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10-21-18 02:21 AM

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Posted on 01-13-17 12:50 PM Link | #80900
So this is the name of the new Mario game they're planning for the Switch.

There's an old ROM hack by BMF54123 that has the same name, but it's a different thing.

You should skip the rest of this post if you don't want to be swayed by it.

So yeah, this is it. They extracted Mario from the Mushroom Kingdom and dropped him into the real world. Complete with giant buildings, ads everywhere, human NPCs, cars, traffic lights, and even pollution (what else would the smoke in that picture be?).

No, no, no, no, no.

You do not fucking drop Mario into the real world. You just do not do that, Nintendo.

You see, the Rayman games have been a big part of my childhood. They had their own worlds with their magic and all. It fueled my imagination a lot. I would imagine all sorts of stories and shit in these worlds.

Then there was that image I saw in a Raving Rabbids game on the DS, at the end: Rayman being interviewed by media. It felt wrong. Rayman belongs in his own, special, magical world. You do not drop him into a world that a) has no magic, b) is shitty and constantly getting worse, and c) that we're stuck living in.

Same shit here. Do we want to tell gamers that the Mushroom Kingdom also undergoes global warming?

And this is, well, unoriginal. It looks like a 'play as Mario' mod for GTA. It looks awkward, Mario's proportions are very different from those of most humans. He's a fucking dwarf there. Then again, he is pretty short :P

This is better. See, this is the kind of shit I like seeing in a new Mario game. I remember seeing similar screenshots before and I had a good feel about it.

It is original, it is its own world, and it looks pretty good. Crystals in a desert, why not!

It seems to be a desert/Mexican themed world with small skull-y characters.

Either way, I'd like to see more. And hoping that the unoriginal "Mario in real world" part doesn't make for a major part of the game.

NSMBHD - Kafuka - Jul


Posted on 01-13-17 02:18 PM Link | #80906
The new Mario game is a joke. It looks like Sonic Adventure. I didn't like Sonic Adventure.

This "new direction" just skips over everything they needed to get right and does more things wrong. What where they thinking?


Posted on 01-13-17 02:26 PM Link | #80907
Personally I think the Mario game looks great. The Mario in the real world part does not bother me but I have to admit that is does not fit very well with Mario. However if you watched the Switch event last night(which I did with Etika) then you would see the other cool levels that were in the trailer. It's an Odyssey: A long journey full of adventures. I already pre-ordered my switch and can't wait for the game. I hope your not going to be too disappointed with the game staplebutter.

Posted on 01-13-17 02:55 PM Link | #80911
I think the new Mario game looks great, and the concept with the hat seems interesting.
I honestly don't mind the New York City type level, it only seems to be a single level, anyway, and the other levels that I saw look full of colour, and imaginative.

The new NPCs, the art style, and game play all seem to be done right.
In my opinion, this is how Mario games should look in HD, but we'll only know for sure when it releases. The food themed levels seems especially interesting to me.
Hopefully we'll see some cool Power-Ups along the way, as well.

I'm especially glad it isn't another Galaxy, or 3D Land kind of game, those were getting old, for a while. I'll probably put some money back for it, and by it when it releases.

For the first time since probably 2006, I finally get to play a new Mario game where I can actually roam around, and explore.


Posted on 01-13-17 03:41 PM Link | #80914
The city and the humans look sort of weird, but Sonic Adventure was easily one of my favorite Sonic games so I really don't mind it much.

Otherwise, this game looks absolutely fantastic. This is the Mario game I have been waiting for since Galaxy 2. It's been six long years...

Posted on 01-13-17 04:27 PM Link | #80917
I really like it!
The 3D Mario Franchise needed change, and that's exactly what happend.

In the trailer i you can see mario rolling down a hill and diving (like in SM64), i'm pretty excited about that!

Posted on 01-14-17 02:02 PM (rev. 2 of 01-14-17 02:03 PM) Link | #80930
Mario in a city has been something I've been wanting for a very long time. Besides, that desert still looks awful to me because it looks so flat and boring to look at and I want less of that, more of the city. I'm sorry, but the buildings and crystals do NOT help to reduce the flatness and muddiness of the landscape. That part just needs more buildings, but it otherwise looks barren and lifeless. The proportion of Mario-human bothers me and will continue, but that's something I can conveniently ignore. So what if it's "reminding us of the real world"? We can jump on taxis and swing from traffic light to traffic light as Mario and that sounds awesome and a break from reality. I don't care if it's unfitting. It makes it special and memorable to me, that Nintendo is trying and coming up with something crazy rather than always slapping him in fantasy environments. It's probably why I like Mario Strikers Charged so much because it's just so not Mario and more like sci-fi, even that somewhat worn and decrepit-looking one.

Mario also gets to ride on things. Something people don't talk about. *shrugs* It's all about the ZOMG game ruined because realistic humans and Sonic 2006 crap. If Mario gets to ride in vehicles, it might totally excuse that he's a dwarf because there is no way is fitting in most of them at Smash Bros. proportions.

The only thing that really bothers me so far is Mario's scaling with the humans, but otherwise, this is a nice break from the typical Mario fare. The city represents that, and I'd like more. Maybe a disgustingly realistic sewer level? A post-apocalyptic setting where Mario revisits Mushroomy Kingdom? I'm not being facetious. I would be genuinely interested in those kinds of levels; sparse, but not Mario-y at all.

Posted on 01-14-17 02:12 PM Link | #80932
The game isn't ruined because it features realistic humans. Hell, Princess Peach is closer to a 'realistic' human than to Mario.

It's mostly that I don't like the real world.

NSMBHD - Kafuka - Jul


Posted on 01-14-17 02:27 PM Link | #80933
I was making a general statement since other people did whine about the "real world" in a similar manner. You seemed pretty upset to me.

Since Mario is dwarfed, Peach is going to be very short as well. Think about that. Bowser also won't be that tall. I don't think it's a good design choice IF Mario's not going to drive any cars here. It doesn't seem like he will because Nintendo's not awesome enough.

p.s. I sooooooooooo want a "play as Mario" as a GTA mod, you don't know how I'd kill for one.

Posted on 01-14-17 02:33 PM Link | #80934
this is Mario, not GTA :P

I wonder if it's possible to interact with the human NPCs at all, though. I figure you can't beat the shit out of them and steal their money, but... do they play roles in the plot? or are they just the kind of NPC that would push you away without reacting if you stood in their way?

as for GTA, well, it's likely that someone has already done it, so google it :P

given Mario's proportions, Bowser would be... the size of an average man. man, that sure makes him feel less evil.

example of Mario vs human. they made him taller there, but as a result, he's fucking big.

NSMBHD - Kafuka - Jul


Posted on 01-14-17 02:53 PM (rev. 2 of 01-14-17 03:04 PM) Link | #80935
Yeah, that Mario is huge, but on another note, Gmod also has a proportioned version of Mario that doesn't look so huge, so it's better. Edit: pfft, that's the ragdoll of Mario, the one holding a bat. The one driving a kart is the huge playermodel. Which one are you referring to?

I'd dig up my Left 4 Dead 2 mod to show Mario's ideal height. But anyhow, how's this? No humans, but Mario's next to a car. This is how I envision Mario's height relative to the "real world".


And there's this. The Mario on the left is a ragdoll I made for Gmod.

Not close to the proportions set by Super Mario Odyssey. Mario should be just around the height of those cars like in the first pic, not as tall as a little kid. Heh, but the "theory" goes, maybe Mario IS a little kid with a mustache. People remarked how kiddy Mario looks without a stache.

BTW, I still wouldn't call the city realistic because it lacks smog fog and there is no garbage or homeless people.

Posted on 01-19-17 06:32 AM Link | #80980

I don't know what you guys are talking about, this looks nothing like Grand Theft Auto.

Posted on 01-21-17 12:30 AM Link | #81008
lol I've seen this recently and laughed so hard.

Too bad the comments section is such utter killjoy. Nintentards who can't take a joke and the other bastards that added their own insidiousness to the mix.

Posted on 01-21-17 07:02 AM Link | #81010
Honestly I think the new game looks great. Its super easy to just look at that one part of the trailer with the real world level and think "Mario's in the real world? wtf I hate nintendo now" but if you look at the rest of the trailer the game looks utterly fantastic.

Pretty much every level in the trailer aside from the 'real world' level seems really creative. I like the lush and overgrown look of the forest with all the mehanical looking buildings, I like the rock candy looking level centered around food with the fork people, I like the icey desert level (that seems to be themed around mexican culture to some degree), all of these levels are pretty creative and look really good graphically.

I also think that some of the people saying the new mario looks bad are super fans of the new super mario bros type of games. That nsmb style has been done to death I think, and it inspired a lot of the 3d games to go in a more linear direction, which isn't inherently bad, but has gone a bit too far in recent games. I can't find the image right now, but nintendo made a graphic showing that super mario odyssey is supposed to continue the sunshine/64 style of mario gameplay, less linear and more open with large levels to explore. This is something that I think mario has really been lacking lately, and considering nintendo themselves are saying they are going back to the sunshine/64 style of this game shows that they seem to think that as well.

So I'm excited, I hope we get to see more levels soon and I hope they are just as creative as the ones we have seen so far.

Hacking LM and trying to not suck. Weeeeeeee.

Posted on 01-21-17 07:36 AM Link | #81011
I don't know why people think the city level is bad. It isn't "the real world" - its "New Donk City".

Posted on 01-23-17 07:33 PM Link | #81075
It looks really out of place. Like playing as Mario in GTA V. It turned me off quickly when I saw that part of the trailer and literally said “no, no, no, why…” over and over.

Other than that, the game looks overall pretty and cool.

And again, Bowser manages to capture Peach. That stupid princess has not learned or developed any defence system. Just putting Mario and Luigi as her bodyguards, no more Mario games would be released. But oh well, I guess you could argue that every 3D Mario is a reboot of the same story line; same goes for the New titles.

Posted on 01-27-17 10:13 AM Link | #81127
Posted by Hiccup
I don't know why people think the city level is bad. It isn't "the real world" - its "New Donk City".

it's really close to the real world though.

Posted by Yukke
And again, Bowser manages to capture Peach. That stupid princess has not learned or developed any defence system. Just putting Mario and Luigi as her bodyguards, no more Mario games would be released. But oh well, I guess you could argue that every 3D Mario is a reboot of the same story line; same goes for the New titles.

heh. seeing Wart or a completely new villain would be a welcome change.

NSMBHD - Kafuka - Jul


Posted on 01-30-17 07:37 PM (rev. 2 of 01-30-17 07:37 PM) Link | #81166
Personally, it's not the city that's out of place, per se.

It's the fucking realistic humans that, when compared to Mario, makes him look like some kind of homunculus.

Posted on 01-31-17 10:45 PM Link | #81178
Do people really care that much about the fucking humans?

Oh well, guess no matter how good a game is, people will always find a reason to complain. I suppose i'm guilty of the same thing.

Posted on 02-01-17 02:48 AM Link | #81179
what's wrong with people having opinions :P

NSMBHD - Kafuka - Jul

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