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01-21-18 01:57 AM

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Which Mario/Wario Bro is the awesomest?
30.8% (4)
30.8% (4)
0.0% (0)
38.5% (5)
Multiple voting is not allowed. Changing your vote is allowed. 13 users have voted so far.

Posted on 09-19-17 04:11 PM Link | #89107
I made thread for you guys to choose between the Mario Bros/Wario Bros and which character in said Bros-set. So everybody can dump their Mario/Luigi/Wario blabs here.

Posted on 09-19-17 04:13 PM Link | #89111
Mario. He's the main character so he's awesome.

Posted on 09-19-17 04:45 PM Link | #89147
It should be a really obvious choice: Waluigi

Everybody loves Waluigi, he is a great example of a perfect human being.

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Posted on 09-19-17 04:49 PM Link | #89150
I voted wario because he's #2 after baby luigi

Posted on 09-19-17 08:29 PM Link | #89182
Waluigi definetely. He still does not have his own game! I mean c'mon, put him in Luigi's Mansion 3 at least.

Posted on 09-19-17 08:34 PM Link | #89183
If they ever make a "3". :P

Posted on 09-19-17 08:39 PM Link | #89185
We can only hope. It probably is likely but having Waluigi is unlikely. Then again, who expected Pauline to be in Super Mario Odyssey or SMO being open-world in the first place? Another game that should be made and should have Waluigi is Wario World 2.

Posted on 09-20-17 02:46 PM Link | #89261
Mario's probably going to end up third given the explosive popularity of Waluigi and just the inherent popularity of Luigi or maybe even lower because Wario is a funny character so I'll just live every second that Mario is second to the fullest.


Posted on 09-20-17 02:52 PM Link | #89267
what? am i the only one who voted luigi?

guess i'm the only one with the right answer :)))))))))))
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Posted on 09-20-17 03:15 PM Link | #89292
Red Fat Luigi is my answer and it's Luigi so it's the correct answer.

Posted on 09-20-17 03:32 PM Link | #89303
close enough i guess

waluigi's cool too, but luigi is the man
shibs is a nerd pass it on

Posted on 09-20-17 05:25 PM Link | #89320
My vote has to go to Mario. He's always been my favourite fictional character.


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Posted on 09-20-17 08:18 PM Link | #89336
Mario is first now. Time for a new gif while it lasts.


Posted on 09-20-17 09:20 PM Link | #89345
OH, so I'm the only one that supports Luigi!?

why are your opinions so.... weird?
shibs is a nerd pass it on

Posted on 09-20-17 10:29 PM Link | #89352
Because Mario rocks.

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Posted on 09-21-17 12:49 AM (rev. 2 of 09-21-17 12:50 AM) Link | #89358
For the first time, Mario actually is beating Luigi in a poll by some margin. I'm surprised, but I'm still anticipating that Luigi will overtake him.

Posted by poudink
Because Mario rocks.


eh the transparency ain't that good but whatever.

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