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11-28-20 09:02 PM

Main - Posts by GlitchyTMKP

Posted on 05-23-18 04:39 PM, in SM64 DS hack crash for no apprent reason. (rev. 2 of 05-23-18 04:52 PM) Link | #94391
Delet this

Posted on 05-23-18 04:44 PM, in SM64 DS hack crash for no apprent reason. Link | #94393
Where would i post this?

Posted on 05-23-18 04:52 PM, in SM64 DS hack crash for no apprent reason. Link | #94395
So I was making a SM64ds hack and wanted to add the princess (and a couple other objects) to the castle ground so i could inspect there texture's, when i attempted to load the hack it crashed after i selected file C (it doesn't matter which file as far as i can tell) even when i erased all added objects an reset the level settings it still crashed, does anyone know why this happens? and if so is there a way to fix it?

Posted on 05-23-18 05:13 PM, in SM64 DS hack crash for no apprent reason. (rev. 2 of 05-23-18 05:13 PM) Link | #94397
Here is the "extended" story, Changed peach textures, added 2nd peach to view textures, Added regular koopa (not koopa the quick) added the koopa the quick flag, (and some block's to get to it) and removed the metal grate's guarding the cannon, (and for no reason changed the level bank's but never added anything from those banks) then after the game crashed removed all added stuff and reset the level banks to there default settings.

If you want i could send you the rom and you could see why is doing this,

Thanks for your time.

Posted on 05-23-18 06:28 PM, in SM64 DS hack crash for no apprent reason. (rev. 4 of 05-23-18 07:06 PM) Link | #94401
Ok, il see what happens when i:

Add a second peach in,
Add custom texture's

I'm going to guess it's when the second peach was added because it seam's like a camera problem because lakitu is supposed to focus on peach in the into but when there's 2 of them... yeah, also up to this point I've replaced multiple texture's and none has ever caused a full game crash

and if this isn't irreversible then, is there a way to import/export level's?


So, i tested all of them, one at a time and you know what? besides some texture glitches caused by koopa and the other peach, it never created a crash. this will have to go under the: Rom corruption via editor, category but anyways thanks for your time and help but i still need to know,

Can you export level's? or at least object's in levels?

Posted on 05-25-18 12:56 PM, in SM64DS Editor Help Thread - Post your questions here (rev. 2 of 05-25-18 01:02 PM) Link | #94426
I wanted to replace the secret slide with bomb-omb battle field (because it's a hell lot better for battle maps In my opinion) and now matter what i do it doesn't apply the collision or the model, I have no idea why. (i also though to replace castle grounds but while the Collison did load the model will not)

and also this want mentioned in the editor (As far as i can tell)the super mushroom/red mushroom/big mushroom dosent work in V.S. mode it causes the player to stay still.

Posted on 05-26-18 11:17 AM, in A new hack on the Horizon (hopefully) Link | #94453
Hey everyone,

Am I the only one who was disappointed in SM64 DS Battle mode?

4 Map's (2 of which I dont think are suitable for battling)

1 Character (sort of)

1 Game mode

It Feel's Rushed and underdeveloped

This hack I've Started aim's to Improve the Battle mode.

More Maps, (hopefully at least 16)

All characters selectable from the start

Multiple game mode's (Free for all, CTF, Coin battle's and hopefully more)

However since I'm No Hacking Genius I'm requesting some help... If you would like to help please let me know

Posted on 05-26-18 12:24 PM, in A new hack on the Horizon (hopefully) (rev. 4 of 05-26-18 12:31 PM) Link | #94455
Posted by StarPants
There's a big problem you need to solve

Oh. Dam...

This may be a problem.

That would explain why i can't test the map improvements with my friends.

How much you wana bet Nintendo added a hidden Check for modifications on multiplayer map's? (like in NSMB)

Posted on 05-26-18 03:10 PM, in The Multiplayer problem. Link | #94458
So as discussed http://kuribo64.net/board/thread.php?id=3571 here

There is a problem with multiplayer mode on moded ROM's

My 2 biggest theory's are:

1: Nintendo has some kind of code in the game that detects if everything is how it should be.

2: The DS download data cannot transfer correctly because it's a modified rom.

Please tell me your theories in the comments.

Main - Posts by GlitchyTMKP

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