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12-18-18 03:03 PM

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Posted on 07-29-17 10:55 PM (rev. 3 of 08-21-17 03:13 PM) Link | #85354
I made a tool to tell you the parameters to special objects like entrances, exits, teleports, and views. It's useful for people who like GUIs and prefer not to look at documentation.


  • Always on top option, so you can use it and SM64DSe at the same time.
  • Fully documented entrance types.
  • Helpful tips for beginners.
  • Easy-to-use interface, mostly because I'm a really lazy coder.
  • Easier to set up pipes.
  • Does all the math and calculations for you.
  • Supports other objects like views, teleport sources, type 14, and exits.


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Posted on 07-30-17 05:18 AM Link | #85361
How hard would it be to implement this into the actual SM64DSe? I don't use both programs, however, I think it would be more logical to have this information in the actual editor.


Posted on 07-30-17 10:38 AM Link | #85369
IDK how hard it would be. I use an older version of the editor, since the new one always acts buggy for me. Although the new one probably has a parameter reference. But for entrances, something like my tool would have to be other than a parameter reference. IDK how the editor works.

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Posted on 07-31-17 01:33 PM Link | #85411
I'll see about adding it in, will have to think about how it'll work.

Posted on 08-21-17 03:11 PM Link | #86876
Version 3 has been released!

It adds Type 14 objects, based on mibts documentation, and some of mine.

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Posted on 12-31-17 11:42 PM Link | #92623
Fiachra, can you make an updated editor with the ability to add texture animations successfully. Thanks!

check out my CLPS Document:

Main - General SM64DS hacking - Parameter Tool Generator New reply

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