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08-11-20 02:55 PM

Main - Profile for Kasami

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Registered on 06-08-15 07:24 PM (1890 days ago)
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in New Super Mario World - Adventure of the Comic (Minor update) (Misc. ROM hacking)
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Email address jeffersonlpinto@outlook.com

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Personal information
Real name Jefferson Lourenço Pinto
Location Brazil
Birthday June 19th, 1993 (27 years old)
Bio Hello! I'm a Kasami. I'm a regular user, also known as ASM, Patches, Tools, 65c816, etc... My native language is Portuguese, I understand English. I can improve with Google Translate. I live in NiterĂ³i, RJ, Brazil.

I'm 23 years old and am currently on High School or whatever the equivalent of that is in my country. live in Brazil, Don't hesitate to PM, feel free to PM.
I'm just a regular SMW Hacker. I can design levels, overworlds, and code really simple stuff with ASM.
I learn ASM, coding, and more. I started hacking in sometime and I joined this website a couple years.

I hope enjoy your stay! See you around!

You know 100% about SMW hacking.
You seem to know a good chunk of SMW, ASM and other technical things. You're probably a good hacker and smart in general. That or you cheated on this quiz.

How good are you at SMW hacking?

How good are you at SMW hacking?
Your Result: Hacking God
You are extremely good at SMW hacking. Your hacks always have very good level design, and you make very good chocolate hacks with ASM, custom sprites, etc. You have learned pretty much all there is to know about SMW hacking, and you are know as a good hacker, probably on SMWCentral.
Experienced Hacker
Average Hacker
Semi-good Hacker
Hacking n00b

Hack List:

Yoshi Quest - The Awakening of Magic (2015-2016) (Completed)
My unnamed SMW hack (2016-2019) (In progress)



ASM Opcodes:

LDA -> Load Data to Accumulator. Load a value into the game. E.g. LDA #$2C or LDA $7E
STA -> Store whatever data was loaded into the Accumulator. E.g. STA $13CC
CMP -> CoMPare. Compare a value with A. E.g. LDA $14AF CMP $01
BEQ -> Branch if value in Accumulator is equal. Use a symbol right after it.
BNE -> Branch if value in Accumulator is not equal. Use a symbol right after it.
BCC -> Branch if value in Accumulator is less than or equal to what is compared. Use a symbol right after it.
BCS -> Branch if value in Accumulator is more than equal to what is compared. Use a symbol right after it.
BMI -> Branches if A is negative (80-FF).
BPL -> Branches if A is positive (00-7F).
BRA -> Always will branch, no matter what the values are. No CMP needed before it.
SEC -> Command used to subtract. Use SBC right after it.
SBC -> Right a value (in # or #$) to subtract it from the value in Accumulator.
CLC -> Command used to add. Use ADC right after it.
ADC -> Adds a certain amount to A (remember to use STA to store the new value).
INC -> Increase a value by one only.
DEC -> Decrease a value by one only.
STZ -> Set whatever address into it to zero. E.g. STZ $0DBF
TAX -> Put A into X
TAY -> Put A into Y
TXA -> Put X into A
TYA -> Put Y into A
TXY -> Put X into Y
TYX -> Put Y into X
JSL -> Jumps to a routine then follows whatever code is after it after the routine ends. RTL must be used here.
JSR -> Same as above, but RTS is used.
CPX -> Compare in the X register
CPY -> Compare in the Y register
RTL -> Used to end a code (after a JSL).
RTS -> Used to end a code (after a JSR).
REP -> Go into 16-bit mode.
SEP -> Go back into 8-bit mode.
INX -> Increment X by 1
INY -> Increment Y by 1
DEX -> Decrement X by 1
DEY -> Decrement Y by 1.
BRK -> Useless, crashes the ROM.
STP -> Freezes the game.
PLX -> Pull X
PLA -> Pull A
PLY -> Pull Y
PHX -> Push/Preserve X
PHY -> Push/Preserve Y
PHA -> Push/Preserve A
LDX -> Load into X
LDY -> Load into Y
STX -> Store into X
STY -> Store into Y
JSR -> Same as JSL, but RTS is used to end the code
JMP -> Jump to a label in the code (JMP label).
JML -> Same as JMP, but can branch if the address is in a different bank.
XBA -> Flips the value in A. (e.g if a = $1815 XBA makes it 1518).
ORA -> Used to set bits (e.g ORA #$80 sets the last bit) Also check if mutliple RAM Address are the same value (e.g. LDA $75 ORA $85 BEQ BothZero)
TSB - Much easier way of setting bits. LDA #$80 ;set bit 7 TSB $85 ; to RAM Address $85
TRB - Basically, the opposite of TSB. It will clear a bit. LDA #$80 TRB $1F2C will clear bit 8 of $1F2C.

I learn ASM easier. ;)

I guess. :P

Color codes:


Sample post
Posted on 08-11-20 02:55 PM
This is a sample post. It shows what your posts will look like on the board.

Posted by blarg
Posted by the Goomboss
Welcome to my kingdom, my minions!

Mario's main weakness is... zZzz...

Blarg, blarg and blarg. Have you blarged the blarg?

function blarg($lol)
global $forumname;
$rofl = htmlspecialchars($lol).' posted in '.htmlspecialchars($forumname);
return $rofl;

oshit you just found my secret

My main weakness is... pasta

have fun tearing me apart now

~ Mario ~

My hacks:
(New userbar will be soon!)
I can become more active in the extreme summer.

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Main - Profile for Kasami

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