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08-21-17 05:47 PM

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Posted on 08-08-17 08:50 PM Link | #85901
Is Breath of the Wild hacking possible?

I know there is a Splatoon level editor in the works (http://kuribo64.net/board/thread.php?id=2294), but I don't know about a BotW one. If there is one, could someone link it to me?

Posted on 08-08-17 10:49 PM Link | #85908
Don't think there's an editor yet, although MrBean35000vr made a site that lets you use Python to spawn ingame objects.

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Posted on 08-09-17 04:50 PM (rev. 2 of 08-09-17 04:50 PM) Link | #85931
There is no way to make custom models (and collsion), right?

Also: to clarify, I mean the Wii U BotW, not the Switch one.

Posted on 08-09-17 10:08 PM (rev. 2 of 08-09-17 10:08 PM) Link | #85953
It uses BFRES and KCL, so it's probably possible with current tools. The level format is also in BYAML, which is also known. If people actually wanted, I could get a level rendering within a day or two, because things are already figured out.


Posted on 08-12-17 05:28 PM Link | #86123
I want it! :D
Probably many other people want it too.

Posted on 08-13-17 08:25 PM Link | #86230
So do I; I'd like to take a stab at them hax!

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Posted on 08-20-17 10:56 PM Link | #86850
There is a video on YouTube about a giant tree. I doubt the Python script object spawner can do this, so maybe it is a custom level?

Main - WiiU game hacking and emulation - BOTW Hacking New reply

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