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09-23-19 01:30 PM

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Posted on 06-08-19 12:32 PM Link | #97823
When it will come out? I'm so exited for play it since I found your project at 2017, it's going to be the best SM64DS hack ever!!

Posted on 07-26-19 08:51 PM Link | #97951
In which level do I unlock Luigi?

Posted on 08-11-19 01:05 PM Link | #98005
Is this game being really buggy for anyone else or is it just me?
I'm playing this on a softmodded 3DS via the Twilight Menu.

Trying to enter the lighthouse outside the castle causes me to crash to a black screen.

Entering a similar lighthouse in Cheep Cheppy Beach brings you to the area outside the 2nd area of the castle. This allows you to access this area before getting the key from the first Bowser fight. I assume the lighthouse is supposed to let you get the red coin on top of the lighthouse, as the Cataquacks don't launch you high enough to reach it.

Collecting a star in Seaside Kingdom spawns you in the F-Zero slide.

There are several portals in the 2nd Castle Area that don't go anywhere. The clock inside, and the Well, Pipe, rippling lava pool, and painting in the cave all let you pass through them, but have no loading zone and don't take you anywhere. The cave painting drops you into the void.

There are several misc. visual glitches, several times exiting a level has dropped me into a black void, I've had one random freeze, and one time I just randomly collected a star that wasn't there.

It's a very ambitious hack, but it needs a LOT of refinement and bug fixing.

Posted on 09-08-19 07:02 AM Link | #98119
Do you remake the maps from the other games or do you convert them with some procedures ?
Btw it's beautiful :o
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Main - SM64DS hacks - Super Mario The New Beginning New reply

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