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06-24-18 08:01 PM

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Posted on 08-03-17 03:02 AM Link | #85606
What movie(s) did you recently watch, and how did you like it/them? What TV shows are you currently watching, or have just finished watching? Discuss them here!

I'll start with five movies I've watched this week:

Daft Punk Unchained (7,3/10)
Documentary about the electronic music group Daft Punk. Worth a watch if you like electronic music.

The Karate Kid Part II (5,9/10)
A sequel to the original Karate Kid (duh).

Jackass: The Movie (6,6/10)
Jackass Number Two (7,1/10)
Jackass 2.5 (6,5/10)
A bunch of jackasses perform dangerous and idiotic stunts. Some are fun to watch, some are just cringeworthy.


Friends (9,0/10)
Classic TV-show, really worth watching.

Joey (6,0/10)
Friends spin off. Joey moves to Los Angeles to pursue his acting career. Not a classic like Friends, but worth a watch after you've watched Friends.

The Ranch (7,6/10)
Two brothers and their dad work together on the family ranch. A lot of drinking and swearing, so not for young kids. Many appearances by actors who starred in That 70's Show.

Top Gear (8,7/10)
Funny car show, with test drives, challenges, stars in reasonably priced cars, and more. Currently watching season 7, so I've got a lot to watch.

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Posted on 08-03-17 04:22 AM Link | #85608

I very rarely watch any movies or shows so I have to go a bit further into the past to get to five entires :P


James Bond 007 - Casino Royale (8,0/10)
The best James Bond movie. Out of the question.

Back to the Future (8,5/10)
A timeless classic. One of my favourite movies.

Rogue One (7,9/10)
Recently rewatched the move in cinema. In my opinion the best Star Wars movie.

As for series:

Nicht nachmachen! (From German: "Do not try this!"; 7,5/10)
Two of germanys best comedians teaming up to to show you what exactly not to do with household objects. Everything from making sparkling wine in the microwave to using thermite to defrost a freezer. Never had a better time watching anything :)

Prison Break (8,4/10)
After being begged by my gf to watch this I finally did. Surprisingly it was good. Tho in my opinion the later seasons aren't as good as the first ones.

Not Fort Boyard (7,1/10)
If StapleButter tells you that something is good you can certainly guess that it is as bad as this game show.

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Posted on 08-03-17 12:04 PM Link | #85610
Movies recently watched:

War for the Planet of the Apes (8,0/10)
The final movie of the new Planet of the Apes trilogy. A bit of a slow pace and some nonsensical moments, but a decent way to end the story. (There really wasn't any "war" in the film, by the way. :P)

Spider-Man: Homecoming (7,9/10)
Spider-Man's debut movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Very different with the high school setting. Too many references to other MCU movies and Star Wars, and not much in the way of fight scenes, at least for me. Everything else was awesome though. (Is it just me or did the suit look off the entire time though?)

Rogue One (7,9/10)

The first spinoff "Anthology" movie in the Star Wars franchise. I felt the pacing was a bit too slow until the final act, and that it had a bit too much fan-service. Loved the plot and the ending. (CGI humans are also still creepy.)

TV Shows:

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (7,5/10)

The first TV show of the MCU, focusing on some agents in S.H.I.E.L.D. (surprise!). It was subpar starting off, but continues to progressively get better and is excellent now. The plot does get convoluted in Season 4 though. Excellent special effects though occasionally very violent. S5 is airing next year.

Dragon Ball Z

Saving the best for last! The original version of this anime can be very drawn out with filler, but so far I'm loving the story, characters, and action (it can get goofy though). One of my favorite animated shows, or shows in general. Dragon Ball Z Kai, a newer version of the show, cuts the filler and updates the animation and voice acting. The sequel show, Dragon Ball Super, is airing now.

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Posted on 08-03-17 01:21 PM (rev. 2 of 08-03-17 01:21 PM) Link | #85615
When I watch TV Shows and Movies, it's older stuff. Like Hackers, Mouse Hunt, The Incredibles and Ed Edd n' Eddy, for example.

Am I the only one who thinks TV isn't the same anymore?

Posted on 08-03-17 01:24 PM Link | #85616
F o r t   B o y a r d

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Posted on 08-03-17 01:41 PM (rev. 4 of 08-03-17 01:46 PM) Link | #85617
Posted by Swingball
Am I the only one who thinks TV isn't the same anymore?

Nope, you aren't the only one. Besides Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., there isn't any modern TV show that I have interest in right now (plus you can find it online). News can also be found much more easily online, whenever you want to find it. Most shows are constantly either morbid or violent or both. Anything that isn't is generally low-quality for what it is trying to do, especially compared to older shows. Older Spongebob and Looney Tunes episodes, for example, are leagues better than their modern counterparts, in my opinion. Soap operas aren't my thing either. :P There's really no reason to watch TV.

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Posted on 08-04-17 03:49 AM Link | #85682
Yesterday I watched two movies:
Jackass 3 (7,1/10)
More crazy stuns.

Heavy Metal (6,7/10)
Weird animated movie with an evil, green glowing orb and lots of boobs.

Posted by Swingball
Am I the only one who thinks TV isn't the same anymore?

Probably not. I'm a sucker for 80's and 90's movies. Comedies like Police Academy, Naked Gun, Wayne's World, and all kinds of action movies from the 80's and 90's are much better than what we get now. Of course there are good new movies too, but most are not as good.

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Posted on 08-04-17 03:40 PM Link | #85698
I'm not really much of a movie person myself. For most movies, if I've seen it, I'll get bored midway through. Anyways, here's some shows I've been watching lately:

Rick and Morty
Funny animated sci-fi show. Doesn't stream on Netflix, though, so you'll have to find another service if that's what you use.

Attack on Titan - Click at your own risk, there may be spoilers in the sidebar.
The first anime I'm trying out. Great story, animation is beautiful. And can we talk about the music (These shouldn't be too spoilery as long as you don't look at the comments.)? S1 is streamable on Netflix, everything else you can watch on Crunchyroll.

Rocko's Modern Life
Great 90's cartoon, it's super funny and the animation is, well, really cartoony. Houses and roads don't have to be straight lines like they are IRL, in this show, they can just be bouncy curves with no definite shape, and it illustrates why I love 90's animation. I'm super hyped for the reboot movie, the preview of it looks great. Also, this show is where my avatar comes from. It's a great scene:

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Posted on 08-04-17 04:06 PM Link | #85700
Posted by TheKoopaKingdom
Rick and Morty
Doesn't stream on Netflix, though

It does in a lot of countries.

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Posted on 08-04-17 07:34 PM Link | #85705
WHAT. Well that's news to me, wonder if you could get around that with a VPN?

Oh yeah, that reminds me. Futurama is another great show, that you used to be able to watch all of on Netflix. However, now, all Fox produced episodes are gone, which is, like, half of the series. From what I've heard this isn't really Netflix's fault, but just Fox being annoying.

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Posted on 08-05-17 07:36 PM Link | #85765
Recently I watched quite a few, but the only ones that I could consider favorites are Inside Out and Zootopia, specially the former. And yes, I know those aren't that recent but I'm often behind on these trendy things anyway.
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Posted on 08-06-17 11:53 AM Link | #85791
Inside Out was all right, I watched it last year or the beginning of this year.

In the last couple of days I watched the final Jackass, 3.5. Also the final Karate Kid (Part III), and Spongebob: Sponge Out Of Water.

Jackass made me laugh the most. Karate Kid was ok, not much different from the first two. If only Daniel would shut up every now and then.. Spongebob also had some funny moments, but it wasn't as good as the first movie.

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Posted on 08-06-17 11:57 AM Link | #85793
A few days ago, I watched the third Terminator movie. It's my first time watching a movie from the Terminator series and I really enjoyed the movie. A friend of mine recommended to watch the second movie. I'll do that asap :)

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Posted on 08-06-17 12:12 PM (rev. 2 of 08-07-17 12:50 PM) Link | #85798
You guys hear about that Emoji movie that's coming out?

That just looks so cor-ny.

Anyone agree. >_<

Posted on 08-06-17 04:47 PM Link | #85814
The less spoken about it, the better.

Posted on 08-06-17 05:52 PM Link | #85819
I watched the all the Persona 3 movies. Those were awesome, and the ending had me crying (although I would recommend playing the game first)

The Persona 4 animation was also pretty awesome too. They captured the main character's personality perfectly, and it's funny, and the story is pretty good too.

Persona 5: The Day Breakers' animation was... alright I guess. It looks kinda like the in game cutscenes to Persona 5, so yeah. It followed a quest to change someone's heart to be good, and that was interesting. and also last surprise

so what have we learned? watch persona
play persona

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Posted on 08-07-17 04:58 AM Link | #85845
Posted by SunakazeKun
It's my first time watching a movie from the Terminator series and I really enjoyed the movie. A friend of mine recommended to watch the second movie. I'll do that asap :)

You should watch the first movie first, then the second. They're both great movies, both among my favorites. The third one is not bad either, but the fourth and fifth didn't really feel like Terminator movies.

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Posted on 08-10-17 03:13 PM (rev. 2 of 08-10-17 03:15 PM) Link | #85994
I just watched the season finale of The Big Bang Theory season 10. Fortunately season 11 starts in a month and a half. As does the new seasons of Family Guy, The Simpsons, South Park, and Fuller House.

The below clip is the funniest thing I've seen in a long time, I was actually in tears for laughing so hard (skip to 1:00). (Yeah maybe I'm a little childish.)

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Posted on 08-10-17 03:28 PM Link | #85995
11 laugh tracks in a 98-second video. I don't understand how I ever sat through this show. I recently discovered Modern Family, which is a lot more entertaining for me.


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Posted on 08-10-17 05:04 PM Link | #85998
I 'member all the good times I had watched iCarly...
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