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09-25-18 04:43 PM

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Posted on 11-20-16 06:15 PM Link | #79811
you're an idiot if you think that everything is sent to Google.


Posted on 01-04-17 06:42 AM Link | #80753
"You don't want ads? Then allow us to push a video down your throat"!
"But it's okay, once you've seen that video of ours, you're free to read what you want to read".

Posted on 01-04-17 03:13 PM Link | #80755
*quickly presses back button*

Posted on 01-04-17 03:17 PM Link | #80756
I would adblock the overlay, like I usually do with dumb overlays

except when they're assholes who disable the scrollbar while the overlay shows

NSMBHD - Kafuka - Jul


Posted on 01-04-17 07:47 PM Link | #80759
No one uses scrollbars kek.

Posted on 01-04-17 08:00 PM Link | #80761
no, but I mean that they make the page body completely unscrollable until the overlay is dismissed the intended way

and I hate complying to the whims of some random hipsterweb coder.

I would never disable my adblocker, but at the same time I'd rather circumvent cockblocking measures than give up. because it's basically "consume our ads or fuck off", and accessing the site without undergoing the ads is a path they don't envision.

oh also

Posted by StapleButter
modern websites can spy on you and collect what you enter even if you don't submit anything.

regarding the email spam, I set up a few filters that delete spam. I wanted to set up an autoresponder to spam the senders back, but my real-life account isn't getting the canned responses feature for whatever reason, and I couldn't find how to activate it.

did I mention that Aliexpress does that shit too?

as soon as you leave the email field, you're already receiving spam from them.

yet, they don't see fit to properly internationalize their contact info form. I had to enter a bogus phone number because the dumb thing demanded a US-format phone number, nevermind that I had set the country field to France.

it's amusing to see what are the true priorities for hipsterweb coders.

also: I wonder how that kind of email-snatching would react to going back and changing the email address. does it send spam again? can you use it to send spam to multiple addresses that way?

NSMBHD - Kafuka - Jul


Posted on 01-04-17 08:35 PM Link | #80764
The site in that screenshot indeed disabled the scrollbar.
Also, I often see some stuff on Forbes, which literally forces you to disable AdBlock.

However, it doesn't seem to detect Ghostery, so even with AdBlock turned off completely, I still don't see any Ads on Forbes, and I'm still allowed in.

But sure, if websites would use either text-only ads, or ads that don't distract you from reading the content you want to read, I'll be happy to disable my AdBlock and Ghostry.

However, way to many websites show epilepsy-triggering, disrupting ads everywhere on the same page.
Above the article, beneath the article, in the background, even in the article...
So desperate for a not even 100 Yen a year...

Posted on 01-06-17 02:02 PM Link | #80784
Normally, if you unsubscribe to spam, you need to confirm it with a button, right?
Well, hipsters already found a way around that: Automagic unsubscription, with a button to re-subscribe yourself...

If you're taking your time to read, this wouldn't be so bad, but way to many people got used to the old method, and thus, they unintentionally re-subscribe themselves.

Baby Luigi
Posted on 01-06-17 04:19 PM Link | #80790
The next thing they want to do is not being unable to unsuscribe at all, or making the unsuscribe button incredibly difficult to find.

Posted on 01-06-17 04:21 PM (rev. 2 of 01-06-17 04:21 PM) Link | #80792
Posted by Baby Luigi
The next thing they want to do is not being unable to unsuscribe at all

That would actually be an improvement.

Posted on 01-06-17 04:26 PM Link | #80795
Not being unable to unsubscribe at all from an Email?
Welcome to Photo Bucket.


Baby Luigi
Posted on 01-06-17 04:31 PM Link | #80796
Don't remind me of how much I hate crapobucket.

It's not as terrible as imageshit but it's up there

(I still love that "censor" btw :>)

Posted on 01-06-17 09:02 PM Link | #80811
Most websites I've tried visiting seem to feel very bloated. This includes many, too many news and blogs. Of course, there is a mobile version, but those seem to take forever to load too. I don't like how they cram video ads in the middle of the article, have autoplay videos in general, and they put sponsored links in the middle of the article. Drives me crazy and makes me want to adblock.

Posted on 01-08-17 10:43 PM Link | #80858
if a site begs you to subscribe to some crap: find the admin's email or the host abuse email or whatever and enter that

some sites will send a confirmation email before sending anything, though

also, reminds me of that awful trend with news sites: autoplaying videos hidden anywhere in the middle in the page

stemming from a) the social network trend of autoplaying videos and shoving content in the user's face, and b) that news sites want so hard to control how you read them. seriously, name one news site that doesn't suck

NSMBHD - Kafuka - Jul


Baby Luigi
Posted on 01-09-17 03:31 PM (rev. 2 of 01-09-17 03:32 PM) Link | #80864
Even the finest news website The Onion's "let's stuff all articles into autoscroll crap and watch our readers squirm" websites make a satire of themselves. I have to go on Literally Unbelieveable to enjoy their content, because that's how much their website suck. What the hell is wrong with pagination?

I also really hate autoplay videos. Every single one of them should die in a fire.

Posted on 02-09-17 03:10 PM Link | #81299
I hate sites that block you with a overlay that says "subscribe or else you can't read our article" or have a counter on how many articles you can read before probably getting locked by a wall. Makes me want to punch a hole through the monitor.

I'd be hardpressed to find a news site that doesn't suck.

Also, in some sights, what the hell is the "loading icon" javascript I'm seeing sometimes in some sites while pages are loading? Is that honestly necessary?

Posted on 02-09-17 06:27 PM Link | #81304
I've found some site yesterday (today for most of you), which redirected me to a "No AdBlock allowed" page, which re-redirected me to a God bleeding long page listing reasons to not block ads.
I turned AdBlock off, but I've left Ghostery turned on, and it still did the same trick...

But I was curious, so I opened it in a Guest Chromium account, just to see how ad heavy that site is, atop of using a shit ton of hipster scripts...

Overloading you with ads and hipster scripts, and even complaining about you blocking them, I'll never visit that site again!
The site contains illegal content (it's a Hackintosh-related site), I would have linked it here otherwise.

Posted on 02-10-17 11:32 AM (rev. 2 of 02-10-17 11:33 AM) Link | #81306
Ijah's Post
Full page popups on news blogs that cover the entire screen with a stupid image and a tiny close button.

Same as above but the close button is cut off and un closeable because the mobile first web design guideline expects a portrait screen ratio and to make things worse they do it without giving the element a proper fluid height or width...

Posted on 02-10-17 04:57 PM Link | #81310
Posted by Yami
The site contains illegal content (it's a Hackintosh-related site), I would have linked it here otherwise.

Doesn't deserve any more views. What sneaky bastards. But anyhow, this sounds like something that would go on my "post bad websites" thread rather than a general web trend.

Posted on 02-10-17 08:29 PM Link | #81326
I remember that amateur Hipsterscript site where the code was all clear and nice, so I was able to come up with a Greasemonkey script that dodged their cockblocking.

Worth noting that the owner of that site was an ego-filled douchebag, but after enough people complaining he'd finally give in and remove the cockblocking (and maybe the ads too -- don't remember).

However most of the sites out there are powered by giant, "minified", obfuscated Hipsterscript monsters, and working your way through that is impossible.

NSMBHD - Kafuka - Jul

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