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05-22-19 11:03 PM

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Posted on 01-06-17 08:58 PM Link | #80810
Watch the moment when the play button shows up as the pause button.

Baby Luigi
Posted on 03-03-17 05:04 PM Link | #81704
YouTube got another redesign and surprise, it looks even worse than before

Posted on 03-03-17 06:15 PM Link | #81707
Google Drive also got an annoying redesign that makes the folders needlessly take up more space than before.

Posted on 03-03-17 07:23 PM Link | #81709
smh did they even warn people of a new design, or did this come out of bloody nowhere?

Posted on 03-03-17 07:24 PM Link | #81710
It always comes out of nowhere, with nobody having asked for it.

Posted on 03-03-17 07:33 PM Link | #81711
That's stupid. They don't give people time to be aware and prepare to make adjustments, probably because Google is cocky that the new design is A SLEEK MODERN IMPROVEMENT TO ENHANCE USER EXPERIENCE. It's almost like GFAQ's stupid new redesign that made the post layouts stacked (username and post date are stacked on top of the post content rather than the standard to the left of post content; don't get me started on sites that put avatars and usernames to the RIGHT of post content). A lot of people dislike the new design, and I'm one of them.


Baby Luigi
Posted on 03-03-17 08:17 PM Link | #81714
i'm not too versed in this stuff but it looks like there's even more JavaScript bloat.

...uh is there javascript bloat?

Posted on 03-04-17 02:42 AM Link | #81716
Posted by Baby Luigi
YouTube got another redesign and surprise, it looks even worse than before

Because I still see the current design.

Posted on 03-04-17 09:35 AM Link | #81719
Screenshot from Reddit.

YouTube with their stupid A/B testing again. In theory, deleting VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE a few times and refreshing the page could eventually give you the new design. MAYBE. It could take a while though.

In the mean time:

On YouTube, while looking at the website's cookies, delete "VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE", then go to the console and type this:
document.cookie="VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE=Qa1hUZu3gtk;expires=Sat, 22 Jul 2017 03:13:38 UTC;path=/;domain=.youtube.com"

Alternative key in case the main one stops working: eX6j8KWMGL4

Warning: only works under Chrome. Not even Opera, which is functionally the same as Chrome in its engine doesn't display it, although it will display the new search bar (and a few other things will glitch as well), yay.

Might I say, why do we have TestTube anymore? Before you could opt-in to test the beta features when you wanted but now that beta features are forced upon ?% of the population at random now it's not really used for anything, it's just collecting dust at this point.
"The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear." --Ram Dass

Posted on 03-04-17 10:33 AM Link | #81720
Lol, even Chromium which is essentially Chrome doesn't display this new theme :P

Posted on 03-07-17 03:04 PM Link | #81826
welcome to the capitalist web. your opinion and feelings don't matter, you're a data point among so many others, an entry among so many others in a BigData(tm) database fed to tracking algorithms that know more about you than you do.

NSMBHD - Kafuka - Jul
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Posted on 03-07-17 03:42 PM Link | #81827
Well Staple, I know it's not related to this thread, but WikiLeaks has revealed Vault7 to the public last night, which is probably the most shocking leak I've ever seen, so far.

Thanks a lot Obama, for allowing the CIA to hack everything possible...

Posted on 03-07-17 03:58 PM Link | #81828
I wouldn't put too much blame on Obama. The CIA has been part of an unaccountable shadow government ever since its inception. And attempts by government officials to rein it in usually end with failure or death.

Posted on 03-08-17 01:04 AM Link | #81835
The point isn't that Obama was working at the CIA, the point is that Obama allowed this to happen at all.

Posted on 03-08-17 07:54 AM Link | #81837
My point is that no president has successfully reigned in the CIA. Of course Obama shouldn't have allowed this to happen, but there's nothing special about Obama. Any other president in a position to be elected would have let it happen too.

Posted on 03-19-17 04:20 PM Link | #82064
Posted by Psycho Python Ω
Come on, can't they do survey things before implementing shit? Asking the majority of the audience what they want and base it off their opinions?
I have a comment about this old post.

The reason is simple: noone wants it to happen, and they wouldn't be able to do anything then.
Google are making thier way in the most annoying manner.

Someone tell me a single thing Google didn't fuck up.
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Posted on 03-26-17 05:24 PM Link | #82148
I've figured that YouTube wouldn't get worse, until now. They say on May the 2nd (or something like that) that they are removing annotations. They state annotations are also not used that often. Google or YouTube, stop getting worse. You always have to cause controversy like the crappy Content ID or the censorship. But now you went beyond by removing one of the most famous features? That will be like Microsoft removing the start button... Except that actually happened on Windows 8.

YouTube is now becoming the next Windows 10. My next guess is that they will remove channel descriptions. No one didn't ask them to remove this feature and many people use annotations. I don't even use the crappy end card feature. Making it in Paint.net and Sony Vegas is much easier. Also, if I make a mistake, I could fix with annotations. A YouTuber that I watch named "TheMetalBlade5" does that sometimes. It seems that Google is trying to make YouTube bad.

I don't have any offence to Google or YouTube or any people who thought this was a good idea but I expect annotations to fixed on Mobile Devices. Wouldn't that be a much more better idea? *sigh*

Ugh, forget post layouts.

Posted on 03-26-17 07:24 PM Link | #82154
Annotations are a mixed bag for me. For every video that is actually using annotations for adding/correcting information, you have a video slapping huge PLZ SUBSCRIBE!!!!!!11 annotations or other dumb crap over the screen.

NSMBHD - Kafuka - Jul
melonDS the most fruity DS emulator there is


Posted on 03-27-17 12:18 AM Link | #82163
Could you provide a link to this? I can't find it anywhere.

If it's true though, that's gonna suck. Annotations can be used for little quick edits to patch up any mistakes. If they remove it, the person is going to have to proof watch the entire video in order to check any mistakes. That's time consuming.

But then again, annotations do have their problems. In full screen desktop Youtube, if there is an annotation where the title or the buttons appear, you have to exit out of full screen and click it. That's one of the gripes I have with Youtube. And as SB said, SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL annotations also suck.

Nevertheless, I'm kinda confused why annotations are being removed.

Discord: saltypepper#1212

Posted on 03-27-17 02:02 AM Link | #82164
They were removed, because they don't work on mobile.
So according to Google logic, it's better to remove a useful feature, than to make it compatible with a platform it doesn't support...
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