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03-09-21 02:45 AM

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Fruit Smasher
Posted on 02-15-17 06:03 PM (rev. 2 of 02-24-17 07:14 AM) Link | #81394

This is a NSMB2 level contest!
More information below:

The NSMB2 level contest is a contest that takes place for 30 days. In that time span, contestants must submit a level for the contest. It can be any theme, and of any size, and our judges will consider the winner. Get creative with it, we want to see some wacky fun levels.

All we ask is that you put some effort in your levels. This contest is also for fun, too. The winner will get spotlighted in this post, and if you're part of my discord, recognition there too.

How can I submit a level for the contest?
Applying is simple!
Private Message me your level file/a video of your level and reply to this thread saying you entered (recommended that you post with some screenshots, but it's not required)

Also, note: Your level doesn't have to be professional, it can be anything as long as it's fun and has effort put into it. We treat all submissions equally, so don't get scared to submit.

How can I make a NSMB2 level?
Download CoinKiller, of course.
Open your dumped NSMB2 ROMFS, and click on a level to edit.

This isn't really advertising, just a heads up. On my discord server, I will be having constant updates, and everyone will be notified quicker and easier. Also, more recognition towards contestants will be present.

The link to that is here: ( https://discord.gg/zPt43cX )

Can I use custom tilesets?
You can use custom tilesets if you wish, just make sure to link the tileset with your level entry.

How big does my level have to be?
Your level can be as long or as short as you wish, but please put some effort into it.

Don't steal levels from others; this will result in an instant rejection.
Don't send multiple level entries.
Don't be a sore loser, please.

That's all! Best of luck to all the contestants.

Posted on 02-18-17 05:13 PM (rev. 2 of 02-18-17 05:25 PM) Link | #81434
I remade 1-1 from my upcoming NSMB2 hack, NSMB2.5

I uploaded my level for anyone to view it and obtain their opinion on it, but I'll also use it for judging. :)



Fruit Smasher
Posted on 02-18-17 09:23 PM Link | #81441
Thanks for the submission! Best of luck to you.

Posted on 02-18-17 09:39 PM Link | #81443
Thanks! Good luck to all participants!


Posted on 02-23-17 07:26 PM Link | #81530
You should make themed competitions! For example, February would be a poison lake theme, the March would be Grassland themed.

Fruit Smasher
Posted on 02-24-17 07:16 AM Link | #81538
That's something I planned, but I never thought of a posionous theme so I'll definitely take that into consideration

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