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01-20-19 10:48 PM

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Posted on 01-23-13 05:55 PM Link | #9110
The whole uploader system is getting rather messy. I'd like to expand it, but the code is rather blarg, and part of me feels like just starting over. (if that happens, all the files currently stored will be kept, no worry)

There are a few things I'd need to know your opinion about.

1. Quotas. Instead of having a global quota and a per-user quota for the private category, the uploader part would have a per-user quota for everything. That's how it's done in most websites that have uploaders.

The quota would be fixed to a number from 80MB to 100MB. I'd feel that 80MB would be a good compromise between filling the server too fast and not letting people space to upload their shit.

The limit for an individual file's size would be fixed to 20MB, too.

2. Whitelist. Maybe just remove that thing and only rely on the blacklist? Since files are stored in a restricted folder, under random names, and the only way to retrieve them is get.php, security risks are low.

Oh also, the current whitelist is broken. Due to a bad conversion from the old settings system, it'll let anything pass (except what is blacklisted).

3. Attachments. Users would be able to attach one or two files to a post of theirs. They'd also be able to delete the files and upload new ones by editing the post.

Should the per-user quota also apply to attachments? How many attachments should it be possible to upload?

4. Less messy uploader listings.

Users would be able to list their files, or another user's (public) files(?). They'd also be able to search for a certain file, and all...

So yeah, what do you guys think?

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Posted on 01-23-13 07:15 PM Link | #9135
I think we should make a file depot that isn't really a file depot. We should allow you to have better file control and other things. Possibly displaying images or something in a description window, and you could tell more then just the filename.
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Main - Site help, bug reports, suggestions - File uploading, attachments etc... New reply

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