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09-23-21 07:44 PM

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Posted on 05-26-16 07:43 AM Link | #70989
granted, anime is banned around the world now. you go to prison, hurray.

I wish that staple wasn't called a 'dictator' everytime he does something :>

Posted on 05-26-16 08:03 AM Link | #70991
Granted. He now gets called di**tator instead.

You know what I mean.

All hail silly self-censoring

I wish Baby Luigi was playable in NSMB.

Posted on 05-26-16 12:51 PM Link | #70997
granted. it's a recolor of mario.

I wish Nintendo would start improving mario maker for once

Posted on 05-26-16 04:22 PM Link | #71008
Granted. All they added was a button does nothing. :P
I wish I was already smart and didn't need to go to school.

Ugh, forget post layouts.

Posted on 05-26-16 05:20 PM Link | #71010
improving, adding a button that does nothing improves nothing

Granted. You get bullied for being a nerd and skipping out, and you never go to college and end up working at Walmart.

I wish I already graduated from college

Posted on 05-26-16 07:11 PM Link | #71025
granted. your major is in something 100% useless, you're suspiciously young and you are unable to get a job for the rest of your life.

i wish for a gift card for a pizza shop of my choice

Posted on 05-27-16 04:16 AM Link | #71028
Granted. Every pizza shop only sells cow turds

I wish to time travel

Posted on 05-27-16 09:35 AM Link | #71032
Granted. You end up in a hole in the space time continuum and can't get out.

I wish for a tasty slice of pizza. :D

Posted on 05-27-16 02:51 PM Link | #71038
Granted. It is made of crap.
I wish my cat stopped biting me.

Ugh, forget post layouts.

Posted on 05-27-16 02:57 PM Link | #71039
Granted. Now it eats all your food instead.

I wish ElyosOfTheAbyss randomly became a god.

Posted on 05-27-16 07:47 PM Link | #71049
Granted. He strikes you with lightning 28 times.

I wish I was a god.

Posted on 05-27-16 10:20 PM Link | #71070
Granted. You are the god of hair, you can controll what way donald trump's hair blows

I wish to use my god powers to get out of the hole in the space time continuum

Posted on 05-27-16 10:21 PM (rev. 2 of 05-27-16 10:21 PM) Link | #71071
Granted. Your mind is destroyed by the nothingness on the other side.

I wish I could slow down time

Posted on 05-27-16 10:24 PM Link | #71073
Granted. You can only make it slow down so nothing moves at all, food doesn't grow etc. and you can't turn it back

I wish for anime to be real.

Posted on 05-29-16 08:36 AM Link | #71182
Granted, the anime villains kill you.
I wish ABXD or BlargBoard were easier to install or had a more detailed tutorial.

Ugh, forget post layouts.

Posted on 05-30-16 01:46 AM Link | #71219
granted. the features were completely removed so it would be easy. (at least it isn't Acmlmboard if you think those are hard)

I wish my parents would stop making me get haircuts when I don't need them >_<

Posted on 05-30-16 05:02 AM Link | #71223
Granted. You can never get a haircut again

I wish that when the anime characters became real so did the items so that some one can use the Death Eraser on me

Posted on 05-30-16 11:53 AM Link | #71233
Granted. Nobody uses it on you.

I wish I could beat the genocide route of Undertale

Posted on 05-30-16 12:00 PM Link | #71234
Granted. A genocide then happens in real life and you are forcibly murdered.

I wish that one of these posts were actually funny

Posted on 05-30-16 02:29 PM Link | #71238
Granted. It's funny in a cringetastic, juvenile way.

I wish food never went bad
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Main - Trash - Corrupt-A-Wish (Game) Thread closed

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