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06-21-18 06:34 AM

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Posted on 01-03-17 03:11 PM Link | #80742
I hate rumors, does anyone else hate rumors? It's just like "oh, here's a bunch of juicy information", and then later the same "leaker" backpedals all of that information like it's no big deal.

Uhh, please don't spew out bullshit in the first place if you know plans might change. Amen.

Anyone else agree?

Posted on 01-03-17 03:12 PM Link | #80743
well if it's labeled "rumor" then you know not to completely rely on it, but it's nice to know a possible bit of information.


Posted on 01-03-17 03:57 PM Link | #80744
I can understand his point, for the most of the time, the "leakers" normally don't provide any evidence, and still get away being marked "a trustworthy source".

Posted on 01-03-17 07:00 PM Link | #80745
Rumors sometimes are nice to spice things up while we wait, but I never really listen to them unless they're pretty serious like a terrorist threat on L.A. a few weeks ago.

Posted on 01-04-17 12:23 AM Link | #80752
Laura Kate Dale? Emily Rodgers? Liam Robertson?

I'm inclined to agree.

Posted on 01-04-17 08:21 PM (rev. 2 of 01-04-17 08:22 PM) Link | #80762
Posted by Yami
I can understand his point, for the most of the time, the "leakers" normally don't provide any evidence, and still get away being marked "a trustworthy source".

This is pretty much what i'm talking about. I don't really feel obligated to believe any of them. Yet channels like GameXplain (which I am a proud subscriber of) plaster their "leaks" all over the channel which makes me inclined to believe that they have a good chance to be real. So I take the bait and believe them, and of course, leaker backpedals.

I probably wouldn't even be so caught up if GameXplain didn't report every single tiny little detail that Laura Kate spits out.

Posted on 01-05-17 06:48 AM Link | #80772
Eh, GameXplain's become nothing more than clickbait journalism. Every time a new, minute detail for literally any Nintendo product comes up, they do a 1-hour discussion, an 'analysis', which basically consists of them stating the blatantly obvious details, and then a post-analysis discussion which is the same fucking thing as the first one, only more redundant.

I mean, hey, I guess it's not their fault that Nintendo have been so mute ever since Iwata died- they have to have something to report- but the people who post their leaks (whether reputable or not) aren't to blame for GameXplain's decline.

I have a lot of fun speculating leaks, and while Laura and Emily's information is not always correct, it's at least accurate most of the time.

Never take anything as true until they're official confirmation about it, though. If you believe a leak, you're just setting yourself up for disappointment.

Posted on 01-05-17 05:18 PM Link | #80775
Well I wouldn't go that far. The only thing I dislike about GameXplain really is that they report rumors as if they are fact. I actually really enjoy their analysis' and they can actually provide nice insight sometimes. I pretty much know the entire geography of the world in Breath of the Wild thanks to GameXplain's analysis.

Although sometimes their discussions are ridicolously long, I still think they are nice to listen to. It's sort of like a podcast.

But yeah. I just hate, hate, hate this "rumor phase". Eagerly awaiting it to blow over.

Posted on 01-07-17 10:29 AM Link | #80814
what makes you think its a phase?

Posted on 01-07-17 10:29 AM Link | #80815
rumor has it that mk7tester hates rumors


Posted on 01-07-17 11:29 AM Link | #80817
Yeah, there always was rumors and there probably always will.

Nothing to say, so jadnjkfmnjamnfjkldnajfnjkanfjdksan jsdnvj m.

[insert quote here]

Posted on 01-07-17 05:05 PM Link | #80826
Posted by Hiccup
what makes you think its a phase?

It's that odd period of time right before an official announcement where "leakers" can just say anything they can pull out of their ass to gain publicity. I bet after the Switch presentation they'll be keeping their mouths shut.

Posted by shibboleet
rumor has it that mk7tester hates rumors

Hehe. At least this one's most likely true ;)

Posted on 01-07-17 07:38 PM Link | #80827
I honestly don't care for any of the rumors.
I usually just tend to take them with a grain of salt, and do any real chatting till after a presentation of some sort.
I haven't been excited for a console since the 3DS, the Wii U was quit meh, in these terms.
It really depends on the games they show off, which I'm hoping will be good.
I have $200 but back on the Switch, already, I'll totally be getting it at launch.

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Posted on 01-08-17 01:25 AM Link | #80834
Eh, we still have four days. Be patient.

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