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01-16-18 04:54 AM

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Posted on 09-24-16 06:28 AM Link | #77919
Looks like we're seeing a new form of forum spam happen.

They try to look like legit users. If a new user posts suspicious links or has such links in their signature or profile, you know it's a spammer.

We've got two instances of that. The warcraft4 guy, which I'm unsure about, maybe a spammer, maybe an idiot, maybe a troll. And the more obvious dgfjgh.

We need a captcha to keep them out!

Spammers are humans. Captchas are worthless.

We already have very good protection, but it's not perfect. More protection will be added if events warrant.

Also, please remember this:

Do not reply to spam posts, lamer attacks, and all.

Seriously, are we becoming RVLution? ugh.

NSMBHD - Kafuka - Jul

what do you use to measure bolts? a boltmeter

Main - Announcements - New form of forum spam Thread closed

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