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07-11-20 08:57 PM

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Posted on 01-14-14 05:20 PM Link | #37626
Polari: I finished one of my custom main levels (the one based on WF) a couple of weeks ago, lately I've been busy working on the editor.

skawo / Stomatol: I test all of my levels on an actual DS. The DS is limited to displaying 2048 polygons at a time which is why Mario's model partially disappears. This does not mean however that models must not have over 2048 polygons - the limit seems to be ~5000. It wouldn't be possible to reduce the polygon count in my SMS levels any further so I will just be leaving it as it is, it doesn't impact the main gameplay.

While DeSmuME doesn't show this, it is accurate regarding whether or not a level will crash when loaded.

Posted on 01-18-14 04:43 AM Link | #37704
I have patched the rom with the patch in the download and STILL cannot get passed the first screen using DeSmuME. Crashes every time, this time I'm sure I had a proper rom.

Posted on 01-18-14 05:26 AM Link | #37706
I just tried it (again) there now and it worked fine. It has worked fine for others as well.

Posted on 01-20-14 03:02 AM Link | #37791
Well that definitely solves my problem... -.-

Posted on 01-20-14 03:06 AM Link | #37792
It may be the xDelta patcher you are using, I know that there are some apps that don't work but have similar names to apps that do work.

Posted on 01-20-14 12:39 PM Link | #37809
Try on another computer, in a Virtual Machine or something like that :D


Posted on 02-06-14 02:04 PM Link | #38301
I'm astonished I want to see how sms64ds will turn out with out any fludd or shadow mario keep it up fiachra

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Posted on 02-12-14 07:53 PM Link | #38489
@Fiachra did you will port the super mario sunshine test map ?

offtopic: i think if mario uses fludd, luigi would use the poltergust...

Posted on 02-13-14 01:59 AM Link | #38496
I probably will include the test map but only if I don't need that space for another level.

Mario will not have F.L.U.D.D.

Posted on 02-14-14 12:14 AM Link | #38536
i know what mario can't use fludd, obiously you will add some aditional plataforms for reaching high places, but you will add the original game power-ups like metal wario for some underwater and lava places and flying mario for some tall places?

Posted on 02-14-14 01:56 AM (rev. 2 of 02-14-14 01:57 AM) Link | #38539
Yes, the original power ups will stay - I'll need to use them when adding new stars to levels as most can't be copied from the original.

Posted on 02-21-14 01:52 PM Link | #38802

Here's the Blue pianta model from Mario kart arcade gp 2, it's low poly.

Posted on 02-21-14 02:23 PM Link | #38806
Thanks. I already found a Pianta model from Mario Sports Mix here:

If that turns out to have too high a poly count to be used in the game I'll use yours as it's only ~270 polygons (as opposed to 374).

Posted on 02-25-14 06:40 PM Link | #38976
i will try to add pianta as playable character over wario/mario bones, what you think?

Posted on 02-26-14 01:42 PM Link | #39003
It would certainly be possible. Replacing Wario's model would probably be better as his shape would suit better for a Pianta. The only problem is that the Pianta would look quite small as you're limited to around Wario's size.

Is this for your own hack?

Posted on 02-26-14 04:09 PM Link | #39008
i will try to edit the .bones file, and i will make it for this hack.

Posted on 02-26-14 04:33 PM Link | #39009
Thank you for your offer but I don't want to replace the original characters, the Piantas will be replacing Toad and Nokis will replace the red Bob-Ombs.

Posted on 03-06-14 03:48 PM Link | #39246
I've finished (mostly) two of the custom levels to replace the remaining main levels.



The rest of the levels, like the second level will be based on NSMB worlds (second is World 4).

Posted on 03-06-14 03:50 PM Link | #39247
is that a custom background I see with my eye?

Posted on 03-06-14 03:54 PM Link | #39249
Wow I like the levels. Also the textures are pretty neat. :-)
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Main - SM64DS hacks - Super Mario Sunshine 64 DS New reply

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