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07-20-19 11:11 AM

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Posted on 01-19-15 10:43 PM (rev. 2 of 01-19-15 10:43 PM) Link | #54695
Ok, so I have been trying to create a tutorial on this for quite some time. The main purpose of this thread is to help people on the idea and level design, not; how to use whitehole, Arc extract, etc.

I have been wondering for a while on what makes levels good and bad. I had been looking at Nintendo's games to see what levels have been great, and not to standard. So, I classified what should be done, and what shouldn't/and/or could be done to enhance the quality of the level.

I also wondered- How could I make a good level? A few road blocks have got in the way, and I had to cancel them (but ive got more on the way)-just you wait. I do feel like a hypocrite for making this-never have completing one of my own, but I thought I should try to make one anyway. This can apply to other games too.

These are the points I've come up with (these are in no particular order):

1. Come up with a design. Its important, although optional. its still a good idea to make one, plus others can give you feedback so you don't go to the trouble of making one and realizing- that you need to redo something, etc. Come up with a plan view of it(include things as the planet(s) looks, paths, objects, and so on.

2. Think, whats my theme? And what can I do to put objects in, that fit my theme? This also applies to planets. (for example, an Igloo in a snow themed galaxy)

3. (this is a big one) What can I do to make it (more) interesting. Consulting with others is a good idea to gather more ideas and addons to your level. You'll need to refer to the point above to help. Have a diversity of parts, not just walking around enemies. for example: Avoid Chomps in lava, then triple jump onto a platform to defeat a boss. Something. Don't have too much of one thing, it can get monotonous after a while. Make it a good length, short levels aren't very satisfying to play. (don't make it too long or the player will get bored)

4. Take time, there's no need to rush, and of course, taking too much time is almost worse (I need to get better at that) remember- quality takes time and hard work.

5. Get inspiration and ideas from other games, the internet, friends, pictures, whatever.

There you go! Hopefully these points will help you make you level (more) fun to play and popular amongst the community.

If you have anything you would like me to add, whether its more on the points, any notes, pictures, a better explanation, don't hesitate to ask. As for questions, please ask those too, hope you like it :D

One more thing, feel free to comment on anything.

Edit: mostly proof-read.

Remember, every user has to start out somewhere,- Every time I look back at my old posts, I cringe.

Posted on 01-20-15 08:14 AM (rev. 2 of 01-20-15 08:15 AM) Link | #54708
Eh...shouldn't "Minimize procrastination" or "Don't take on too many projects at one time" be on there?

Other than that, looks good :3

Main - Archived forums - General SMG hacking - How to develop your levels New reply

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