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08-03-20 01:33 PM

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Posted on 12-03-17 07:37 AM, in The Grand Challenge Galaxy - Custom SMG2 Level Link | #91629
Pretty fun level overall. As RealHeroic said, the enemy spam gets really annoying really quick. It took me around 50 minutes to beat and I lost around 40 lives - ALL of them were lost to either the hammer bros or the electric poison death (other than one that I lost in the spinless section).

The enemy spam is not good level design. Same goes for the magikoopa spam. It does not make the level challenging - only obnoxious. In fact, the enemy spam sections were probably the easiest parts. But putting so many down that the game lags should be a sign when you're testing that maaaaaaybe you went overboard.

Laser poison section was really awesome, though. Really tough to learn since each death required me to replay the enemy spam but I felt genuinely proud of myself when I did it.

You said you wanted it to be harder than The Perfect Run. Whilst some sections are, some are way easier than it. I would say that only the poison laser section could really stand up to that stage. But congrats - this obviously took you a while.

Posted on 12-08-17 05:34 PM, in Super Mario Galaxy 2: Return to the Galaxy (CANCELLED) Link | #91821
So... you have no levels, no comets, no stars, no progress. And no screenshots. Dude, this is not reasonable. At least wait until you have some progress before saying stuff like this because nobody ever finishes projects like this.

Posted on 12-09-17 10:49 AM, in Super Mario Galaxy 2: Return to the Galaxy (CANCELLED) (rev. 2 of 12-09-17 10:58 AM) Link | #91854
How is it harsh? If you have no hack then you have no hack. It's not gonna magic itself out of nowhere. Also, don't diss the community. Anyone would say the same thing in any other community.

Posted on 12-12-17 05:26 PM, in SMG2 Extra Mario Galaxy idea Link | #91964
If it was a thing that was being taken seriously to look at the community rather than "HEY LOOK AT ME AND MY EPIC CREW SUBSCRIBE!!" like some similar stuff I've seen in the past then that'd be awesome.

Posted on 12-12-17 05:27 PM, in Super Mario Galaxy 2: Return to the Galaxy (CANCELLED) Link | #91965
Okay... he needs images then. Or proof that his hack exists.

Posted on 12-13-17 05:12 PM, in Super Mario Galaxy 2: Return to the Galaxy (CANCELLED) Link | #91993
I don't care about a demo. I want to see evidence of the hack's existence.

Posted on 12-13-17 05:18 PM, in Super Mario Galaxy 2: Return to the Galaxy (CANCELLED) Link | #91995
Posting screenshots is too hard? Or you just want to advertise your server?

Posted on 12-13-17 05:23 PM, in Mario Kart 8 - Custom Tracks Link | #91997
Not mine, but the same guy posted a bunch more on Gamebanana with... varying quality. My favourite was his Wuhu Loop one.

GCN Mario Circuit: Spawns under the track, no objects. Fun to mess around in, though.

Wuhu Loop: No laps, but it makes a bit more sense. Grass and some walls work, at least.

GBA Luigi Circuit: Questionable quality

Still, I love that more people are taking interest to it. MK8 just looks... different... and I find that interesting about it.

Posted on 12-13-17 05:24 PM, in Super Mario Galaxy 2: Return to the Galaxy (CANCELLED) Link | #91998
No because you didn't leave a screenshot of the goddamn hack.

Posted on 12-13-17 05:27 PM, in Super Mario Galaxy 2: Return to the Galaxy (CANCELLED) Link | #92000
Don't post the thread if you have no hack. That was my original point.

Posted on 12-13-17 05:32 PM, in Super Mario Galaxy 2: Return to the Galaxy (CANCELLED) Link | #92003
I'm not attacking anybody. I asked to see screenshots to see the hack's existence. He couldn't post them. He said "we have things planned" which is not a hack. I'm all supportive of people making hacks but stuff like this is just stupid.

He submits a post saying "look we're gonna make the new best hack also we have no progress and I can't show you any screenshots but we did do a fifth of the world map which we also can't show". It's the truth.

Posted on 12-13-17 06:17 PM, in Super Mario Galaxy 2: Return to the Galaxy (CANCELLED) Link | #92011
So, he did show one?

Posted on 12-14-17 01:27 PM, in Super Mario Galaxy 2: Return to the Galaxy (CANCELLED) Link | #92033
Literally everyone else always says the same stuff when similar stuff goes up, but you're all so quick to tell me to "calm down" because I spoke first. I asked if there were screenshots. There weren't screenshots. And then this turns into an attack on my character.

Posted on 12-18-17 04:49 PM, in Super Mario Galaxy 2 A New Universe ! NEW GAMEPLAY VIDEOS AND MORE ! Link | #92258
That's a pretty agreeable statement. I don't like the additions you made to the bob-omb cave - they look very spammy. Especially the toad ship. But I am still quite excited to run around these stages.

Posted on 12-19-17 02:32 PM, in Super Mario Galaxy 2: Return to the Galaxy (CANCELLED) Link | #92283
Well, now that you do have a screenshot I'm gonna post some feedback on the now existing hack :p

The planet looks pretty and very Mario-esque, but it looks very very easy. Will there be more threats in the full level?

Posted on 12-27-17 04:03 PM, in Super Mario Galaxy 2: Community Edition Link | #92542
Hmm, these look interesting enough. This does look like "make my hack for me" but those two levels are very pretty so whatever :p
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Main - Posts by Mayro

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