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12-09-18 11:13 PM

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Main - WiiU game hacking and emulation - Mario Kart texturing help. New reply

Posted on 08-04-17 12:16 AM Link | #85676
So I'm stuck at 2 areas, those areas are when you load up a filelist using this code: (name of file).bfres

And its supposed to give you like a list of numbers but what happens for me is it just loads the file. Yes I did install python 2.7.

The same problem happens on the Splicer command.
So, any help?
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Posted on 08-04-17 01:04 AM Link | #85678
First of all, for quicker help from more people, you might be interested in the Discord server linked in my signature.

So, I assume you're using the Mario Kart 8 Modding Central GBATemp tutorial. There's some problems with the texture hacking methods outlined here:
- It tells you to put the commands in .BAT files, which for simple one-liners, really isn't necessary (As opposed to opening a command prompt, cd-ing to your working directory, and just running the command from there.).
- More importantly, TexHaxU is an outdated method for injecting textures. Now, there are some better ways. One of these are BFRES Tool.

If you still insist on using TexHaxU, I'll need to see the output of to see what went wrong.

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Main - WiiU game hacking and emulation - Mario Kart texturing help. New reply

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