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06-05-20 06:30 PM

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Posted on 05-30-13 11:22 AM, in Whitehole releases -- latest: v1.2 Link | #23615
So do you need to extract ALL ObjectData and StageData files?
Because Whitehole won't load anything for me.
I made a folder on my desktop : SMG1 > StageDate > (3 galaxy.arc files)
In Whitehole, I selected "SMG1" as folder to load, but it doens't show me anything :/
Any solution for me? ( I read the problem above from galaxymariofan33 also)

Posted on 05-30-13 11:40 AM, in Whitehole releases -- latest: v1.2 (rev. 2 of 05-30-13 11:43 AM) Link | #23617
Hmm ok thanks for your response!
Any way to extract all the ObjectData and StageDate files at one?
As far as I tried, I couldn't extract everything with one click from the StageData folder with Wiiscrubber.
So is there any other fast way or do we have to do it manually?
Sorry for those questions but I would like to join the project, since I have (a little bit) of experience with modeling in sketchup, and know a bit how to use photoshop for texture hacking and such.

edit: I'm extracting Partion2: Data
I think that's the way you guys do it :P

Posted on 05-30-13 12:48 PM, in Whitehole releases -- latest: v1.2 (rev. 2 of 05-30-13 01:17 PM) Link | #23620
Thanks man!
That also works I see :P
Oh and I can confirm that if you have wii scrubber, you can extract partion 2 and get also the Objectdata and StageDate folders!(though it takes more time since it will extract the whole Partion 2)

EDIT: Ok so I'm bumping into the next problem unfortunately :\ .
When opening a galaxy, I get the " Failed to open the galaxy: File isn't RARC (tag 0x01436DEB, expected 0x52415243)
Is it because I use SMG1?

Posted on 05-30-13 04:15 PM, in Whitehole releases -- latest: v1.2 Link | #23622
Ok thanks man!
SMG2 works with the extraction of dolhpin so I'll try extract SMG1 with dolphin to and see if it works!(shame on wii scrubber though :P)

Posted on 05-30-13 06:53 PM, in Help to get custom galaxy's made in Sketchup in Whitehole. (rev. 3 of 05-31-13 06:25 PM) Link | #23623
So I'm still wondering how I could import a made obj. in google sketchup to a level in SMG2?
I'm trying to mess first and see what the limitations are for making a planet/galaxy for SMG2.
I have some experience from the MKW course/arena hacking, I made a battle arena once(wich was to hard to complete due the enemy routes and such)
So I know about collisions and about textures being png.
Could anyone give me some directions/tips on how to get a obj. with png textures in smg2?
I have searched threads and see some other threads about it but I can't find any concrete awnsers.
If it's to hard or not possible, then say so, I'll just try to create something with what the possibilities are.

Posted on 06-01-13 02:42 PM, in Kuribo64 Town Square Link | #23767
http://e3.nintendo.com/ = best place to watch (when it starts).

Posted on 06-01-13 05:01 PM, in Kuribo64 Town Square Link | #23776
Yeah well I meant it for Nintendo updates, if you want sony/microsoft too, then you may look at the updates of IGN or any other gamereporter site I guess?

Posted on 06-02-13 06:42 AM, in Custom planets possible for regular user? Link | #23826
Hmm, I've got a similar same issue but I now installed python32.
With the j3d folder in python32, I get the: ImportError: No module named PyQt4.QtGui
To be clear, I have installed python32, with the obj2bdl.py, btypes.py and the j3d folder and my test.obj in the python32 folder (C:/Python32/....)
Does it needs another plugin that has the name "PyQt4.QtGui" ?

Posted on 06-02-13 07:23 AM, in Custom planets possible for regular user? Link | #23828
Ok so I'll just reinstal python 3.3, install PyQt4 (hadn't installed surprisly) and then run it via command prompt?
I'll try so thanks!!!

Posted on 06-02-13 08:21 AM, in Custom planets possible for regular user? Link | #23831
Ok so thanks to blank it works, BUT it only works with the method of MrRean/NWPlayer123 because otherwise it won't find the obj2bdl and the obj. file.
Though it won't convert my textures, I get this error: material Default_Material has no diffuse texture map.
Any solution for that?
I have my .obj, .mtl and texture map in the python map too.
But thanks for the help already guys :) , I really appriciate it since I can't move on and try to be a 3d modeler!

Posted on 06-02-13 12:31 PM, in Custom planets possible for regular user? Link | #23849
Hmm I export them with sketchup with the obj. plugin as png format, so I get as output the converted 3d model to .obj, the .mtl and a map with the png textures.
I have all this placed to in the python folder.
Though that error, it converts it to bdl so I surely want to test it.
Could you give me the last steps to get it in whithole?
I have now the .bdl, the .pa and the .klc.
Thanks agian!

Posted on 06-02-13 01:14 PM, in Custom planets possible for regular user? Link | #23852
I'll for sure make a tutorial when it will actually work!
I've done everything you have said, I only don't get the part where I get the model in whitehole :P
I've added the planet(test) to the BCSV and packed it again.
So the ProductMapObjDataTable is updated with the "test.arc"
But how will I add it/get it into whitehole?
THANKS AGIAN, I'm almost there :LOL:

Posted on 06-02-13 01:24 PM, in Custom planets possible for regular user? (rev. 2 of 06-02-13 01:45 PM) Link | #23856
Wow it freaking works, thanks man I owe you one!!
Though I have to rescale it since the object is smaller than my mouse icon :P

Edit: I scaled it and even with the diffuse texture error it loaded everything the exactly as should be!
I'll soon make a tutorial if people don't mind that:P ?
I mean it's way to hard for the average user to figure out all this when there isn't a straight awnser to all the obstacles you will bump in too.

Posted on 06-02-13 05:08 PM, in TUTORIAL: How to get a obj. file in Whitehole. [TUTORIAL] (rev. 2 of 06-02-13 05:08 PM) Link | #23867
Hello there people.
This tutorial will help you to import your own created 3d model object into whitehole.
I wrote it especially for people which have windows. (though it can be done on linux and osx but ask people who have experience and use one of those systems)
It's not easy for most people when you don't have to much knowledge about programs and command lines and stuff so I hope this will help.
So to be clear, this only helps you to get your own .obj model loaded in whitehole! (with collision added ofc)

So let's get started!
First download the tools pack, it contains the galaxytools, BCSVE-v0.7, obj2bdl-v0.2, RARC Packer and yaz0enc.
Extract it somewhere you like, as example your desktop.
Also download python and PyQt4 wich you can find at the end of my post, but wait with installing it.

Well, when you have your .obj, you'll have to convert it to bdl format, wich smg2 uses.
To do that you'll need python 3.2 OR python3.3 installer and the PyQt4 installer.
You have to install python 3.2/3.3 first.
You should install it to C:/Python32 or C:/Python33 directory.
When you have done that, you'll have to install PyQt4 to your python directory (so likely C:/Python32 or C:/Python33)

If you have no error or whatever, you'll have likely installed it succefully.
Picture of my directory:

You'll also need the script to convert your .obj to bdl.
First, you had to download the tools and extract all the tools in a folder.
When you have extracted everything, you will see a folder called "obj2bdl-v0.2"
Within that folder, you'll see one folder and 3 files.
You will now copy those 2 files and 1 folder (don't copy the readme) to this directory: C:/Python33
If you have done that right, you should have copied the j3d folder and the btypes.py and obj2bdl.py in that folder.

Now you will be able to convert your obj. to bdl, BUT before we do that, you'll have to make a collision for your planet or object.
Read blank's thread on how to do that: http://kuribo64.net/?page=thread&id=29

Well if you have your .kcl an .pa, we can go on.
Also, your .obj .kcl and .pa MUST HAVE THE SAME NAME, so for me it was: test2.obj, test2.kcl and test2.pa

Now to convert your .obj file, place it in the python folder like you have copied the obj2bdl script.
Note: You have to copy the .obj, .mtl and the texture map wich must have png format textures and should be in the power of 2 (so 32x32 or 64x64 in pixels)

Now to convert it, start command prompt (type cmd in at START menu)
When loaded, type this: cd/python33 (or if you have python32: cd/python32)
In command prompt it will show now C:\Python33> (or C:\Python32> )
Now type: python.exe obj2bdl.py yourobject.ojb

You may have get a sort of error like: material Default_Material has no diffuse texture map, skipping. (this is when using sketchup, I DON'T KNOW WHAT COULD HAPPEN WITH OTHER MODEL PROGRAMS .obj OUTPUT)
But that won't affect you object's textures in whitehole. (as far as I have known)
Here's a picture on how it worked for me in command prompt:

When doing it right, your .obj file should be turned in a .bdl file

So you now have 3 files:
1 your "planet.bdl"
2 your "planet.kcl"
3 your "planet.pa"

Now make a folder on you desktop or wherever you want, and name it to your planet or object, basically the same name as those 3 files have.
Put those 3 files in it.
Now get RARC PACKER and yaz0enc out of the tools map (where you extracted it) and place it on your desktop or the same folder where you put you folder with the 3 files.
Now put that folder on the RARC PACKER.
If done right, it will output "yourplanet.arc" OR "yourobject.arc" (whatever you named the damn thing)
Now put your .arc file in yaz0enc.
It should output now "thedamnthing.arc.yaz0"
Now delete the .yaz0 part out of the name and delete the old .arc (the one you put in the yaz0enc, not the one that came out obviously :P)

When done all this, you have to put the .arc file into the ObjectData folder in your SMG2 folder.

Now to let whithole load your planet/object, you'll have to add it to it's object register, soo we're almost there!!

Find the "ProductMapObjDataTable.arc" in the ObjectData folder.
Now extract it with arcTools, you can open galaxytools and then select arcTools to use it.
When extracted, you'll get ProductMapObjDataTable.bcsv in a folder IN the ObjectData folder.
Now open BCSVE-v0.7 from the tools.
Open the "ProductMapObjDataTable.bcsv"
Click on "add"
Scroll down and click on the last Entry.

Now change the first "field" in your model/object name so replace ModelName in you object/planet's name without the .arc extension.
In the "Data" field, change whatever is in there, EXACTLY to "SimpleMapObj" (according NewPlayer123 :P )
Here's a pic on how I did it for my "test2" object:
Don't touch anything else and save the file AND exit BCSVE.
Now repack it with arcTools.
Replace the existing "ProductMapObjDataTable.arc" with your new edited one.

Now open whitehole and choose a galaxy.
Now add any object you want, for ease choose "coin"
Place the coin in the galaxy.
Now rename the coin object to you object's name.
If done right, you will see your planet or object or whatever it is.
If you think you can't see it, you'll have to scale your object lot's of larger then it is now.
Here's my result: (it's a fast lame creation of me with N64 textures Lol)

Link for the tools: http://www.mediafire.com/download/qva6u4hztjryv45/Tools.rar
Python 3.3: http://www.python.org/download/releases/3.3.0/
PyQt4: http://www.riverbankcomputing.com/software/pyqt/download

Credits to people like NWPlayer123, MrRean and blank for helping to get things clear.
Also, all credits to the people who made all the tools we have here on kuribo64.

If you wan't to complain or that things I've said are wrong, feel free to say so, mods can change things if they want.
Sorry if it may a bit unclear at some parts, if you have a suggestion, like adding more pictures, than say so.

Posted on 06-02-13 05:22 PM, in TUTORIAL: How to get a obj. file in Whitehole. [TUTORIAL] (rev. 2 of 06-02-13 05:22 PM) Link | #23870
Fixed that one :P

Posted on 06-02-13 05:54 PM, in [Sky High Galaxy] Sky High Galaxy Link | #23873
Wow those drawings are awesome :o
I wonder how you guys will make that water flow though 0.o

Posted on 06-02-13 06:06 PM, in The Introductions Thread (rev. 2 of 06-02-13 06:07 PM) Link | #23875
Welcome FLAME, I hope to help you where I'm able to help!!!

(Lol I forgot to introduce myself here, not a very good start:P)

Posted on 06-03-13 08:29 AM, in [Sky High Galaxy] Sky High Galaxy Link | #23951
Oh that's smart indeed :P
Though how would somebody make a pool or river?

Posted on 06-03-13 10:00 AM, in [Sky High Galaxy] Sky High Galaxy (rev. 2 of 06-03-13 10:01 AM) Link | #23954
Ow lol I thought people could only add objects and planets, I didn't know you could just fill a creater with water :P

Posted on 06-03-13 06:21 PM, in TUTORIAL: How to get a obj. file in Whitehole. [TUTORIAL] Link | #23984
Uhm, I really don't know, you may ask MegaMario about it?
I only know that if you delete to much, it freezes.
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