintendo is shutting fan projects down..." or "why bother, nintendo's gonna C&D this shit." I haven't responded since there's no point in doing so, but I don't understand why people have to flat out announce a hack is going to get taken down without a doubt. I don't know much about the process of copyright, but by a logical perspective, wouldn't the chances of Nintendo taking down a fan game be more likely to happen if more people started talking about it getting shut down?

I recently found this, which basically was what made me decide to make this thread: https://www.gamnesia.com/news/a-fan-is-remaking-every-level-of-super-mario-64-in-super-mario-galaxy-2-eng
It's basically just an article showing something a fan has done midly interesting that caught the attention of someone (AKA my hack I just mentioned). And literally every comment is about a DMCA. It's flattering to see something like this but at the same time it isn't since everyone responds in predictable and aggravating manners.

If Nintendo does end up shutting down my hack, then who cares, since I don't even know if I'm going to finish it anyway. But it wouldn't be surprising to me if the retarded public continues the way they are. But Newer SMBW was just fine and so are countless others, so I'm not even caring in the slightest. Sorry to mini-rant but I'd like to know what any of you think on this topic or if any of you have been affected by something like this.

Posted on 09-24-16 08:31 PM, in Kuribo64 Town Square Link | #77960
So I have a few questions related to NSMBW hacking, but with Rvlution still down, does anyone know of a good place to ask them?

Posted on 01-01-17 12:17 AM, in 2017! Link | #80682
Well the fireworks that were going to be fired in the big downtown area of my city were cancelled thanks to the rain. Seriously I hate the weather. It's been such an ass all 2016.

Posted on 01-20-17 07:27 PM, in Kuribo64 Town Square Link | #81002
I am actually there currently. I went to the inauguration and it was, uh, interesting. Literally every time Hillary Clinton showed up on screen, the whole crowd booed and yelled profanities. It was kind of humorous but very disrespectful. But this is the general public, so what can you expect?

Here's a picture of Trump on screen. You can see the capitol building in the background.


Posted on 01-21-17 03:43 PM, in Kuribo64 Town Square Link | #81030
Posted by StapleButter
there were surely more protesters than attenders

Not surely, but definitely. I'm still in DC with some friends, and when we were supposed to see the Declaration of Independence and other stuff, people in pink cat hats started protesting like crazy. It'll surely make national news. I'm currently standing around the mob now. Fun.

Posted on 03-27-17 09:12 PM, in SMG RUN: The first proper trailer! :O Link | #82172
Haven't been around for a while, so I never noticed this until now.

I must say, this hack is a neat concept and I think, if done right, it can become something truly original, due to the lack of SMG hacks out there. However, I don't think this concept fits Galaxy that well, since Mario's running speed is relatively slow and you would need some really good level design to implement a straightforward running game into a 3D platformer.

The models you used in the video look decent, but like literally all of the models I've made, could use lots of work. But they look more like models that would work better in a normal Mario Galaxy level, since they need to be scaled down for a concept like Mario Run. Otherwise, you'd have tons of empty space that would probably just hold trees and such.

Also, if you're planning on making a full game hack, my response is, good luck. I've been working with the game for about 2 years, and I, along with veteran hackers of the game can agree that it is NOT easy to edit. There are some galaxies that just have issues, like Fluffy Bluff Galaxy's Chimp mission, which crashes anytime I edit it. Although that may just be me, you're bound to run into several problems that will put your progress to a halt. I wish you the best of luck in continuing, since I really would like to see Mario Galaxy have something big done to it, ever since 2.5's failure.

Oh and btw for lighting, you'd probably want to edit your models in something like blender and bake the textures to make them shaded. But I'm still trying to figure that shit out myself so :|

Posted on 04-04-17 10:51 PM, in SMG RUN: The first proper trailer! :O Link | #82322
Well I wasn't there during SMG2.5, but iirc there was a beaucoup amount of ideas made for the hack, with several people planning on implementing every idea. But the lack of cooperation and progress, on top of the fact that people found SMG2 harder to hack than a game like NSMB, it was cancelled, and very few people had the motivation to continue with their own hack.

But it's a good thing to see you possess the motivation several others, including myself, lack. Your models look very nice (I would certainly like to see a tutorial on how you designed and shaded them, if you don't mind).

Posted on 04-08-17 11:55 AM, in Dossun2 - BCSV editing tools for SMG2 Link | #82409
I believe it has something to do with text flow. Like when an NPC shouts something, then when you walk up to it, it automatically speaks to you saying something different. But no one has ever been able to edit them before, only MSBT.

Posted on 04-23-17 04:01 PM, in SMG RUN: The first proper trailer! :O Link | #82704
Couldn't you use the BombHeiLaunchers? They spawn infinite bombs, so it could work if you messed up. Also, I agree that there needs to be more going on while the bombs are about to explode, like Magikoopas. Also, the bombs take a long time to activate.

Posted on 07-07-17 01:51 PM, in a very special birthday Link | #84389
I remember my first ROM hacking days were back in 2008, where I made Super Mario World levels, and sent a few to Proton Jon for him to play, which he never did. Makes sense, since they all resembled a garbage can.

As for kuribo64, I remember finding this forum after searching how to hack Super Mario Galaxy, since I had always wanted to. And I remember getting tons of replies very quickly whenever I asked a question relating to it back then.

And now... I don't really do anything.

Posted on 07-10-17 01:48 AM, in The Introductions Thread Link | #84474
Posted by StarshipMario
Hello! My name's Mario. I'm an avid video game hacker and I am exceptionally well-versed in everything Super Mario Galaxy. I registered so I could post in the Super Mario Galaxy "discoveries" forum with some new information, which I graciously supplied on TCRF. As of now, I can't post in the forum, so... it's nice to meet you all! Thank you for having me! :D

Welcome aboard!

Although most of the SMG hacking threads are archived here, you can still post about whatever you find. You could also consider heading to http://neomariogalaxy.bplaced.net/board/ since it's a board based on hacking SMG, and has a discoveries thread that you can post in.
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