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01-16-17 11:54 PM

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Super Hackio
Posted on 01-04-17 09:49 PM Link | #80767
And a happy new years to you too!


So I have decided to give SMG2:Kazio Edition a codename. (Because why not? XP)

Anyway, I am having some issues that are slowing the production of this hack a lot
and I am wondering if I can have some assistance. The problem persists as follows: ("The problem persists as follows" what am I saying?)

I have taken the model files for the snapping space junk parts from SMG1 and inserted them into SMG2 so I can use them in levels as walls... maybe. But now whenever I load the ISO in WIIScrubber, It says partion 1 is a "BAD" partion and I have to use partionbuilder to build a partion EVERY TIME I make a change to a level.. Is there any way to fix this? All help possible would be great.

(BTW: All updates and such regarding this project will be in this thread.)

Posted on 01-05-17 03:35 AM Link | #80769

Super Hackio
Posted on 01-05-17 05:05 PM Link | #80774
Wow... I can't believe I missed that thread... Thanks a LOT!

Posted on 01-06-17 02:22 PM Link | #80785
"Kazio", was that intentional? Or do you happen to mean Kaizo?

Main - Misc. ROM hacking - Project Kazio New reply

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