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03-22-18 09:36 AM

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Posted on 11-18-17 02:10 PM (rev. 2 of 11-19-17 03:03 PM) Link | #91162
So uh... yeah. I had all the Newer SMB Wii. Editors like the actual level editor and the map editor and I forgot the names AND since RVLution is "down for maitence, coming back soon!) Like coming back never, I can't find the thread with the links to download these things help!!!!!

Posted on 11-18-17 06:36 PM Link | #91169
Reggie is the level editor, Koopatlas is the world map editor. You can find downloads through google. Need anything else?

I hack SMG2 a lot. :)

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Posted on 11-19-17 03:02 PM (rev. 2 of 11-19-17 03:09 PM) Link | #91187
Thanks for the map editor name... But if I type Reggie Level editor it only shows the NEW super Mario bros level editor. Not the Newer level editor because, 1 the level editor for Newer is a different format and 2 normal Reggie doesn't have what Newer has.

Nvm It's called Reggie Next

Hüseyin der Mächtige
Posted on 11-19-17 08:48 PM Link | #91195
If you want to edit levels in Newer Wii, use Reggie Next

I'm lazy.

Main - Misc. ROM hacking - Newer SMB Wii. Editor Help New reply

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