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03-19-18 12:24 PM

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Posted on 09-20-17 05:47 AM Link | #89207
I speak two languages: French and another mysterious language that you probably don't speak.

Posted on 09-20-17 08:31 AM Link | #89216
Swedish, English, and Finnish.

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Posted on 09-20-17 09:09 AM Link | #89221
French and English.

Posted on 09-20-17 09:22 AM Link | #89223

English and a bit of French. (Whatever I was taught in school I guess)


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Posted on 09-20-17 11:26 AM Link | #89232
English. I'm taught french at school but, i'm complete trash at it.

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Posted on 09-20-17 12:16 PM Link | #89238
Native Ænglisc, pretty good at Latin. Playing around with Common Norse and Japanese.

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Posted on 09-20-17 02:32 PM (rev. 2 of 09-20-17 02:33 PM) Link | #89247
I'm fluent only in English, in which I'm not particularly content with.

I have extremely basic understanding of Chinese.


Though I can't really speak it (it being a tonal language doesn't help lol), I'm far better at reading it and even so I can barely understand it because the language is so vocabulary-focused and you've got to learn a separate character for like every word (though grammar isn't a problem).

Because of exposure with my mom and my twin, I can also understand some very basic French, but it's even worse than my ability to write Chinese, since I don't think I ever had formal education with French.

Posted on 09-20-17 03:06 PM (rev. 3 of 09-20-17 03:09 PM) Link | #89279
And what if your voice doesn't work when you have to speak Chinese, too? :LOL:


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Posted on 09-20-17 03:06 PM Link | #89280
i speak english, and that's kinda the only language i know, but i know a tiny tiny bit of Tagalog, which is a native language in the phillipines, where my parents were born

it's mostly phrases, such as ay nako, which means oh my god, and sige, which means ok

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Posted on 09-20-17 03:08 PM Link | #89283
Heh, isn't "OK" universal? :LOL:

Posted on 09-20-17 03:10 PM Link | #89284
not in tagalog it isn't apparently, although i'm sure if you said ok nothing would change.

actually, english is a common second language in the phillipines

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Posted on 09-20-17 03:10 PM Link | #89285
Oui, tout le monde peut dire "OK".

Baby Luigi
Posted on 09-20-17 03:14 PM Link | #89290
Posted by Swingball
And what if your voice doesn't work when you have to speak Chinese, too? :LOL:

If it doesn't work, then you can just write it...? idk you should be able to tone your words just fine. It's just hard to learn that tone is really important to the language for English speakers learning Chinese. The same word for mother can mean horse if you tone it incorrectly. But I think Chinese still know the context, so they could still correct you if you mispronounce a word.

Posted on 09-20-17 06:18 PM Link | #89325
French and English.

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Posted on 09-20-17 06:20 PM Link | #89326
Which Nordic language is the closest to English and doesn't have "false friends"?

Posted on 09-20-17 06:47 PM Link | #89327
English und ein bisschen Deutsch

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Posted on 09-20-17 08:23 PM Link | #89337
Posted by Swingball
Which Nordic language is the closest to English and doesn't have "false friends"?

Old Norse and Old English were basically cousins back in the day...

Posted on 09-20-17 09:17 PM Link | #89344
I mean between Danish, Norwegian and Swedish, which language is closely related to English?

Posted on 09-20-17 09:21 PM Link | #89347
The continentals? All in different places, I guess.

Posted on 09-20-17 09:24 PM Link | #89348
mainly English but I'm learning Kazakh as well so one day I could go back to where I was born and find my birth parents if they haven't died.
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