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12-12-18 12:45 PM

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Posted on 08-01-17 06:28 PM Link | #85464
This takes into account the usual joke vote from shibboleet.

Most likely to break the board with their post layout
skyl, Super Hackio
Luigi master, QuoteTheKirby, natnew
Most likely to start a ton of projects and never finish them
StarLand, PablosCorner, Gericom, StapleButter, SunakazeKun, gmxw
Most likely to show up once then disappear forever
Resilixia, pumpkin_pips, cosmological, C-lector, Super-toad 65, Kuriblarg
Most likely to question life
shibboleet, Herobrine81902
Most likely to overthrow the government
Yami, keithjr21
Most likely to question death
SnakeBlock, salty, MercuryPenny, Ramrot
Most likely to fall in love over the internet
shibboleet, TheKoopaKingdom, MercuryPenny, GreenThunder1337, dksdud72

NSMBHD - Kafuka - Jul
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Posted on 08-01-17 06:30 PM Link | #85465
shitpost votes are the best votes man


Posted on 08-01-17 06:35 PM Link | #85468
shibby knows whats up

the girl with braided hair then disappeared.

Decoy Blimp
Posted on 08-01-17 07:17 PM Link | #85476
Oh wow I got second for best avatar. Nice 👌

Congrats to all the winners!

Posted on 08-01-17 07:39 PM Link | #85480
Hey, I got 3rd in most friendly! (and 4th in most likely to set places on fire :P)

Here's my MvL Hacking thread
Also, if you hack MvL, consider joining my Discord Server!

Hope to see you there!


If you can read this, you have scrolled too far down

Posted on 08-02-17 05:03 AM Link | #85514
Posted by Sammy
Oh wow I got second for best avatar. Nice 👌

Yay, me too!

Playing SMW hacks every now and then | Twitch | Youtube | List of hacks
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Posted on 08-02-17 06:42 AM Link | #85517
Most likely to get promoted

Sooo what are you waiting for


Posted on 08-03-17 07:12 PM Link | #85653
Posted by nekholm
Yay, me too!

I got zeh best

Posted on 09-26-17 07:42 PM Link | #89566
Yey, #3 on posting spree!

The Cypher Corporation called. They want their swag back... Along with their wigs.
Potatoes called. They want your computer back.

I'm on Discord a lot. (Cypher123#0589)

I stopped hacking SM64 because I'm lazy :D

Discord Server 1 - Discord Server 2 - Soundcloud - YouTube

Baby Luigi
Posted on 09-28-17 12:44 AM Link | #89613
I don't know how the hell I got #1 in some of these.

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